Rise Up and Replace Congress

July 5, 2016, we watched the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) inform the American people of Presidential Candidate Hillary R. Clinton’s personal use of a non-government e-mail server during her tenure as the United States’ Secretary of State.

Moreover, the FBI Director stated did not believe a professional prosecutor would bring charges against the former Secretary.

July 7, 2016, the FBI Director was called before a Congressional Committee to answer additional questions regarding his July 5, 2016 national television report to the people.

When asked by a Committee member what punitive actions he would take against an FBI employee emulating Secretary Clinton’s mishandling of classified; his response was in accordance with established government policies and procedures.

Naturally, the Director’s response prompted another subpoena to ascertain if perjury changes could be filed against Clinton.

Regarding to Ms. Clinton’s response to the FBI Director’s statements; the use of a private server was an error and she would not repeat her actions.

In the Strategic Air Command, during my Air Force career, the receipt, internal handling, transfer and destruction of classified material was an awesome responsibility based on, for example:  because one possessed a Top Secret Crypto Clearance didn’t mean automatic transfer or access; there had to be an official need to know the text of the document/message.

Moreover, the document was covered with a card type paper with the classification identified and signature, after recognition, was required.

Aircrew’s classified documents were under different type covers; however, only authorized policy and procedures were followed even though time factors could be a problem.

Violation of SAC’s Policy and Procedures were subject to charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

For crying out loud, the Secretary of State is the most sensitive Cabinet Officer in a Presidential Administration and certainly so under Secretary Clinton.

Congress initiates legislation, the President Signs or Vetoes; whereas, if the legislation evokes foreign policy, then the Secretary of State’s Office becomes the agency that directs:  the United Nations Ambassador,  US Ambassadors abroad, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USAID, and the Department of Defense to take whatever action is necessary to accomplish Congressional Tasking.

Extremely important, individuals employed by Ms. Clinton, the former President or their staff members, using their home server, were reported to have security clearances; however, the right and need to know prevailed.

Digressing a bit, I suspect duties of an American Secretary of State, before the wealthy controlled Congress and the initiation of the Manifest Destiny Policy, did not entail actions the common American would not agree or support.

Should one be interested in the unethical actions directed by a Secretary of State’s Office; a reading of retired Marine General Smedley Butler’s “Wars A Racket” will find what a senior US Military Officer was tasked to retain and acquire contracts, prevent nationalization of US owned companies and overthrow foreign governments, if necessary, that would assure US Manufacturers, US Fruit Companies, Oil and Gas exploration companies access and operational facilities, without regard to the host country.

Equally important, General Butler thwarted a coup by wealthy Americans against President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Fast forward to the 1990s and the 2000s where members of Congress passed Acts and Resolutions, that were in fact Acts of War against a Sovereign Nation or a duly elected President, tasking the President of the United States, through the Secretary of State, to spread democracy throughout the international community, without regard to the indigenous population of countries violated.

Of course, the international news media and Zionist owned US News Media and Entertainment Industry labeled the aggression as “Arab Spring” or some other soothing title to cover the murder and occupation by the United States and Israel.

Of note, on Secretary Clinton’s watch, Congressional Legislation, at the behest of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and Zionists wanted multiple tasks:  1.The Rothschild’s, primary private owner of the US Central Bank, wanted to become the Central Bank of Libya plus the Libyan Government was initiating a Gold standard to replace the US Dollar in international trading, especially in the oil market. 2. Zionists demand Syria incorporated into a Greater State of Israel.  (Israel presently occupies, via force, Syria’s Golan Heights.)

Libya’s President and arch enemy of Israel and certain US Presidential Administrations was murdered by his own countrymen, at the behest of outsiders.

The Rothschild Bank Dynasty became the Central Bank of Libya; whereas, there may be two or three countries remaining that are resisting the take-over of their Central Banks by the Rothschild’s. (No worries, as the Australians say; the US Central Bank’s owners, with the US Military, will soon become Rothschild’s Central Banks.)

Of critical note:  Zionists, with Rothschild guidance, have initiated their plans to take the United States and other NATO nations to war against Russia and China.

Ukrainian Jews want to become part of the European Union instead of the Russian Federation and, unnoticed by most Americans “Russia introduced a Silver Ruble, approved by China, for use in oil & gas transactions instead of US Dollar owned by private bankers.

There were four Americans, including the US Ambassador, murdered in Benghazi, Libya on Secretary Clinton’s Watch from which a movie “13 Hours” was produced and should be screened by Americans before the November 2016 Presidential Election.

A worse situation for the US Military and our allies was the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act that funded and charged the President with the removal of President Saddam Hussein; however, a different US Secretary of State was and is responsible for the continuing deaths of Americans and Iraq’s.  The Secretary should have resigned and sought impeachment charges against President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.

Moreover, President George W. Bush said God told him to remove Saddam Hussein but on another occasion, his response to a news reporter was the Israeli’s wanted Hussein removed.  I accept the later.

First, there had to be a second Pearl Harbor to incite the American people; so came the September 11, 2001 Aerial Attack on the United States.

September 11, 2001, an alleged terrorist group deployed a number of Saudi nationals to fly airliners into pre-selected targets in the Continental United States of America; however, very few Americans know of the arrest of Israelis possessing explosives fleeing the World Trade Center site and another Israeli group joyfully filming the airliner strikes against the World Trade Center structures.

The Israeli’s were released without charges; however, the group filming the air strikes related their mission of Israeli television.  They knew before hand of the air strikes.

As a retired USAF Air Operations Superintendent employed under a US State Department Foreign Sales, contract supervised by special assignment USAF pilots and enlisted, salary and cantonment housing and services provided by a Department of Defense Contractor such as Northrop Aircraft Services (NAS) or McDonnell Douglas Services (MDS), with duty @ King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia; the employer’s mission to train Royal Saudi Air Force Warrant Officers and provide real-time air operations services to the Squadron’s F-15 Eagle Aircraft.

And, with a senior position in the squadron, I met with third country nationals and Saudi military/civilians, and other contractors such as British’s BA&E, Lockheed, Motorola, and multiple other domestic and foreigners required to accomplish my assigned tasks.

Moreover, the Pakistani military were integrated into different vocational areas of the Royal Saudi Air Force and maintained a large military force encampment to assist the Saudi National Guard, if needed.

Regarding the 9/11 Saudi nationals, based on my in-country experience, military expertise, and daily observations of religious adherence; the alleged actions and events, charged against the Saudi nationals and other Arab Nationalists, will not wash.

Printed history reveals, President John F. Kennedy reassigned a four star Army General that presented him a plan to disguise aircraft and bomb a Florida City to incite Congress to go to war against Cuba.   False flag operations are common with unethical people such as Bush and Cheney.

Our nation’s political environment has returned to the day when the minority and proud nationals went forth, with the Declaration of Independence, advising the British Crown, the majority of American Colonists and the international community; “WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION.”

A number of former American Presidents, members of Congress and the general public warned the American people regarding greed and power, by/ in the name of a non-existing religious entities known as the Gods of Abraham but went unheeded.

July 7, 2016, the American people were introduced to a 100 million dollar continuation of the greatest scam against the American people – Noah’s Ark Amusement Center – that clearly violates the Separation of Church and State; however, this fact doesn’t matter, as the politicians and clergy were paid.

Returning to former President Thomas Jefferson one of many warnings (paraphrasing):  “There will be times in our history when the people must rise up and replace their government with a new government.”

Surely, when the Congress of the United States is no longer controlled by true Americans but individuals with dual citizenship, loyalty to a non-existing religious entity and passes legislation to assure the economic and physical security of the State of Israel instead of the United States of American and our countrymen;  THE PEOPLE MUST RISE UP.

In November 2016, replace the incumbents in Congress with true Americans and continue to do so in national elections until the Congress of the United States of America is the government of the people.

With respect, I remain.

LONDON, KY 40744-7071
(606) 862-2713

I seek not your money but support and vote to return the United States of American to the people of the United States.

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