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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, many American youth from Central and Southern United States joined the US Armed Forces, especially the US Air Force, in response to recruiting literature guaranteeing retirement pay and the full range of medical care for the career person and their family; the only stipulation was one must serve for twenty or more years honorably in the US Armed Forces.

As a young Southeastern Kentuckian that questioned generational hand me down religious teachings, life without indoor plumbing, lack of a home television, denied equal state funded education, from single parent home, and realizing rural employment could not provide a comfortable retirement life; nine days after turning seventeen, I enlisted into the US Air Force.

The people elected John F. Kennedy, as President of the United States of America, to succeed President (General of the Army) Dwight David Eisenhower. Unfortunately, the Vice President-elect was Lyndon B. (landslide) Johnson resident of the Great State of Texas.

President Eisenhower, prior to leaving the Presidency, warned the American people of the Military-Industrial Complex imposed by European money lenders responsible for World War I and the US Congress\’ sanctions against Japan and illegal logistic support of the British Commonwealth against the Third Reich.

I wasn\’t impressed with the Kennedy – Johnson Administration but over time, I learned to admire and respect the proposed domestic and foreign policy changes of the young President. Johnson confirmed his lack of integrity.

I saw President Kennedy sitting in the back of his limousine looking depleted and worn while visiting Homestead Air Force Base, FL during the Cuban Crisis. We shared in a Presidential Unit Citation (award) for our exemplary devotion to duty during the crisis.

President Kennedy thanked the Jewish community, especially the Hollywood celebrities, for their monetary contributions and votes making him President of the United States; his thanks included the transfer of defensive missiles to the newly (1949) formed state of Israel.

President Harry S. Truman, Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin, British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur J .Balfour, Lord Walter Rothschild Head of British Zionist Organization and 2nd Baron Rothschild, made possible the establishment of a Zionist State of Israel by the United Nations General Assembly.

At the murder of President Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson became President providing offensive military weaponry that changed the balance of power, in the Middle East, to favor Israel.

Shortly after becoming a sovereign nation, France, Great Britain and Israel defeated Egyptian forces and occupied the Suez Canal. President Dwight David Eisenhower\’s diplomacy brought the tri-nations withdrawal from Egypt.

In 1967, military logistics and weaponry provided Israel by France, Great Britain, and the United States were used by the Israelis to attack Arab neighboring states and, without regret, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the United States Ship Liberty, an intelligence gathering ship on station in International water, by air and sea.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) murdered 34 and wounded 171 American servicemen and the USS Liberty had to be salvaged. President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered air sorties launched from US Carrier to support the liberty to return to their carrier.

Of particular note, Israel, with the assistance of France and illegal assistance from treasonous Americans, became a nuclear power and have continued to threaten their Arab neighbors, with nuclear destruction.

Jimmy Carter, a former peanut farmer and Governor of Georgia became US President, 1977 – 1981, and with the consent of Congress, became the second American President to commit treason, during my lifetime. The first was Harry S. Truman.

Carter\’s treasonous act was \”The Camp David Accords.\”

Besides the billions of dollars annually to Israel and Egypt, the first deaths, 256, of American military deployed under the Camp David Accords occurred at Gander, Canada, at the crash of Arrow Air Flight 1285. The soldiers were returning to Fort Campbell, KY from Peace Keeping Duties in Egypt\’s Sinai.

Americans killed in the Sinai continue; however, the dollar amount has grown dramatically – 4.5 billion dollars annually for the next ten years for Israel, beginning in Fiscal Year 2017. I don\’t know how much is allocated to Egypt.

Of course, the 4.5 billion is only a drop in the bucket because Congress provides hundreds of millions to Israel for special projects such as Israel missile programs and research and development.

The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals to deduct billions of dollars annually under the guise of religion and charity.

But, wait, in 2012, the US Congress passed the United States – Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act. The American people are responsible for the economic and physical security of the State of Israel.

Congress won\’t approve President Obama\’s request for monies required to return our nation to the people, not the demands of the special interest groups, religious zealots, money lenders, in accordance with the foundations of our great nation – the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

The wording on the Statue of Liberty is no longer applicable to the international community. There are no persecuted people only individuals and/or groups creating their own alleged persecution in the name of a non-existing religious entity.

July 16, 2016, I heard a news media person praising the Reagan Administration and one calling the Republican Party the Party of Lincoln, what a joke.

Reagan was a war monger and an unquestionable friend of Israel.

In 1983, Reagan authorized the US Military to support the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and part of Syria. The results were 241 American servicemen killed, 58 French soldiers killed and six civilians in the Beirut bombings and a US Navy sailor murder attempting to revenge the murder of his Druze family by US Naval Ship bombardment.

IDF murdered Palestinians under the leadership of Israeli General Sharon and eventually captured and occupied Syria\’s Golan Heights.

Reagan authorized hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel to start its own aircraft manufacturing industry – the Lavi fighter – In competition against US Aircraft Manufacturers. The aircraft did not become operational.

Reagan\’s ordered invasion of Grenada made possible an outstanding movie starring Clint Eastwood but the published invasion cause was a lie.

Moreover, if we had an American Congress, Reagan would have been impeached or at least sanctioned for his illegal military authorizations. He was no friend of the US Armed Forces or the International community.

President George Herbert Walker Bush ordered the Invasion of Panama at the behest of money lenders and the private owners of the Federal Reserve System. The poor\’s homes on the waterfront were destroyed and replaced with modern facilities; the Panama Army was dissolved and replaced by a civilian police force, the indigenous can\’t afford to reside in Panama City and the United States Navy became the protector of Panama.

The basic rental price for an apartment in Trump\’s Panama Hotel is one million dollars.

We now know how the bankers prospered from Bush\’s invasion by the news media reporting of Panama\’s Banking Industry\’s handling of illegal overseas/off-shore financial accounts.

President GHW Bush, Secretary of State James Baker and General Colin Powell\’s military armada removed Iraqi forces from Kuwait and laid the ground-work for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and 2003 invasion of Iraq.

President William Jefferson Clinton was impeached but not removed by the US Senate; however, he was successful, as Commander In Chief of US Armed Forces, in making Kosovo an independent country but unsuccessful in removing President Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

President Saddam Hussein was still in power and the Israeli Government and Zionists plus the American Oil Industry were not happy; therefore, there had to be a Pearl Harbor False Flag Incident to Incite the American people and the election of an American Presidential Administration without integrity.

The United Supreme Court provided the ability for the Bush – Cheney Administration to administer the laws and policies of the US Congress.

September 11, 2001, our government alleges a group of Arabs in Hamburg, Germany and multiple Saudi nationals visiting the United States overwhelmed our nation\’s military and civilian security agencies, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) by maneuvering airliners in flight that violated the rules of aviation; whereas, flew airliners into structures designed to withstand such strikes and the struck the highly defended US Military Pentagon.

As a retired USAF Air Operations Superintendent, with six years Department of Defense Contract experience training Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) Warrant  Officers in the Air Operations Career Field and assisting RSAF F-15 aircrew members, rated from basic to test pilot, with their aviation standardization and evaluation proficiency requirements coupled with the advantage of sharing a joint use military cantonment area plus observing the religious habits of RSAF personnel; no RSAF pilot would kill himself in the name of religion.

Regarding the airliner striking the Pentagon, the allegation will not wash.

ABC\’s Martha Raddatz reported half of the 2.5 million military personnel deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq have filed disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. All the lives chattered because members of Congress wanted to appease their monetary donors to remain in power.

Now to the political campaign to replace Kentucky\’s incumbent US Senator and deny Lexington\’s Mayor election to the important office of protecting State\’s Rights and defending the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic which leads to my candidacy:

Unfortunately, there is a major flaw in my candidacy with the Kentucky Secretary of State\’s Office that oversees state\’s elections which was surprising. I recall the Secretary of State, prior to another national election, traveling to the Middle East to assure Kentucky\’s sons and daughters were able to vote absentee in lieu of voting in the United States.

The alleged flaw: I am a Write-In Candidate, Socialist Democrat, and, in accordance with Kentucky State Law, Write in Candidates have until a specific date in October to register their candidacy even though the national election is November 8, 2016; therefore, poses a burden on the Secretary of State\’s Office.

I personally do not see a problem as we live in the 21st Century and the US Military has the capability to meet and exceed any communication systems involved in absentee voting and the transmission of same to the applicable state\’s Board of Elections.

The State\’s Election Board may address applicable information on all candidates at receipt to the Military\’s Election Officer, at each member\’s military assignment, and, in turn, the Election Officer will guarantee due process.

The 2016 National Election is important to all Americans, especially members of the US Armed Forces, as Congress is attempting to change their military retirement, reduce pay and benefits, privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs and treat the military in accordance with Henry Kissinger\’s statement, \”Military Are Stupid Animals and Foreign Policy Pawns.”

I am not stupid nor was I a foreign policy pawn. Yes, I adhered to my oath of defending the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and at any time, command wandered from said Constitution, I reminded the authority. If I had been in any military service other than the US Force, I may have had a problem but with the Strategic Air Command, I was only following
guidance from my superiors.

Without an American Congress, illegal wars will continue and the Rothschild\’s/Rockefellers will soon have their One World Government and One Religion envisioned during a Rothschild Congress of Vienna, September 1814 to June 1815, disrupted by the TSAR of Russia.

There should be enough former military throughout the United States and their families to return our Congress to the people – A Constitutional Republic.

With respect, I remain.


Important assignments: Project 404 and The Joint Casualty Resolution

209 Autumn Drive, London, KY 40744-7072, (606) 862-2713,

I seek no monetary donations just vote, in your applicable states, to make the United States of America the land of one people, no royalty, no chosen people, or any entity that would affect a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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