Candid Opinion: I’m a United States Citizen. Are You?

Sadly, I will begin with the words of many stories: “In the beginning…” However my beginning dates back billions of years to the Big Bang Theory, where according to the scientific community, a great explosion occurred whereas from said explosion masses bonded and created our solar system. But, wait, the new solar system was just another system of planets, moons, stars , and other masses added to the already existing billions ( +) to the skies/vast universe above our solar system.

After I was medically retired from the Department of Veterans,with a military service connected disability rating of one hundred percent, I, like most United States citizen, wanted to known my ethnic heritage. In this light, I had the opinion based on my experience in the US Air Force that was recorded by Operation Book, Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) program that the Bible was a fraud, especially the Adam & Eve Story, Noah’s Ark and Flood, and the relocation of populations at the Tower of Babel. After retirement, I moved back to my Military Home of Record – Laurel County, Kentucky, and established a home whereas from said home I searched the Internet, corresponded with the Cherokee Nation Headquarters in Oklahoma and traveled to an Cherokee Indian Nation Museum in North Carolina.

At the Indian Nation Museum, I purchased booklets which the author had recorded Europeans that had married a Native United States resident and, equally important, I watched a Cherokee produced filmĀ  that show the evolution of our planet Earth into the planet we reside today. For example, the film showed the billions of years where our planet cooled, water formed on the surface, land began to from in the waters, the separation of the land areas, and finally, the arrival of life on the planet. Simply amazing.

Earlier in the month of October, I read the results of NASA’s seven year probe that rocks and soil from the surface of an asteroid racing through space. The samples revealed the presence of Carbon, Nitrogen and Water which are “The Building Blocks of Life.”

On or about October 6, 2023, while researching the Internet I came across an article “Scientist Find Structure Older than Humanity.” To this end, the researchers wrote, the builders of the cited structure were primate species that evolved into homo sapiens – you and I.

Note: The 1978 World Book section on “PREHISTORIC MAN’ is the ideal book to learn about your true ancestors which were not the alleged Adam & Eve in the Bible.

From the Bible, we learned, during our seventeen years of religious brainwashing, the presence of aliens in the history of the Middle East however in the Bible they were identified as fallen angles.

And, in our country’s (the United States) history, we learned of aliens previously residing and visiting our planet. Today, I not sure on alien residents but am certain of the visitation by aliens and the soon arrival of a diplomatic delegation from an Alien Civilization.

Digressing, I quoted in a previous blog, the 1978 World Book Publication, the definition of Semite which simply in my own words. In the nine hundreds b.c.e., Hebrews left their homeland in present day Iraq, to travel, like modem day Mormons to spread their religion. However the Hebrew’s goal was to end the belief in multiple Gods and instill the mindset of one God. For example, on may recall religious brainwashing sessions in eastern Kentucky or the Red States where we were forced to listen to the untruths about Abraham the Hebrew who, at a single God’s direction, departed present day Iraq with his clan to travel to the land of Palestine (Canaan for the Hebrews) to forcefully take the land of Palestine and force Abraham’s one God on the population. Abraham’s quest failed but the effort has continued for almost six thousand years.

Fast forward to 1898, a rich member of a powerful European banking dynasty funded and directed the establishment of Zionism, an organization’s whose goal was to establish a homeland for those of Judaism; since nine hundred b.c.e, the Hebrews became Jews then Israeli Jews. In England and the British Empire, another member of the same European Banking Dynasty used his wealth and power with the British Empire’s Foreign Minister (Balfour) to establish the Jewish Homeland in British occupied Palestine. The United Nations agreed with Balfour’s proposal however a White Paper had been added to establish a Palestine Homeland alongside the Jewish Nation State in Palestine. In 1949, after the Hebrews’ (aka Jews’ / aka Israelis’) Crimes Against Humanity against the Palestinian People and the bribes and intimidation by the US President Harry S. Truman’s Administration, the United Nations General Assembly agreed to make Israel a member of the United Nations; a member nation in the international community. A JEWISH NATION STATE WAS ESTABLISHED BUT A PALESTINIAN HOMELAND HAS BEEN DENIED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND THE CURRENT PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION HEADED BY JOSEPH R. BIDEN.

Approximately two years past, I sued President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer to cease in denying Palestinian statehood. I received no response from Pelosi, McConnell, or Schumer but Biden’s Office sent me a letter stating President Biden sought a Palestinian State under the United Nations 1867 Framework. The Federal Court rejected my lawsuit.

This past Saturday, October 14, 2023, the Arab Organization known as Hamas, rulers of Gaza for the past seventeen years, made a surprise attack against the State of lsrael which are the occupiers of Palestine. Naturally, President Biden is en route to Israel, with a US Military Force of approximately 50,000 personnel and the most modern military force in international history to assure his 2024 Presidential Election victory. (Support by the Jews and Christian Traitors assure a victory. Biden has been using religion for the last forty plus years to remain in Washington, DC.)

Note: Gaza is the homeland of approximately 2.3 million different Arab ethnic tribes forced on to the 25 mile long and approximately 5 – 7 miles wide disputed piece of land. On one side of Gaza is a large sea and on the other is the terrorist nation of Israel who is in violation of multiple United Nations Resolutions regarding Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Unfortunately seventeen years past, the people of Gaza elected the Hamas Political Party to govern instead of remaining with the United Nations recognized Palestinian Fatah Party headed by President Abbas. The West Bank and East Jerusalem are governed by the Fatah Party. The Israeli’s have cut off all power, water, entry of welfare and health care into the besieged land plus sadly, today, October 18, 2023, we just learned the United States just vetoed a United Nations plan to establish a pause in the conflict to allow humanitarian assistance into Gaza.

Monday, October 16, 2023, MSNBC anchor and host of The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow, just published and released her new book “PREQUEL” for sale and wish her the best in the sale of same however I take great exception of the old Rachel Maddow and the new Rachel Maddow of the last year. In the past, I respected Ms. Maddow for her courage to bring major subjects such as Voting Rights, LBGQT, Equality, Abortion, Fascism, the traitor Donald (DUCK) John Trump and the traitors in the Republican Party. However, in the last year, her television program has become more pro-Israel & pro-Judaism to the point that Judaism is above the United States Constitution. To me, address yourself as a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any other religion as your nationality is not Constitutional. If you don’t want to honor and respect the United States and the Stars Stripes Flag of the United states then you should, in my opinion, become a registered resident, unable to vote or receive benefits from the United States, or leave the United State to a land where the government is a Theocracy.

Having been employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for six years and approximately four months, we learned most Muslims’ religious beliefs come from a grandparent or relative just like in the United States. True history and science prove that there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.


Note: The US Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees the right to worship. However the Constitution does not guarantee the right to support a religious entity or entities such as the Gods of Abraham through force, intimidation, bribes, or whatever the modes to destroy international governments and then impose the Gods of Abraham dictates, policies, beliefs, etc on the captured population of the international community. THE DESTRUCTION OF INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENTS IS THE POLICY OF THE GOD’S OF ABRAHAM.

Equally important, the Constitution prescribes that the federal government will in no way support religions and/or select one religion above the others. For example, I suggest the ability of the Israeli Government to conscript and maintain an Israeli Reserve Military Force in the United States is not Constitutional. To this end, the Jewish Nation State of Israel, as of the Hamas attack, have activated and deployed the Jewish Reserve Force in the United States to the War In Israel.

Returning to Ms. Maddow; I wish she would end her racist and apparent hate against the Arab ethnic tribesmen residing in occupied Palestine and return to securing Constitutional Rights to those United States citizens that are truly restricted in some manner or fashion. However. I would be amiss if I didn’t add that per the United States Constitution the federal government is not obligated to provide food, health, shelter, etc to citizens of the United States; whereas the responsibility for your welfare belongs to you or a family member or support organization but not the United States Government.

Our form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy or a true democracy and especially a socialist nation. But wait! Socialist program and for those receiving unearned benefits must be addressed by a United States Constitutional Committee.

The young first time voters and Constitutional loyal citizens must rise up a the ballot boxes/voting booths in 2024 and forward until such time we have replaced the Republican and Democrat traitors to the United States. Sadly, in my opinion, both Donald (DUCK) John Trump and Joseph R, Biden meet the definition of traitor based on their attempts in remain in power In Washington, DC. Both must go. Surely, there are two honest, loyal and defenders of the Constitution willing to administer the laws, regulations, directives, treaties, etc. set forth by the Legislative Branch of the United States Federal Government. Also, likewise the people must find individuals of integrity and loyalty to the US Constitution for the people’s representatives in the US House of Representatives and US Senate.


With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the United States Constitution


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