Regarding Iran, Israel and US Conflicts

Since my return to my hometown, London, Kentucky, in 2001 following medical retirement from the Department of Veterans Affairs, I sought the honorable positions of United States House of Representatives, Kentucky’s 5th U.S. Congressional District, and the U.S. Senate multiple times, without success.

I only sought one two-year term, not to enrich my wealth or gain a legacy as I earned enough money to live good, with outstanding medical care, and my 35 year employment legacy satisfied my goal in life, but to return our country to our establishment form of government – a constitutional republic.

Should I have been elected, I would have initiated legislation, whether the House and Senate managers would allow forward transmission is doubtful, but at least the loyal citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky would have been represented in accordance with the dictates of the United States constitution.

I suggest a major drawback to my candidacy as I am an atheist. But wait, I grew up in Laurel County and joined the Corinth Baptist Church and baptized at the London First Baptist Church and from said date forward I suffered throughout my employment years, from my beliefs of honesty integrity, the rule of man’s laws and, above all else, a defender of the United States constitution. However, over thirty-five years of overt and covert domestic and international employment, where I studied local customs and cultures and their religions, I came to the resolution, as did Darwin and others, regarding the evolution of human life on our planet.

In my heart, I truly wish there was a God to punish individuals, in my opinion, like Donald J. Trump, Mitch McConnell, Harold Rogers, and those that deny the dictates of the United States constitution for their self-interest and, above all, one of the last letters from my mother, while in a covert war in southeast east, she wrote, “I wish God would take me home.” I’m so sorry, in my opinion, no Gods, heaven or hell.

I do not know if I will be able to be an active candidate for Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District in November 2020 based on my mental and physical health but, hopefully, we will have an honest U.S. citizen, with integrity, to run against Harold Rogers, life time office holder.

My question to Kentuckians and fellow United States citizens is – are you a loyal defender of the U.S. constitution or are you a defender of the states of Israel; thereby murdering your fellow citizens, adding to our trillions of dollars in debt and murdering / displacing millions of foreign nationals in the name of a non-existing religious entity?

Please take the time and effort to ascertain if you’re a loyal citizen of the United States or a traitor.

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