Government of the People, Not a Myth

During my 72 years, our country’s leadership has used the different sciences and human determination to lead the international community to military victories, expanding the space industry, attempts to end the use of fossil fuels to fight climate change, and increased research to end childhood illness and, hopefully, end cancer deaths.

Unfortunately, prior to World War II, Congress tasks the presidential administration through Acts, Resolutions, Demand for Sanctions which are/were Acts of War and unethical Severe Sanctions.

The most disastrous and on-going was/is the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act that funded and charged President William Jefferson Clinton to remove the duly elected President of Iraq.

President Clinton did not comply which, in my opinion, came the need for a new Pearl Harbor that became the September 11, 2001 Aerial Attack on the United States.

Digressing back to the sanctions imposed on the Imperial Government of Japan, during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Administration, led to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

In reference to the sanctions against Japan, some say the sanctions were in support of United States industry/commerce instead of the lives of our country’s armed forces.

And, the Roosevelt Administration, to appease special interest and money lenders, allowed once again, like they did prior to World War I, the use of US Flag Ships to transport war logistics to Great Britain and other future allied nations.

Moreover, Congress are responsible for sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Middle East countries and other nations not because they were/are economical or physical danger to the United States but at the behest of Israel and American Zionists.

When addressing the state of Israel, one is in considerable danger from multiple sources, not because Israel is an legitimate nation but one established, not by an indigenous people with a national armed force but mercenaries and Jewish terrorist/settlers paid by the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and International Zionism, to satisfy the Zionist movement for the need of a land area designated for individuals whose religion was Judaism.

The Palestinian Arabs were, In Accordance to United Nations Resolutions, were to share land area of the ancient Roman Province of Palestine. However, Jewish money’s control of governments, with veto power, has denied a state of Palestine.

And, Jewish and Zionist money has influenced members of Congress to pass laws and policies that allow those of Judaism special privileges not enjoyed by all Americans and, equally bad, Congress has allowed Americans of Judaism to maintain dual citizenship – the United States and Israel – among the current powerful members of Congress.

A disgusting example of Zionist control was observed today at a Marco Rubio rally where he stood in front of the US Flag and the Star of David Flag; the Star of David Flag was to the right of our American colors.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic whose foundation is the United States Constitution with an understood clause of “Separation of Church and State” and published text denying affiliation with a religion, as a prerequisite, to seek Federal Office.


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