A Truthful Domestic and International Education

A truthful domestic and international education is the most important public funded benefit governments provide their citizens in that an outstanding education could eliminate racism, poverty and force the federal government to cease aggression in the international community.

Growing up in Laurel County in the 1940s and 1950s, many of us spent an equal or more time annually in a religious activity such as Sunday church services, revivals, and bible school than we did in Kentucky\’s School classroom. Too often, for those of us that questioned the disparity between biblical teachings and true science and international history took their questions with them during their life experiences outside of family and the Commonwealth.

I was fortunate to have been taught by outstanding teachers, especially in history, that went beyond, I suppose the state\’s established curriculum. One teacher, Mr. (Reverend) Vernon Weaver, a World War II veteran, taught the true meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, especially the President of the United States is not above the law and the true government of the United States is the legislative branch. The rump Administration\’s attempted overthrow of the US government revealed the treason by members of the Republican Party and the steadfastness of many democrats and federal employees adhering to their oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Moreover, the Reams sister\’s math and typing classes afforded advancement in employment throughout thirty-five years of dome tic and international employment. There were, of course, other teachers such as Ms. Jones that took me under her protection and invited me into her home and family. Yes, there were other teachers, but I don\’t remember their names or subjects.

Voting was another major subject addressed not only in school but in the community because, at the time, the good state jobs depended on which political party was in the statehouse in Frankfort. Of course, on the federal voting side, money for state and community improvement depended on who was elected President and the US House of Representatives an US Senate. I don\’t recall
voting for a candidate to be like a sporting event a it is today. You are either a democrat or republican just like the University of Kentucky against the University of Louisville. People voted rain or shine.

Unfortunately, the Laurel County school System curriculum failed to enlighten students to the following: \”Alexander Hamilton acted as an agent of the Rothschild family when he helped create the First National Bank. The First National bank was dominated by foreign investors, including the Rothschilds; and Nathan Rothschild ordered the War of 1812 after t e charter for the First Federal Bank was not renewed in 1811.\”

\”In 1913, the Rothschilds established their last and current central bank in America -the Federal Reserve Bank. This independent bank regulates and controls America\’s money supply and monetary policies.\”

And, unknown to most US citizens, the Rothschild Banking Dynasty owns or controls the international communities Central Banks. The Rothschild Banking Dynasty along with multiple United States families such as the Rockefellers, Chase Morgan, etc., and certain Saudis plus other foreign nations control the Federal Reserve. The US military is a collecting agency for the Federal Reserve.

When Senator Rand Paul first ran successfully for U Senator, he campaigned against the Federal Reserve and support for the State of Israel. He is no longer against either as he seeks to become the US President in 2024. A Rothschild family member and our governments since 1948 is the reason the Hebrews aka Jews aka Israeli\’s are occupying Palestine.

Several years past, I self-published a book \”War is a Racket Too\” that expanded on retired Marine General Smedley Butler\’s book \”War is Racket.\” In General Butler\’s book he identifies the control of the US government by Wall Street and he large corporations plus the attempted overthrow f President Franklin D. Roosevelt\’s administration. Former President Donald J Trump and a large number, especially Kentucky\’s Washington delegation, attempted to overthrow he US government in 2021 but failed due to the courage of Washington, DC Capital Police and DC National Guardsmen.

Trump and the Republicans are attempting to become a Congressional majority in 2022 followed by Trump\’s re-election in 2024 that will emulate the election of Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of Germany. The people must vote and end the Republicans quest to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Digressing back to the 1850s and the War Between the States aka US Civil War: The majority of US citizens do not know that Wall Street investors and other investors were the debt owners of most of the plantation and business in the South prior to the 1861. In fact, multiple several states asked the federal government to intervene with the Northern debt owners but were refusedĀ  resolution; whereas, a war that forced brother to fight brother.

And, there\’s opinions, wealthy investors, including the Rothschilds, wanted to divide the United States as she was too large and should be broken down as they had done to empires and kingdoms on the European continent.

The Civil War was not caused by slavery because the investors that brought the war were the ship owners and slave traders. Current owners of the Federal Reserve were guilty of crimes against humanity in bring Africans to the Americas.

Above is the word Americas which should be extremely important to young citizens of the United States if they want to survive as a Continental Republic: When we defeated the British Empire and prior to he recognition of our country by the international community we were the \”United Colonies\” and to date, I have not been able to ascertain why the founders called our country the United States of America. My opinion is the United States is correct by itself but the founders added \”of America\” to separate our country from Canada and Mexico which are located on the North American continent.

Too me, being born on the North American continent, Central America or South America makes you an American citizen. For example, I once had a part time job as a supervisor of US citizens and nationals from the Americas but not the United States. One day, when addressing a non-US worker, she told me she was an American. Yes, young lady you are but you are not a citizen of the United States.

Several years past, the late David Rockefeller and like investors entertained a One World Order in which Canada, Mexico and the United States would be combined like the European Union. (They may have intended on including all the Americas in their scheme, but David Rockefeller expired. The scheme may still exist.) To me, no US government official, US citizen or foreign national should refer to the United States as America as our government does not have sovereignty over land masses other than those designated by the international community as the United States of America.

My fellow countrymen, it if up to you to demand a truthful education that will assure your ability to prosper and, in turn, the United States will remain a haven for individuals longing to be free. While I was in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the people didn\’t care the name of their government just as long as they could work, raise a family and be free to travel.

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