Clarification of Party Affiliation & Platform

Recently, I contracted an executive of a London, KY computer company to build an exploratory political campaign for the 2021 United States Senate seat currently held by Senator Rand Paul, Republican. The contractor was to use, in part, a like web site from my previous campaigns for the US House of Representatives, KY\’s 5th US Congressional District, and the United States Senate. Unfortunately, the contractor was familiar with my attempt to establish a new political party, the US Nationalist Workers Party, and therefore identified my campaign as a candidate under the Nationalists Workers Party in error; I am actually seeking the Senate seat as a registered and voting member of the Democrat Party.

The reason I previously chose to establish a new political part was because neither the Republican nor the Democrat Party, in my lifetime, have defended the US Constitutional against enemies of the United States, foreign and domestic. I will explain utilizing both the Democrat and Republican Parties current platforms and/or previous platforms as justification:

DEMOCRAT PARTY: \”Whether it\’s health care, diversity is a strength, the economy, education, gun reform, equal pay, voting rights, national security. The climate crisis, the Democratic Party understands that there\’s no single issue that\’s matters more than the rest.\”

REPUBLICAN PARTY: \”The GOP {Grand Old party) supports lower taxes, free market capitalism, restrictions on immigration, increased military spending, gun rights, restriction on abortions, deregulation and restrictions on labor unions.\”

Note: As our countrymen may or may not know, the 2020 Republican Party has announced: \”WHEREAS: The RNC (Republican National Committee) enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administrations, as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today, therefore, be it.\” \”RESOLVED: That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President\’s America-first agenda.\” \”RESOLVED: That the 2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention.\” \”RESOLVED: That the 2020 Republican National Convention calls on the media to engage in accurate and unbiased reporting, especially as it relates to the strong support of the RNC for President Trump and his Administration; and,\” \”RESOLVED: That any motion to amend the 2016 Platform or to adopt a new platform, including any motion to suspend the procedures that will allow doing so, will be ruled out of order.\”

Regarding the RNC\’s 2016 Platform\’s Preamble, I especially object to the following entry: \”We believe the Constitution was written not as a flexible document, but as our enduring covenant.\”

Since my return to home to London, KY, in 2001, after approximately forty-one years of employment, I saw the United States and the international community as being liable for the survivability of our planet and peaceful coexistence among peoples; I sought national office both as a Democrat and Republican. As a Republican, I did quite well with the voters, however, in the 5th Congressional District it is impossible to defeat the honorable Rogers. I soon became disillusioned with the lack of integrity and honesty within the party. I had hopes for Senator Rand Paul; but we know his ambitions are to be the President of the United States and not a defender of the US Constitution.

And, of course, the last four years under the Trump Administration, it is my opinion that McConnell, Paul, and Rogers committed TREASON against the United States and continue to do so. Legislator\’s loyalty is to the US Constitution, not a political party or an incompetent, unethical traitor Donald J. Trump.

Now to discuss the cited Democrat Platform: From he platform\’s words we learn, correctly so that the Constitution is not a covenant but a flexible document that may be amended through a Constitution Convention ; whereby, the state\’s representatives agree in the majority to make changes to the greatest document ever written by mankind- the United States Constitution. For example, President Franklin D. Roosevelt\’s Administration\’s Social Security Program provided an avenue for older citizens to live and die in dignity after their years of labor and defense of our great nation. Another prime example being when President Johnson\’s Great Society recognized disparities throughout the United States that assured all people had the opportunity for economic throughout the equality/security; however with the negative being the advancement of a self-interest generation that continue to plague our nation with their dishonest abuse of necessary socialist programs. Lastly, President Obama\’s Affordable Health Care was another socialist program not envisioned by our founders, but necessary to assure citizen\’s health and the prosperity / security of the United States.

Diversity is the least Congressional and media addressed topic, but without a doubt the most important subject for resolution since mankind evolved from primates into homo sapiens.

The US Constitution guarantees the right to worship without specifying an entity. However, the Constitution does not guarantee the right to support an entity, with whatever resources one chooses, that advocates the overthrow of all governments, especially the US government. The fictitious GODS OF ABRAHAM Doctrine, teachings, etc., advocate said overthrow. And, equally or not more so important, the teachings of the Gods of Abraham demand male dominance, the mistreatment of women, the murder of homosexuals and transgenders and slavery. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy.

And, for the researched record, the Hebrews have been abusing, in all negative form other ethnic Arab tribesmen for approximate! six thousand years and/or the period of their calendar history. The early Hebrews believed that Jerusalem was Heaven and, yes, there was a hell. Hell was a burn pit outside of Jerusalem where trash was burnt and, of course, human remains, unwanted babies and whatever tossed into the fire. Hebrews were the scribes, developers, clergy, and financially support for the development and introduction of the Torah, Bible, and Koran. NO GOD PERIOD.

At the end of his presidential term, President Dwight David Eisenhower warned our countrymen and the international community f war mongers he called the Military-Industrial Complex which in reality were the owners of the federal reserve system and Wall Street investors who were not owners in the federal reserve.

As a five-star General of the Army and former Allie, Commander of Forces on D­-Day, June 6, 1945, that, along with Soviet Forces, defeated Axis forces in Europe, oversaw the withdrawal of occupying British, Fren9h and Israeli Force from Egypt and instrumental in establishing an Armistice between North Korea/China and the United Nations to cease combat on the Korean Peninsula. Unfortunately, members of Eisenhower\’s cabinet were developing hostilities in Southeast Asia, the Americas, Middle East and, of course, the island of Cuba to keep the US war industry operational.

President Eisenhower\’s successor was a young Senator, John F. Kennedy, from a wealthy New England family with policy ideas not favorable with the Military­ Industrial Complex. A Rothschild family member built a Jewish Army to invade Palestine at the withdrawal of British Mandate Forces from Palestine. The French were building the Israelis a Nuclear Weapons plant in occupied Palestine. President Harry S. Truman recognized the Israeli\’s occupation of Palestine as the State of Israel. President Kennedy thanked US Jews for the money and votes to make him President of the United States and, in turn, provided Israel with defensive missile systems. The Israeli\’s weren\’t pleased.

President Eisenhower\’s former cabinet members created an international situation ninety miles from Florida southern coast; he island of Cuba. Anti-Cuba freedom fighters funded and staffed by the Central Intelligence Agency attacked the Bay of Pigs in Cuba but defeated. The United States coordinated a release and transfer of the prisoners to Homestead Air Force Base, FL. President Kennedy ordered the issue of non-federal reserve monetary instruments and soon thereafter, like President Abraham Lincoln, Kenned was assassinated.

Kennedy\’s vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson became president and opened the military gate to the Israelis even to the point of not ending diplomatic relations with Israel for their deliberate air and sea attack on the USS Liberty on station in international waters.

The French had delivered a nuclear weapon to Israel and Israel began threatening their Arab neighbors with nuclear destruction.

President Richard Nixon ordered the depletion of military logistics stored in the United States for use should the Soviet Union invade Europe. The Israeli military had been logistically defeated in their 1973 War with the Arabs and Nixon replaced their military logistics and saved Israel from defeat.

President Ronald Reagan changed the Rules of Engagement to allow the US Navy and other armed services support the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Syria. From his actions, hundreds of US and French military were killed and/or wounded.

President Jimmy Carter was responsible for the Camp David Accords that provides Israel with billions of dollars annually and more than a hundred US Army soldiers were killed in an aircraft crash while returning from a Camp David Accord obligation.

President Donald J. Trump, during his one term as resident, committed more acts of treason against the United States in support of the terrorist state than any other US President.

President Biden is continuing the policies of Trump to protect Israel regardless of the danger to the United States and the US Armed Forces.

National security once stood for the security of the United States but today, the US military is the collectors, whether money or land , for the owners of the Federal Reserve System. Young US citizens must rise at the ballot in November 2022 and 2024 to end the fascist movement to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Gun reform is a touchy but important subject that requires both federal and state intervention. Our country is a massive giant divide into regions with specific need for different types of firearms from a revolver to a long rifle necessary to protect their farm stock from wild animals. In small towns throughout the United States there are no need for weapons for personal protection; however, many individuals are sportsmen and possess weapons for their personal time. In the major population there is a breakdown in self-worth and pride in their country and neighborhood that lead to the creation of gangs and generational fraudulent recipients of benefits learned from President Lyndon B. Johnson\’s Great Society Program.

The Great Society Program brought many out of poverty; however, many families and individuals set aside their pride, if they ever had any, to be parasites on the state. Yes! Everyone sometime in their lifetime arrives at a point they need assistance from someone or the government but those with integrity standup resolve the situation and return to a self-supporting life.

In our country, there are millions of individuals that collect weapons and, of course, you have the want a be solider of fortune a d the killers of life. The later individuals are those our governments must assure doesn\’t acquire a firearm and the best way to guarantee the Constitutions Second Amendment Rights is to require a mandatory thorough background check and end the ability to sale personal firearms without the same background checks.

Of note, in my platform for the US Nationalist Workers Party, I suggested individuals demanding the purchase of military type and supporting devices be allowed to do so but the weapons would be stored n a state or private armory and checked out by the individual each time of use. Moreover, the state or private investors would build military style combat ranges for the want a be soldiers of fortune to utilize their weaponry under proper supervision and safety standards.

And, in the platform, I suggested state government send their dependence on the federal government to maintain their national guard units to end the control of said units by the Department of Defense and a traitor president such as Donald J. Trump.

As a defender of the US Constitution, our countrymen should retain the right to own firearms for their personal use and assure the security of the United States from want-to-be dictators.

Regarding the climate crisis, President Obama\’s administration addressed the crisis head on and future presidential administrations and congressional sessions must continue to honor and expand President Obama\’s agenda. Fossil fuel is destroying our great planet.

Returning to voting rights – we are not a Constitutional Republic without voting rights as it is the people that elect their representatives to govern our great nation. In fact, the people in 2022 and 2024 must end the career of both Democrat and Republicans that put their political party and personal life ahead of the provisions of the US Constitution.

Regarding the economy, in my opinion, it is the responsibility of every citizen, once an adult, to provide for his or her lives, not the state. If you can\’t find employment in your home town or state then move or seek employment overseas – the people are not obligated to feed, clothe, shelter you, or provide health care – you are a human being act as one.

Health care, in my opinion, is not a guarantee of the US Constitution and I feel the Federal Reserve System is in some way involved in the current government for­-pay medical care at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the barrage of telephone calls and media advertisements regarding Medicare and Medicaid. It is not the responsibility of the citizens of the United States to pay for the birth of your child or any other medical expense when one should have known from childhood it was their responsibility to prepare for retirement years. In fact, the states should provide gratis birth control devices, sex classes, or whatever to individuals once they become of age to impregnate a female or become pregnant. Failure to provide such service only requires too many children to be part of the poverty community and, worse, future welfare generations.

REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM: the Republican party is for the rich, not the common United States citizen.

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