Request For Writ of Certiorari from The United States Supreme Court

February 13, 2022

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC, 20543
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Dear Madam/Sir:

With respect, as a non-legal professional but a common United States citizen, I seek a Writ of Certiorari whereas I may appear before the United States Supreme Court Justices to plead for a return of our Constitutional Republic’s Laws and Policies. I contacted the Clerk’s Office on Friday, February 11, 2022, seeking guidance and left a message however to date no one has returned my call. To this end, I utilized the Internet’s Web Sites to learn procedures therefore, based on said instructions, I submit the below listed information I feel applicable but may exceed the Court’s policies:

  1. Request for Writ of Certiorari that includes documentation directed by the Internet search.
  2. Copy of Sixth Circuit’s Order of February 7, 2022.
  3. My written response to the Court’s Order.

Please overlook an administrative blunders and lack of legal knowledge.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
Master Sergeant, USAF – Retired
Defender of the US Constitution

Petition for Writ of Certiorari

BRW - Petition to the US Supreme Court - Writ of Certiorari


Response & Order From the US Supreme Court

BRW - Supreme Court Response


Letter To the Supreme Court Ref: Case No. 21-5809, Billy Wilson v. Joseph Biden, et al

BRW - Letter to Supreme Court 02-11-22


The Establishment Clause in the First Amendment

The Establishment Clause in the First Amendment protects freedom of religion by prohibiting the government from establishing a religion.  The cluse also prevents the government from supporting, endorsing, or becoming too involved in religious activities of any one sect or another.  In most Establishment clause cases, the Supreme Court applies the Lemon Test.  This test derived from the case of Lemon V. Kurtzman, and now referred to as the “Lemon Test” use three requirements that state law must:

  1. The law must have a non-religion purpose
  2. The law must not have the primary purpose of advancing or inhibiting religion
  3. The government must avoid excessive entanglements with religion”

NOTE:  Although the cited clause refers to states in their attempts to teach religion in school, it is my opinion, the United States governments, since 1948, utilization of all government resources to build a Jewish Nation-State in the occupied lands of Palestine are a gross Constitutional Violation.  Moreover, science and true, current Middle History have reputed the age of the earth, the formation of the Universe, and the origin of life forms on the planet Earth.  NO GODS.  The Declaration of Independence statement of has always been correct.  The Gods of Abraham are scams initiated by Hebrew tribesman in an attempt to achieve superiority over the other ethnic Arab tribes in the Middle East, especially in the centuries old lands known as Palestine.


Important History/Words/Events Applicable To My Supreme Court Case

What most U.S. citizens do not realize nor make the effort to learn is the framers of the Constitution’s, in their haste of ending the reign of King George Ill and a monarchy in the United States, they failed to entertain the position of a single person to head the executive branch with the authority to respond to all crisis, domestic and international, during the absence of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government. Per the Constitution, members of Congress would report to the capital to conduct the nation’s legislative business then return to the political state district on the First Monday in December each year. The Chief Executive, President of the United States, was a 24/7 position. The president was granted the authority to recall Congress in case of emergencies such as a Declaration of War; the sole authority of the Congress of the United States of America.

The following, per an Internet subject, “How the U.S. President Works,” written by Josh Clark & Melanie Radzicki McManus (updated Nov. 3, 2020), are the Constitutional duties of the President of the United States:

“He or she must take this oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“The president serves as Commander in chief of the U.S. military and of state militias when they’re activated under federal command.”

Note: from personal knowledge, I do not believe, the authors are aware “Army National Guardsmen and Air Force Reservists aka militias are primarily funded by the federal government and are included into the Department of Defense’s total operational manpower whereas they are serving on active duty throughout the international community such as Syria & Ukraine.

“The president can grant pardons, except in cases where he or she has been impeached.”

Note: Since former President Trump was impeached twice but not removed from office, I will research if the pardons he delivered after the first impeachment are legal.

“He or she can make treaties with other nations, with consent of the Senate.”

“The president can appoint Supreme Court justices, ambassadors and other public officers (such as Cabinet secretaries), with Senate confirmation.”

“He or she can convene or adjourn both house of Congress, if deemed necessary.”

Note: another research project to confirm.

“The president must report to Congress in a State of the Union address.”

“He or she must receive foreign heads of state and officials.

“The president is compensated (Currently, $400,000 a year, plus $50,000 in expenses, $100,000 in travel expenses and $19,000 for entertainment) (source Akhtar and Hoff).”

Note: another research project.

“Should the president be accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, he or she can be removed from office through impeachment.”

Note: another reason for Constitutional amendments such as public funding all national elections thereby ending political parties and corporation money.

“The president musts propose bills to Congress.”

“He or she can block congressional bills from becoming law through the veto power.”

Note: the authors were completely honest or complete, in my opinion, as the full Congress has the authority to over-ride any veto or action by the president.

There have been Congressional amendments that have allowed the presidency and the legislative branches in my opinion, to assume they are above the laws of the United States. Moreover, the legislative branch diluted the allegedly equal but separate Judicial Branch to a mere tool of the executive branch through the appointment of justices. Historical records confirm my allegation as does the decision of the Sixth U.S. Court of Appeals.

The following is an interesting quote by the authors: “A few presidents like Chester Arthur and William Taft, took a narrow, exclusively constitutional interpretation of their powers. This has been the exception and not the rule, however. It’s been the interpretation of the “inherent powers” — those not expressly granted in the Constitution — that’s created the presidency we see today.

Note: President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Chaney and the 1998 Congress of the United States illegally took the nation to the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars to appease foreigners. Worst yet, former President Donald J. Trump turned the U.S. military into mercenaries.

Constitution of the United States Twentieth Amendment, adopted on January 23, 1933, made six Sectional Changes however I will only identify Section 1 and Section 2 herein:

The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3rd day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

“The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meetings, shall begin at noon on the 3rd day of January, unless they shall by law appoint a different date.”

Note: you may recall earlier I wrote originally Congress would convene the First Monday in December each year, in the nation’s capital, conduct federal government business and return to their applicable state districts. To this end, the original members of Congress were unpaid loyal citizens holding non-government employment in their applicable states however the 20th Amendment made members of Congress full time federal government employees. For example, the first six sessions of Congress, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, in my opinion, members of Congress, in most part, were loyal citizens of the United States. Unfortunately, and in turn:

Approved the Manifest Destiny, took the nation to a War Between the States, established the 1913 Federal Reserve System, took the nation into World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq Wars and built a Jewish Nation-State in occupied Palestine. The fore-identified presidential administrations and congressional sessions actions, in my opinion, would not have succeeded had the United States Supreme Court been then and today, an equal but separate branch of the Federal government.

Let us look at unethical actions by past United States governments cited in the above paragraph:

It is my understanding; the U.S. Supreme Court published an opinion against President Jackson’s forced movement of North American Indians from their ancestral land and theft of same. Too me, said action confirms the Sixth U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling; the Judicial System of the United States is a farce, in that, today’s political parties, owned by the wealthy, elect individuals that violate the basic laws of humanity to achieve their pursuit of power and wealth.

There needs to be a new, official approved Declaration of Independence identifying the mandatory requirement for a powerful U.S. Supreme Court and Department of Justice. Too me, the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land and no one, political party or whatever was above the punishment by the U.S. Judicial System. Former President Donald J. Trump, with his bluntness and disregard for the laws of humanity, identified to the international community, especially true, loyal citizens of the United States, the corruption within our country’s political system that allows criminals to govern the United States and dictate the foreign policies of most of the international community.

Without a powerful but equal Judicial branch, our country digressed back to the 1850s where citizens/residents of the United States were denied the very basic rights as a human being and, above all, our country’s pledge, in writing, that all are created equal. Our country can’t continue to exist until the Supreme Court rules every citizen of the United States are one people. There are no hyphenated, dual loyalty, ancestral identification or whatever; you’re a citizen of the United States or a non-voting, non-government benefit resident of the United States.

World War I and World War II was not caused by nations seeking to increase their empires however wealthy U.S. citizens and owners of the Federal Reserve forced o_ur elected government to impose sanctions on nations attempting to provide their citizens with the prosperity and advancements we had in the United States. Moreover, our government covertly supplied Europe with economic and military logistics in violation of international law assuring the United States would be attacked.

The covert and overt wars in Southeast Asia was in support of Standard Oil of New Jersey and other domestic and foreign oil companies and, allegedly, an attempt to eliminate the expansion of Communism. For crying out loud, anyone with an intelligence know Communism is not a viable form of governing as after all we are the highest level of animals however human beings always seek power and wealth thus denying the equal distribution of wealth and the necessity of life.

The wars in Iraq and the Persian Gulf were to assure the control of Palestine by foreign occupiers. See the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act and other Congressional Resolutions that forced the administrations to go to war in the Middle East.

The Afghanistan War was an attempt to recover the vast unmined minerals in said country and construction fossil fuel carrying pipeline across Afghanistan to seaports. The Afghanistan people or government were not responsible whatsoever in the aerial attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. In fact, collected documents and truth would confirm our own governments involvement in said attack should we have a true justice system.

In our country’s Declaration of Independence, the signers wrote the word “Creator” instead of God for they knew the gods of the international community, especially in the United States, were scams, based on their outstanding intelligence and international & domestic experiences.

Fast forward two hundred years, the international scientific community confirmed the existence of an existing universe prior to the Big Bang in space that created our planet Earth and the other planets in our Solar System. Currently, the Web Telescope System is beginning to transmit greater evidence on the origin and greatly expanding space above our planet plus, in my-opinion, alien life forms will be discovered.

Digressing back to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that guaranteed the right to worship however the amendment did not guarantee the right and/or endorse supporting a religious entity that advocates the overthrow of all international governments and replacing said governments with the leadership and teachings of one of the Gods of Abraham.

FOR THE RECORD: the Hebrews, founders of Judaism, believed Jerusalem.was Heaven and Hell was a burn pit near Jerusalem where trash and bodies were burned however over the centuries different religions changed the teachings of Heaven and Hell to reflect their pursuit of power and wealth. Gods are a scam.

I am an atheist whereas based on 78 years of life research throughout the United States and the international community I attest without reservations; gods are scams. However, the current makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, in my opinion, are justices loyal to the President that appointed them, and they will continue to deny the vision of a nation of one people with equality for all.

Without Constitutional Amendments to bring authority to the Supreme Court and our country’s Department of Justice, our country will emulate the demise of the Roman Empire.

“Noting that a district court may dismiss a complaint at any time for lack of subject matter jurisdiction under Rule 12(b)(1) when its allegations “are totally implausible, attenuated, unsubstantial, frivolous, devoid of merit, or no longer open to discussion” (quoting Apple, 183 F.3d 479)).

When I read the above Rule quote, as a nobody United States and defender of the U.S. Constitution, I sought definitions from Internet sources of the unusual words in my vocabulary to which I will comment:

Totally implausible: “Unlikely to be true; not having the appearance of truth or creditability.”

Response: Since the Clerk did not identify what information I submitted in a particular category of the quote, I can state without hesitation or doubt every statement I made, in my multiple communications; have multiple verification sources.

Attenuated: “having been reduced in force, effect, or value; thin or reduced in thickness.” Example: “It appears likely that the courts will be given an attenuated role in the enforcement of these decisions.”

Response: I agree the courts will have a role, in my opinion, if we had a United States Court system based on the Laws of the United States of America; a court, with integrity would seek resolution to the charges made based on their loyalty to the United States. Moreover, unless the U.S. Department of Justice and the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court address the charges in the media to U.S. citizens, the executive and legislative branches will continue to commit treason against the United States. We had a Revolutionary War against the British Empire to end the absolute authority of a King/President or Parliament/Congress.

Frivolous: “not have any serious purpose or value; (of a person) carefree value.”

Response: Said response really upset me to the point of anger. I’m a one hundred percent combat veteran from our covert war in the former Kingdom of Laos aka the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos and a forced recipient, directed by the Department of Defense, of the anti­Anthrax vaccine and pridostigimine bromide pills. In Laos, I was the Mister (military identification taken from the few of us), with a Top Secret/Crypto) supervisor of the Air Attache’s Command & Control Facility, a honorable retiree from the United States Air Force as an Air Operations Superintendent. Moreover, in post-retirement employment, with Northrop Aircraft Services and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Services, we, McDonnell Douglas employees, maintained and were the non-flying operational staff of the No. 6 F-15 Squadron conducting a covert air war against Iran and Iraq. At the Northrop contract, we trained Royal Saudi Air Force Warrant Officers to a point of self-sufficiency in the Air Operations and Gun Camera specialties.

Devoid of Merit: No printed definition of the term but single definition follows:

Devoid: “empty, free from; without.”

Merit: “the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward; deserve or be worthy of (something, especially reward, punishment, or attention).”

Response: One can review my military, Office of Personnel Management and non-government employment to ascertain the ribbons, medals, honors, endorsements, and monetary awards for government savings during my thirty five-year government and non-government employment.

No Longer Open for Discussion: No full-term definition but a breakdown follows:

No longer: “in the past but not now.”

Open: “not shut up or blocked.”

Discussion: “the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas; a conversation or debate about a certain topic; a detailed treatment of a particular topic in speech or writing.” Response: Truthful communication are curtailed/denied by the U.S. Media and U.S. Government.

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