Act of Terror in Orlando Florida

June 11, 2016, the murder of fifty and wounding of fifty three Americans in Orlando, FL was addressed by President Obama as acts of Terror and Hate, while two Connecticut US Senators blamed Congress for no-action against gun lobbies and firearm deaths; however, the cause of the terror and hate has been on-going since Palestine was a Province of Rome – RELIGION.

Throughout history, Hebrew Arabs aka Jews have accumulated great wealth and contributed to the international sciences’ and the advancement of mankind; however, with any fiction, realization of historic truth can cause adverse effects on so many.

Regarding negative actions of Jewish religious fiction, one must look at the activities of Jews in pre-World War II Europe, especially Germany, that enhanced the rage and dislike against European Jews resulting in concentration and labor camps plus the ultimate evil – the NAZI Gas Chambers.

The conclusion should be there are no Master Races or God Chosen People; however, those of Judaism didn’t learn from the Holocaust and are attacking our form of government – a Constitutional Republic.

Our Constitutional Republic form of Government obligates Americans to vote for Americans to represent each state’s Congressional District; however, over the decades, Members of Congress have taken our nation toward a Theocracy Form of Government, as repayment for Zionist money and votes.

Commonwealth of Kentucky polls taken reveal the majority of Kentuckian’s endorse God and other entities ahead of their loyalty to the United States.

Although, the poll questions did not include the following questions:  1. Do you support the State of Israel?  2.  If yes, are you aware of adverse effects your subversion has against the United States and International peace? 3.  Do you care about the number of American and foreign nationals murdered and the seventeen trillion plus debt incurred because of your disloyalty to our Constitutional Republic? 4. Do you advocate changing our country’s form of government from a government of the people to a government governed by male dominated Clergymen?

I suggest should the majority of Kentuckians respond to the four questions above, there response would emphasize generational hand me down religious teachings while ignoring science and true international, especially Middle East, history; the results of the Big Bang started where we are today.

The US Constitutional dictates, with Articles, Sections and Amendments, the reporting date for Members of Congress to report to the National Capitol, the First Monday in December, to conduct the people’s business and then return to their applicable state’s congressional, home, district.

At the legislator’s departure, the President continued his duties as Administrator of Laws and Policies set forth by Congress and, his other duty, as our nation’s Head of State, without interference from legislators.

In 1898, a European man, whose religion was Judaism, formed an international organization called Zionism with the projected goal of establishing a homeland for individuals whose religion was Judaism.

The organization was accepted and became popular, throughout the international community, especially in the United States, where those of Judaism’s financial and domestic actions enhanced, if not created, the Greatest Financial Depression in the history of the United States.

The idea of a State of Israel for American Zionists, during  the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, were disastrous for the American people with such deeds, other than financial,  such as the formation of the Federal Reserve System, the January 23, 1933 Twentieth Amendment to the US Constitution and an attempted coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Let’s look at the three disastrous actions cited:

  1. The primary private owner of the Federal Reserve System is the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.  (A senior member of Rothschild Banking is known for his statement (paraphrasing) “it doesn’t matter who sits on the throne of England, the one that controls the money controls the government, and I control the money.”)
  2. The Twentieth Amendment, in my opinion, revoked a major dictate in the US Constitution addressing the reporting date to the national capitol by the state’s part time legislators.  (Legislators changed from part time employees, representative of the population, to 24/7 legislators.)
  3. The attempted coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in my opinion, was an enlightening realization to congressional members of their ability to commit crimes against the nation without fear prosecution.  (The most recent congressional crime was the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act charging the President to remove the President of Iraq to appease the Israeli government and Zionists.)

Fast forward, May 1948, President Harry S. Truman, along with Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin, Lord Rothschild (Britain’s Money Lender), the British Government’s Balfour Declaration (at the behest of Lord Rothschild), made possible, the United Nation’s (1949) approval of, the Jewish terrorist occupied land of Palestine, as the sovereign State of Israel.

The establishment of the State of Israel and not a separate state of Palestine along-side Israel, per United Nations Resolutions, continues, to date, to be the primary factor for turmoil in the Middle East.

Our country’s different Presidential Administrations and Congressional Sessions veto any United Nations Resolution condemning illegal actions by the State of Israel and the outstanding UN Resolutions/Acts dating back to 1947.

Historically, the Hebrew Arab aka Jews were never a free people and/or a sovereign nation until the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, through their wealth and control of international leaders, made the State of Israel knowing the governments of France, Great Britain and the United States would sustain Israeli.

Returning to pre-state Israel, the historical Roman Province of Palestine was the homeland of multiple Arab ethnic tribes, especially Hebrew Arabs and Palestinian Arabs, and remained so even after a large number of Hebrew Arabs departed Palestine for other Arab countries and nations throughout the international community.

Digressing a bit, Jews came to New Amsterdam, early United States; bringing with them their mythical belief they were God’s Chosen People and using their centuries old usury policies and ability to purchase treasonous acts by Congress, own the US Central Bank and major international and domestic corporations and, equally important, they own the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Moreover, through Jewish/Zionists ownership of the majority of US News and Entertainment Industry, they keep the American people incited by blaming Islamic Fundamentals for international terrorism; however, terrorism began with Hebrew Arabs aka Jews, at the establishment of Judaism.

And, with Jewish and Zionists ownership of publishing houses, the Moral Majority, Christian Broadcasting Network, Theological Ministries and Schools,  and American clergy that do not tell the American people the truth regarding religious events in the Middle East.

Let’s look at murder of the Palestinian charged by Hebrew aka Jews clergy with blasphemy allegedly because he was being identified, as the King of Jews, by specific groups of the population.

From Roman history, a specific group of Jewish clergy ordered the arrest of Jesus, a resident of Northern Galilee, Palestine, which caused the Roman Ruler to leave his seaside villa to travel to Jerusalem to conduct court against Jesus and criminals of the state.

The Roman Ruler had no choice but to order the death of Jesus, as his failure would have created more revolts against Roman rule, which would have instilled disfavor by Rome’s Government.

June 8, 2016, I read a news article regarding Israel’s June 8, 1967 Air and Sea Attack on the USS Liberty on-station in international waters.  Like the Roman Ruler didn’t want to disfavor powerful Romans and money lenders; President Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t want to offend Jewish and Zionist money lenders and voters that could affect his political career.  Johnson’s career meant more than the Americans murdered and wounded plus the salvage of the USS Liberty.

June 10, 2016, I learned Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump was to speak at a FAITH – FREEDOM FORUM and I immediately commented to myself “What does Faith and Freedom have in common?  The answer, in my opinion, is NOTHING.

Google’s definitions of FAITH and FREEDOM:

FAITH – “belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.”  (Dictionary)

Also, “belief in and devotion to God.”  (Dictionary)

Hebrews 11:6 “faith is belief in the one true God without actually seeing Him.”

Arabic FAITH “to affirm something and to comply with it.”

FREEDOM – “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

“Absence of subjection of foreign domination or despotic government.

“the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”

TRUTH  –     “the actual fact or facts about a matter.

I watched a few minutes of Trump’s FORUM Talk but changed channels when he mentioned the security of Israel. (As an American and military retiree, the terrorist state of Israel is the bane on the United States of America.)

July 11, 2016, I read on HUFFPOST POLITICS one of the speakers at the FORUM was GOP Senator David Perdue (R-GA).  He said he prays for Obama: ‘Let His Days Be Few.’

The report continued “the large crowd laughed.”

We learned the Senator’s words were from Psalm 109; a death wish for one of David’s enemies.

As one subject to seventeen years of religious brain washing and shunned; the quote by Senator Perdue is an example of the misuse of the words:  FAITH and FREEDOM.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic governed by the people through elected representatives and is not now or ever a Christian or Judo-Christian Nation.

Yes, of course, there were those in the European Trading Companies claiming persecution based on their religion; however, there was no persecution, only individuals seeking to revise an existing religion and/or start a new religious order such as the Mormons.

The signers of our US Constitution knew the results of foreign religious influence, teachings and domination and warned our countrymen of those individuals that would use whatever means, especially religion, to accumulate power and wealth, without regard to the rights of mankind.

Since becoming a sovereign nation, our non-Americans in power, especially money lenders, failed to enforce Separation of Church and State and denied our educators the authority not to teach from the Bible or some other religious document or to teach the true history and science plus revive PRIDE AND LOYALTY to the United States of America.

A reminder of our need for loyalty and pride presented its on or about June 3, 2016; I was driving behind a SUV, with Veteran Tags, and I spotted a window sticker that read “Our Lives Matter.”  I immediately thought ‘was the sticker because of the thousands of US Military murdered, injured, and forever mentally and physically impaired by toxic exposures to sustain the State of Israel and, with more exploitation of the military, to establish a Greater Israel?

With the establishment of a Greater Israel in reach, unless Americans wake up, the private owners of the Federal Reserve System are in pursuit of a greater evil: “A One World Order with One Religion.’

With the majority Members of the United States Congress being without  honor and integrity and, equally tragic, are the projected  2016 Democrat and Republican Presidential Candidates; who’s employment history, in my opinion, do not show the ability to lead the American people and U.S. Armed Forces.  Both candidates are greedy and seek unlimited power, not the continuation of our Constitutional Republic.

A true American Congress would demand members of both chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate, have no loyalties other than the United States and the American people.  Their said loyalty would result in the termination of the Federal Reserve System; void the Camp David Accords, and all Congressional Resolutions/Acts that assist/support/protect/fund/etc. the State of Israel and, equally demanding, develop an election system that is publically funded with free news media time. (Of course there would be an established monetary and media limit.)

The favorite comeback, against any termination of support for Israel, God will punish the United States; however, from science and real world history, there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

June 12, 2016,  I read an article “JUST A TRICK,” written by Uri Avnery, published on OpEdNews.Com, stating the Jewish exodus from Egypt was false, the Israeli Government doesn’t need the billions of dollars, per the Camp David Accords, as Israel is strong economically, the money is a luxury; however, Israel must retain the United States’ veto power in the United Nations to allow Israel to avoid UN Resolutions condemning Israel’s genocide and the denial of a separate State of Palestine, along side Israel.

And, one of Uri last statement was possible actions by President Obama during the last three months of his administration. A new American President elected and, hopefully, the election of new House of Representative members and replacement of those Senator seeking re-election plus the President may act, for the country, without fear of the Jewish lobby and American Zionists.

If I believed in one of the Gods of Abraham, I would; however, I know no supreme religious exists; the prayer would be for President Obama to recognize the non-voting member of the United Nations – Palestine – as the State of Palestine, promised in 1947.

The ultimate question to Americans:  Why are you accepting the establishment of a country, as a homeland for those of Judaism, who worship an entity or entities that science has proven no involvement in the formation of the universe and our home planet – Earth?

The second question:  Why are Americans denying those of Islam the right to form of a nation based on Judaism but with a few alternations for the Arabian Peninsula population?

To prove me right or wrong, please make the effort to research the truth; the future of the United States of America depends of true, non-hyphenated, single citizenship, secular Americans in Washington, not Trump or Clinton or any member of the current US Congress.

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