Updates to Injunction Against Joseph R Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, and Mitch McConnell

February 1, 2022

SUBJECT: ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION (Ref: Case No. 21-5809, Billy Wilson v. Joseph Biden, et al. Originating Case No: 6-21-ov-0082)

CINCINNATI, OH 45202-3988

The Honorable Deborah S. Hunt, Clerk
Mister Leon T. Korotko, Case Manager

Dear Honorable Recipients:

I realize I am wasting my time, with a six-month period elapsed since filing the Appeal and a statement by noted New Orleans Attorney I addressed about the Lawsuit; “an Assistant Attorney General will dismiss the case” however I love my country and must convey new information I feel applicable to Unconstitutional actions by the defendants.

First and foremost: I’m a thirty-five year employee under the umbrella of the U.S. Federal Government with covert and overt assignments in multiple countries in Southeast Asia (Republic of Korea, Thailand, Laos and Philippines) U.S. territory of Guam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Bahamas, and domestic assignments, military and civilian, in: Texas, Florida, Montana, Michigan, New Hampshire, California and Wyoming. From these assignments one learned, we are one people with the same desires and for most- ambition however in every country and/or state visited there are multiple customs and cultures and, of course, religions. In Southeast Asia, the people didn’t care the name or form of government if they could be free to early living, raise a family and travel without restrictions. In Saudi Arabia, the people live under a theocracy form of government but within two decades, the Royal Family will be deposed. In our country, the nation is divided into regions but under one flag -the Stars and Stripes. To save our Constitutional Republic we must elect U.S. citizens to all governments, county, cities, state and, above all, the federal government. Currently, in the three Branches of the Federal Government, in my opinion, there are NO TRUE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Now to the additional information:

This past weekend, January 29-30, 2022, in Orlando, FL groups of alleged Neo-Nazis held rallies resulting in fights, disruption of peace, and demeaning of individuals whose religion is Judaism allegedly without any arrests, to date. Unfortunately, the incident in Florida is not uncommon as there is a rise of such incidents throughout the international community which are based, in my opinion, of the history of pre-World War II Germany. In pre-World War II Germany, it is well documented the primary wealth and owners of the news media and entertainment industry as it is in the United States and Europe today is by those whose religious affiliation is Judaism. In fact, in our country’s entire financial history beginning with the First National Bank and the primary owner of the Federal Reserve System is the Rothschild Banking Dynasty. The Mayer aka Rothschild family are Jewish converts.

Regarding the Rothschild Family, the expansion of Judaism was waning following the Jerusalem Religious Crusades and the end of Islam’s expansion and withdrawal to Saudi Arabia and division into two religious’ sects: Sunni and Shiites. Alas, a Rothschild member in 1898 funded and established Zionism, an organization to build a Jewish Nation – State for those individuals whose religion was Judaism. A Rothschild, senior Jewish member of the British Commonwealth’s Jewish Community and banker for England, used his influence and wealth to force upon the British Government to establish a homeland for those of Judaism in occupied Palestine. A Rothschild financed and launched a private army to invade Palestine after the withdrawal of the United Nations’ British Mandate Forces. Those of Judaism financed Harry S. Truman’s reelection campaign; Truman, in response, recognized the Jewish terrorist/settler’s occupation of Palestine as the future Jewish Nation-State. From Truman’s administration forward every Presidential administration and congressional session, to some extent, have killed and wounded US military and indebted our nation in the excess of trillions of dollars to build a Jewish Nation-State. Former President Trump’s, in my opinion, support for the Jewish Nation-State, during his administration and policies that continue greatly damage the credibility and honor of the United States of America.

The only reason I addressed religion is that religion and all association with the term religion are scams. There are no Gods of Abraham or any other gods that credit their religion with the formation of the Universe or life forms on the Planet Earth. To this end, the final proof of the religious scams will be available to all human beings through the scientific research from the recently launched Web Telescope. The telescope will discover new galaxies, identify the death of galaxies prior to the Big Bang that created Earth, and multiple other critical data to end the centuries falsehood of the Gods of Abraham. Moreover, the telescopes’ research may confirm other life form civilizations that have been visiting, in my opinion, earth or may have a hidden base on earth prior to the migration of human beings from the African continent.

In recent weeks, President Biden’s administration and several senators and members of the House of Representatives, due to the political demands and monetary demands, of the specific Jewish sects, evangelical Christians, the Israeli Government, owners of the Military-Industrial Complex, and Wall Street investors, are attempting to take the international community into World War III.

The aggressor, in my opinion, is not the Russian government but our own government cowering to the fore-identified money sources. Let’s be truthful with the disclosure that at the fall of the Soviet Union and the reuniting of the two Germany’s our government promised the Soviet Leader that NATO would not expand further eastward in Europe; in 2014, western nations were successful in launching a coup to replace the pro-Russian leader of Ukraine; in 2019, a Jewish television actor and comedian was elected President of Ukraine by Jewish voters that sought to be united with the European Union instead of the Russian Federation. For crying out loud, Russian’s President Putin and other leaders in the international community know from our country’s history of building an empire instead of a United States for the people can not be trusted not to invade Russia and Russian Federated States. Worse, yet the Rothschild family have a vendetta against Russia. One must not forget the Rothschild family is angry at Russia for dispatching their navy to deny foreign shipping to support the Confederacy. To this end, in my opinion and many others, the Rothschild and other foreign investors were responsible for the US War Between the States. As a matter of fact, prior to the Civil War; the Confederate States of America had the world’s fourth largest economy. Moreover, look at the Rothschild’s international history of wars, deceit, and treason; now they intermarried into the major US banking families and primary owner of the US Federal Reserve.

Honorable members of the Court, you should end the stench of our country’s court system and officially announce the United States is not a theocracy and the Palestinians have an unquestionable legal right, United Nations Resolutions, to be an independent nation along-side the Jewish Nation-State.

Thank you for your attention and, hopefully, an honest decision to end religious domination and a homeland for the Palestinian people.

With respect, I remain,

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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