There Are No Gods of Abraham!

As a reminder, our country\’s form of government is a Constitutional Republic with three separate but equal branches of the Federal Government: the
Legislative, the executive and the Judicial. However, the most important part of this equation is the people are the government of the United States, not a Monarch, a Pope, an Imam, a collective board of Rabbis and/or Chosen People.

Initially, the people elected representatives from their State\’s Congressional Districts for part time employment in the National Capitol as members of the Federal Legislative Branch.

The representative\’s primary purpose was to protect State\’s Rights which would result in the prosperity and security of the United States of America.

Members of the US House of Representatives are elected every two years and after Congressional altering, US Senators are elected every six years.

The Initial part time reporting date for members of Congress was the First Monday in December. Although, not part time, the 2016 Congressional
Session number of days is 111 days. A few years past, the total was 96 or 98 days.

Their pay was $6.00 per day per diem; however, today, the average annual pay minus benefits is approximately $175,000.00.

Congressional pay fluctuated for a number of years for House Members and Senators ranging from per diem to a fixed annual salary, the standardized fixed salary began in 1855.

Members of the US Senate felt they were senior to the members of the US House of Representatives, due to their recall to ratify treaties, etc., but
resolved by equality in annual salaries and lucrative benefits.

Every four years, the people elect the President and Vice President of the United States. The President is the Administrator of Congressional Legislation and Head of State. The Vice President\’s primary duty, until the death or impairment of the President, was his vote In the US Senate, if required.

The Justices of the US Supreme Court are lifetime appointees, by the President and confirmed by the US Senate, whose Constitutional tasking is to
assure the Legislative and Executive Branches do not exceed their Constitutional Authority or violate the dictates of the US Constitution.

Allegedly, the system didn\’t work as alleged by the Supreme Court decision against President Andrew Jackson regarding his relocation of Native
Americans and Jackson\’s response \”the Supreme Court didn\’t have an Army.\”

Two overwhelming Supreme Court failures, in my opinion, are: \”Bush-Gore\” and \”Citizens United.\”

I suspect one of the greatest Congressional failures, which may or may not been on purpose, was legislating federal funding or Federal National
Elections, at the rise of unethical national political parties and after 1898, Zionism.

Newly elected President and Vice President of the United States, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson thanked the Zionist Community for their
monetary donations and votes by changing the balance of power in the Middle East to favor Israel.

Then President Jimmy Carter and his Camp David Accords, confirmed by the United States Senate, took the United States down the road to destruction, based on non-existing Gods of Abraham.

The Camp David Accords resulted in thousands of US Military deaths, injuries, and toxin exposures plus greater carnage and crimes against the Middle East Indigenous plus the billions of initial dollars grown to 4.5 billion dollars, fiscal year 2017, for ten years, not counting the untold billions of dollars to Israel allowed by the US Internal Revenue Service should be utilized to finance our national elections, return to the discipline of the US Constitution and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Throughout the history of the United States our Ieaders have emphasized the importance of science and scientific achievement that made possible a round trip and landing on the moon plus the daily findings from the Hubble Space Telescope, manned and unmanned space devices and instruments that confirmed the true formation of the universe and the probability of life elsewhere in the uncharted regions outside our solar system.

And, yet, we have politicians from both the Democrat and Republican Parties that use ancient religious myths handed me down for generations for their own illicit advantage while knowing or should know there are no Gods of Abraham.

Moreover, the July opening of Noah\’s Ark Amusement Center in Kentucky is the best example of politicians, especially Kentucky\’s Governor, General
Assembly and the Commonwealth\’s Washington delegation, pandering to the religious community to assure their political tenures or the ones they seek.

I lived and worked on a Royal Saudi Air Force Air Base Cantonment for six plus years plus travelled throughout the Kingdom, vacations in Egypt, working with Iraqi and Pakistani Aircrews, day to day association with third country nationals from throughout Muslim nations and a disgusting stop in the State of Israel (accompanied with my 2 year 4 month old son) and, without a doubt, Islam and Arabs are not our enemies but those of Judaism – Europeans converted to Judaism. The Rothschild Banking Dynasty owns 80% of Israel.

I will wager any American military veteran that had the opportunity to visit, not murder, pillage and occupy, such cities as Baghdad, UR, and other
historical site In Iraq, they would immediately confess; Noah\’s Ark was not constructed In Iraq nor was the world\’s population relocated from Babel.

Zionists own and control the International community’s news media, entertainment agencies and publishing and publication houses; whereas, you
believe just as reported In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

And, the most disgusting and unacceptable narrative from childhood and today, July 24, 2016, as a native of Laurel County Kentucky, is the murder of a Palestinian named Jesus.

For the record, it was a specific Hebrew Arab ethnic group that instructed their followers to arrest the Palestinian Jesus for blasphemy. The same Hebrew leadership was responsible for the Roman\’s ruler departing his sea side villa to attend the trial of Jesus in Jerusalem. (It was standing operating policy throughout the Roman Empire to allow indigenous leaders to participate in the day to day maintenance of the civilian community which was the case in Jerusalem.) Had the Roman ruler not concurred with Hebrew demands; more Arab revolts would become a reality throughout the Roman Province of Palestine.

From Judaism came Christianity and Islam all based on an Arab\’s conversation with an unseen entity.

This American swore an oath to defend the US constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic; whereas, I will defend the Constitution\’s First Amendment, with my life, but I take aggressive response to those that use religion to subvert this great nation of the United States of America.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
LONDON, KY 40744-7071
(606) 862-2713


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