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Billy Ray Wilson is a Former Candidate for United States Senate, American Patriot, Veteran, Author, Founder of the United States Nationalist Worker’s Party, and Proud Defender of the Constitution.

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Democracy, Freedom, Peace Without Religion

Recently, I learned of an important project inspired by Pope Francis and a leading Sunni Muslim clergy to construct an Abrahamic Family House that could …

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Sovereignty Lost

Recently traitorous members of the Republican Party that supported the traitorous former President Donald J. Trump actions to thwart the transfer of presidential authority from …

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No Gods, No Chosen People. We Are One.

At the outset, I’m an atheist, our country’s form of government is a Constitutional Republic, and, in my opinion, Donald J. Trump and the present-day …

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Under-Educated, Religious Hypocrite, Treason, & Candidate Bias

During my Junior High School Year, my history teacher was Mr. Vernon Weaver, a part-time preacher and World War II military veteran, whose loyalty to …

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Voter Guide 2022 Kentucky General Election

The subject multi-page VOTER GUIDE was received on October 28, 2022, Thvia the US Postal Service for which in my opinion, the providing agency provided …

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The story of

Billy Ray Wilson

I was born in Laurel County, Kentucky, on September 21, 1943, the son of Abbie Brown and Raleigh Lee Wilson. The four ancestry trees are: Wilson – Caste lie and Brown -Chandler.

I was married twice and the father of a daughter. A second daughter and son were born from affairs while stationed in Thailand and Laos. I didn’t learn of the second daughter until February 2019; she and I learned paternity for a DNA test. Regarding my son, I obtained custody, through the Royal Laotian Court, and he and I returned to the United States. My son is married with a son and daughter.

I am a loyal citizen of the United States and a proud defender of the United State Constitution.

- Billy Ray Wilson
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