Snakes In The Grass

First, I will add definitions to “Snake in the Grass” as most readers, if any, never heard the cited adage:

“One who feigns friendship with the intent to deceive.”

“A sneaky and despised person.”

“An underhanded, stealthily treacherous individual.”

“A person who pretends to be your friend but who can not be trusted.”

“They are false because they pretend to be your friend while actually harming you.”

Growing up in Laurel County, Kentucky, during the 1940s & 1950s, you frequently heard individuals called “Snake in the Grass” and/or another vulgar name which I want elaborate. Sadly, since returning home to Laurel County in 2021, I found the same families known as Snake in the Grass then appear, in my opinion, to warrant the same title today. However, my definition of the individual and families is more harsh; they are dead beats and parasites on the United States. However the worst part, in my opinion, they identify themselves as Christians or Jews. Not many Muslims, in any, in Laurel County.

Second, a quote from a World Book explaining the meaning of Semite: “is a member of a group that speaks one of the Semitic languages. The ancient Hebrews, Assyrians, Phoenicians, and Carthaginians were Semites. The Arabs and some Ethiopians are present-day Semitic speaking peoples.”
Semitic people gave the world the idea of One God. They started three great religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the religion of the Moslems. The world also is indebted to a Semitic people – the Phoenicians — for developing and simplify the alphabet. The greatest literary achievements of the Semites are the Bible; the Talmud, or code of Jewish laws; and the Koran, the sacred book of Moslems.

Most Semitic-speaking peoples are of the Mediterranean race. Jews were once a sub-type of this race, but they have mixed with other peoples until the name Jew has lost all racial meaning. Hebrew, which is the traditional language of the Jews, is a Semitic language, and Jews are sometimes called Semites. The term anti-Semite (hatred of the Jews) comes from the name.

Note: Not in the World Book but learned from different Internet sources: Anti-Smite was developed in 1880 Germany following the expansion of a German Empire by Chancellor Bismark.

The so-called “Semitic Nose” is a trait inherited from people who lived in Armenia and the Iranian Plateau. Typical present-day Semites include such people as the Bedouins of Northern Arabia and the Himyarites of South Arabia.”

The subject, in my opinion, is applicable to the following top three US President Traitors and reasons thereof, in my opinion: Donald (DUCK) John Trump, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph R. Biden.

DONALD (DUCK) JOHN TRUMP: He has no idea of what it means to be a citizen nor the true history of the United States His grandfather, a German draft dodger, and father, a man of questionable business dealings in New York City real estate where I would never live or visit because of their lack of respect for the United States (I do have respect for individuals from upstate New York that worked for me during my military career) made the fortune and major property dealings prior to the birth of the DUCK. After the DUCK began his own business career, Fred Trump, the Duck’s father, had to bail the future US President out of multiple failed business ventures. Also, per. Attorney Michael Cohen, the DUCK intended to remain in office for twelve years and from said years increase his wealth and stature both domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, in the four years the DUCK was in the White House, he destroyed the 1947 United Nation’s peaceful two state solution between the Palestinians & other ethnic Arab and Semite tribesman plus the Hebrews, who introduced the fictional GOD OF ABRAHAM and from which said lies and myths came Judaism, along with their converts to Judaism, in the ancient land of Palestine. (Of course, the Hebrews were the responsible parties for the other two GODS OF ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS known as Christianity and Islam.) Also, the DUCK violated United Nations Resolutions and US Foreign Policy by moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, diplomatic announcing to the international community that Israel was the legal owners of Syna•s Golan Heights and ordered the assassination of an Iranian Member of Government and General resulting in 109 US military personnel suffering Traumatic Brain Damage and, oh, placing US National Guardsmen in Syria to steal Syrian oil. However, the cited illegal acts by the DUCK was a short list; the worst traitor9s act against the United States Constitution and the people of the United States was his planned execution to deny transfer of Presidential Authority to the newly elected Democrat candidate for the US Presidency – former US Senator & Vice President of the United States – Joseph R. Biden. He attempted to vacate the people’s vote.

HARRY S. TRUMAN: A typical Missouri resident raised by a strong willed Christian Zealot mother who brainwashed young Truman, like herself had been brainwashed by her mother or other relative, from hand me down religious teaching about an fictional GOD OF ABRAHAM repeated for almost six thousand years without anyone of stature every questioning the lies and untruths plus the untold number of murders, destruction and harm to civilization because of said falsehoods. At adulthood, Truman and his close childhood friend and later business partner were drafted to serve overseas during World War I. After the War Truman and his friend opened a clothing store which proved to be unsuccessful. Truman entered into politics and eventually became, during one of Rooseve1t•s multiple presidential administrations, one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice Presidents. At Roosevelt’s death, Truman became President, however his assumption to the Presidency on his own merit was in doubt as Governor Dewey held a tremendous lead in the polls plus Truman lacked money and a viable campaign. Alas, the Jewish community saved the day which produced Truman•s great US Train Campaign. Truman Won. After his victory, Truman quickly recognized the Hebrew aka Jewish terrorist’s successful attack and occupation of the peaceful land known as Palestine as future Jewish Nation State of Israel. But wait, the treason against the people of the United States and the Palestinians wasn’t over; Truman directed his cabinet officials and the willing to use whatever mode necessary to force United Nations Ambassadors to recognize Israel as a member of the United Nations. The United Nations announced statehood for Israel in 1949. (Unfortunately, every US Presidential Administration and Congress Session since Truman’s TREASON have denied the Palestinian people a homeland along the state of Israel.)

Note: Truman knew of the murder, rape of 700,000 Palestinian dislocations into refugee camp and homeless conditions as the results of the 1947 -1948 Jewish terrorist attacks against the Palestinians but did nothing to help or assist the Palestinians. In October 2023, we can’t watch Cable News without hearing from Biden and the pundits on how bad Hamas, an Arab questionable militant faction, of the Palestinian people have treated the illegal occupiers of Palestine, during their surprise attack on the occupiers. Wow! not once, have I heard nor read of the plight of the Palestinians from the 1947-1948 attacks by Hebrew aka Jews aka Israeli terrorist, settlers, and native born Jews in Palestine. Truman, in my opinion, was typical of the so­-called religious community in the United States then and today that use the Gods of Abraham scam to fleece the people of our great nation. The Constitution outlaws religious preference but the politicians take the bribes to remain in power regardless of the crimes against humanity and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

.JOSEPH R. BIDEN: I’ve never paid much attention to Biden, during his almost fifty years in Washington government service however comments made by Biden since the surprise attack against Israeli by Hamas have prompted a closer look at his government service. For example, his religion is allegedly Catholic from sights on television, domestically and international, where he makes the Catholic Cross gestures on unannounced occasions such as when he visited a Shoot down Marker in Hanoi near where US Navy Aviator John McCain was captured following an airstrike against targets in North Vietnam. To this end, I am confused as it was the Hebrews that arrested and charged the alleged Palestinian Jesus with crimes against the Hebrew’s God and transported Jesus to the Roman leader for Judicial Action. The Judicial response by the Roman leader was without doubt as he not order the death of Jesus then the Hebrews would have increased their revolts in Jerusalem whereas the leaders in Rome would have been disappointed. I sure Biden based on his decades of power and positions in the US governments, he knows there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM and that power attainment in Washington is based on the bribes each party receives from the religious community therefore be dammed the prosperity and security of the United States nor the crimes against humanity imposed by those of Judaism in occupied Palestine. Also, digressing a bit, I do recall Biden’s misuse of authority against Ms Anita Hill in the selection of an unfit, unethical candidate for the US Supreme Court – Clarence Thomas. Yes, I voted for Biden in 2020 because I didn’t want Donald (DUCK) John Trump to be re-elected. In the 2024 Presidential Election, I hope there is a third party candidate or the current Governor of California. I may have to sit out the 2024 election due to the lack of US citizens seeking the Presidency.
I’m glad. I don’t have many years of life remaining and so sorry for the future generations of US citizens being brainwashed by the parents or grandparents to believe in the GODS OF ABRAHAM. It’s too bad said parents can’t be charged with child abuse today and when I was brainwashed.

If anyone has read my blogs over the past many months, they read I declared without question: NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

Yesterday, October 11, 2023, I received, via the Internet, the results of a seven year space probe that recovered soil and rock samples from an asteroid heading toward earth. Alas, I am a happy camper, the results: “NASA reveals historic asteroid sample — and it contains key building blocks of life.” As a layman but a well researched Air Operations Superintendent and Defender of the US Constitution, the results confirm there were no: Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark and Flood and Tower of Babel’s relocation of the population. If you want to provide a prospers and secure United States, then end the lies about religion and make your efforts of one people a reality to confirm the US Constitutional Republic into the future.

Thank you.

With respect, I remain,

Billy Ray Wilson

Defender of the US Constitution

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