Withdrawal of US Supreme Court Lawsuit, USCA6 No. 21-5809 against President Joseph R. Biden, et al

At the outset, I am an atheist, defender of and knowledgeable of the United States Constitution, and a former government employee, retired & disabled, that served honorably at overt and covert assignments, domestic and international, for thirty-five years which provided in depth, firsthand knowledge revealing, without question, NO GODS OF ABRAHAM. Of course, employment assignments were enforced by seventeen years of religious indoctrination growing up in southeastern Kentucky from the womb and departure for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to join the United States Air Force on September 30, 1960, to acquire a true-life education and retirement income.

For individuals not knowledgeable of religious indoctrination, in southern Kentucky, during the 1940s and 1950s, the indoctrination and, sadly, on-going to this date whereas if the reader is honest and a loyal United States citizen, he or she will make the time and effort to learn of the ancient Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis in their pursuit to establish a God of Abraham and superiority over other ethnic tribes in the centuries old land known as Palestine and Syria.

Following the Religious Crusades, the spread of Judaism was wanning however along came the savior of the Hebrews, a non-Palestinian/Syrian ethnic tribe member whose family name originally was Mayer and converts to Judaism changed their name to Rothschilds and became the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, the wealthiest family in the international community. In 1898, a Rothschild, knowing most human’s need to worship a supreme being and have a Master/Lord/etc. whereas access to wealth from said mental flaw funded and directed the establishment of Zionism, an organization whose quest was to establish a Jewish Nation-State.

Of course, prior to 1898, the Rothschild’s wealth and power came to the future United States of America through agents with the most famous, in my opinion, Alexander Hamilton. The founding Mayer dispatched his sons, along with unlimited money, to European capitals thereby drastically changing the face of Europe without regard to life, limb, or property.

Recently learned, France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, and others have curtailed and/or diminished the Rothschild power however they own all the Central Banks in the international community, the International Monetary funds and unknown other financial and non-financial institutions confirming their estimated one hundred trillion plus wealth. Of course, our country, the United States of America is under the Federal Reserve System control with the primary investors being a Rothschild and their inter-marriage with the Rockefellers, Chase, Morgan, etc. Oh, you must add ownership of one federal reserve bank to the Government of Saudi Arabia.

The Rothschild member in the British Commonwealth became the senior representative of Judaism and the Commonwealth’s Banker deeply involved in the economic developments in the North American colonies, especially the United Colonies, later the United of America.

Regarding the Rothschild’s early influence in the United States there are allegations a Rothschild financed the US-British War of 1812; Rothschild was instrumental in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln; a Rothschild and other foreign investors were responsible for the United States’ War Between the States; and instrumental in the unethical expansion of the United States into an empire instead of a sovereign nation of the people.

At wanning years of World War, /, the British Commonwealth’s Rothschild wrote a letter to a British government minister, Lord Balfour, seeking the British Government’s influence at the United Nations to establish a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Lord Balfour complied resulting in the United Nations dispatching British Mandate Forces, into Palestine, to establish a Jewish homeland and, along-side, a sovereign Palestinian nation. Unfortunately, the Hebrews aka Jews created such a destructive front against the British, the Mandate was short however, a Rothschild anticipating the British Commonwealth’s withdrawal formed his own private army and invaded Palestine thereby assuming military control over Palestine. Ill equipped Arab militaries attempted to intervene but no chance against the powerful Jewish army, indigenous Hebrews, and Jewish settlers that migrated to Israel following the implementation of Zionism.

Personal note: several future Israel Prime Ministers; Aerial Sharon, Machan Begin, Gold Meir, etc. were instrumental in the murder, injury, and defeat of British military forces. Even though, General and Prime Minister Aerial Sharon was enemy of humanity he never lied about the Judah and Samaria. Current Israeli history calls Samaria – Israel. (The Hebrews were freed from captivity by today’s Iranians and established the two homelands; Judah and Samaria, for those Hebrews who wanted to return to ancient Palestine. While in Babylon the Hebrews learned of the planets, the laws of Hammurabi, the story of a great flood, the development of mankind, etc.)

In 1948, evangelical Christians and certain Jewish religious sects funded and elected President Harry S. Truman to a new term as President of the Untied States as he became President at the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. President Truman responded by calling for the recognition of the occupation of Palestine by the Hebrew aka Jewish terrorist/settlers as the future state of Israel. In 1949, after bribes to and intimidation of foreign ambassadors, the United Nations recognized said occupation as the Jewish Nation-State.

From 1948 forward, every US Presidential Administration and Congressional Session have, some more than others, utilized our country’s treasure, manpower, money, science, etc.,) to build a Jewish Nation-State in Palestine regardless of United Nations Resolutions and the international community. In fact, the Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis have murdered and injured US military, destroyed US property, and demeaned our nation in the international community, not because of a just reason but because of the monetary donations and voting bloc provided by the evangelical Christians and Jews who are in my opinion, traitors to the United States. NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

Currently, the United States Armed Forces provide a military umbrella, a cap if you will, over the Jewish Nation-State of Israel at the cost of at least one trillion dollars per year and the current Presidential Administration and Congressional Session are supporting Israel’s theft of Syria’s land, water, oil, gas and are in the processing of staging a war to takeover Lebanon. Also, it appears, the Israelis are preparing to introduce the US-Israel Iron Dome Airspace Superiority resources into to the Russian – Ukraine War.

Returning to the Supreme Court Withdrawal Notification:

Without going into greater detail on the justifications I used in my original lawsuit, followed by a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and then to the Supreme Court, I will be brief:

The most important justification in my opinion was the Religion Establishment Clause used to approve the First Amendment of the United States Constitution that forbids the United States governments from supporting in a form a religion. The other justification was the duties, as described in the US Constitution, the duties, and responsibilities of the three branches of the federal government. To this end, our government allowed “IN GOD WE TRUST” to be added to Federal Reserve Notes and US Currency, tax deductions for religious activities, and other religion related activities. Regarding the three branches of government, today, Congress is a full time employment position, not part time; Congress has allowed the President to become a King instead of an Administrator of Laws and Policies set forth by the legislative branch of the US Government. Political parties, never recognized by the Constitution, have become the enemy of the people by allowing their political members to incite riots and attempt to overthrow a new duly elected President of the United States.

Personal note: Certain rich and powerful families, such as the DuPont’s, Heinz, Bush, etc. attempted to engage the expertise of Marine General Smedley Butler to lead disgruntled World War I veterans to remove President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The cited families have been replaced by new traitors responsible for the Russian – Ukraine War. Russia only wanted a guarantee that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) wou1d not expend further eastward toward but the investors, the owners of the Federal Reserve, the European Union, Judaism, and the Military¬≠ Industrial Complex want the money sources from Ukraine just as they did in the recent invasion of Afghanistan.

The following are two quotes from the Sixth Court of Appeals regarding my claim to allow the people of Palestine to have a rightful homeland in Palestine alongside the Jewish Nation-State of Israel: “And despite being afforded the opportunity to amend his complaint, Wilson simply reiterated his assertions that America’s foreign policy concerning Israel is unlawful. Although Wilson invokes the First and Fourteenth Amendments on appeal, his claims are precisely the sort left to the political branches, and the courts thus lack subject matter jurisdiction to adjudicate them.” “The conduct of the foreign relations of our government is committed by the Constitution to the executive and legislative — “the political” …. Departments of the government, and the propriety of what may be done in the exercise of this political power is not subject to judicial inquiry or decision.”

My fellow countrymen, in my opinion, unless citizens, especially in the Red States, make the time and effort to learn true US History and factual, documented science that confirms without a doubt, the earth and life on earth evolved from millions of years of evolution; the United States will not last as a sovereign, free civilization for another one hundred years. There are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM and if you are one of the evangelical Christians that prays for a Rapture to destroy the United States and place a GOD OF ABRAHAM to govern the international community, then you are a traitor.

My letter to the Supreme Court regarding the withdrawal of my lawsuit has been provided below.

I’m available for any community forum to discuss this blog.

With respect, I remain.

Defender of the US Constitution

Supreme Court Withdrawal Notification Letter:

Billy Ray Wilson - Letter to Supreme Court 02-25-2022


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