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There are a number of emergent actions that must be taken by the United States Congress to assure the physical and economic security of the United States of America. The failure to correct the treasonous actions by the Congress of the United States and the White House occupants since May 1948 has brought our nation (twice)to the brink of monetary bankruptcy, a continuous military or political turmoil in the Middle East, and Americans being denied their right for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As Americans, we have heard the saying the United States is the Melting Pot of all races, religions and ethnic cultures. To this, I am in agreement. However, individuals whose religions are Judaism and the literal believers of the Old Testament have led our nation away from being a nation where one’s religion was a private relationship between a believer and their religious entity in to an aggressive political tool and subversive.

Moreover, Judea-Christians (Zionist) control national elections through their expertise in getting voters to the voting centers and their massive expenditures to the media. These methods have succeed in electing individuals to the U.S. Presidency since 1948 and the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate that are pro-Israel. For some reason the incumbent strays from supporting Israel, he or she becomes a one term incumbent. President Jimmy Carter and President George H.W. Bush are living examples of Zionist power.

As a Deist, I have the same belief as Thomas Jefferson and a number of our country’s founders in that the Creator formed the universe but allows nature to control the day to day events of the universe. On earth, it is man that builds and multiplies in the physical form while mother nature cares for the earth’s functions such as the weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. I am an American first and foremost.

One may ask what is wrong with the election of an individual that is versed in the religious teachings that many older Americans believe were the foundation of our great nation?

The logical answer: the United States was not founded as a Theocracy Government but a Constitutional Republic. However, the worst case scenario, which exists, it that the Judea-Christian dominance elect American leaders that bide by the wishes of the religious community. To this end, the invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq was, allegedly, the will of God according to former President George W. Bush. (Bush approved 30 billion dollars over the next 10 years prior to leaving office.) But, always a but, maybe the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act approved by Congress and signed by former President William Jefferson Clinton dictated the removal of Saddam Hussein. Could the approved liberation act be the true driving force for the illegal war?

Please do not take what I have written in the wrong way. I do not care what entity you worship or not worship. What I do take exception is the attempts by the religious community to pursue the advancement of their religion outside their homes or structures built for the purpose of religious studies and/or organized church functions in to the political affairs of our country.

There are more than 300 million Americans of which more and more each day are questioning the domestic and foreign policy actions in the name of God. We need to return to U.S. Constitution and Amendments thereto as the source of our government’s foundation.

In reference to domestic policy, the internet columnist and pundits inform us actions of the U.S. Congress, in my cases, are not for Americans but hyphenated Americans. For example: (1) California has a greater diversity than most states except for maybe New York state. Too this end, California’s Washington delegation are the protectors, both economic and physical security, of the state of Israel. (Representative Tom Lantos, CA, should have charged with TREASON because of this acts against the United States in favor of Israel.) The next level of representation would be to the Mexican community. No not the Hispanic American but Mexicans. The Black American community would follow the Hispanic American. The White Anglo-Saxon’s environment are the least concerns of California politicians. (2) Arizona because of its large Hispanic population, members of Congress ignore the laws of the United States regarding immigration. Failure to side with the illegal residence or families of the illegal would mean the loss of their Congressional seat. (3) New York and New Jersey’s politicians are in step with the California delegation. (4) Florida’s Congressional delegation caters to Zionist and individuals of Cuban ancestry. The national delegations need to be replaced with Americans that understand the dictates of the U.S. Constitution. The United States belongs to all Americans, not just Zionist.

As a United States Senator, one term, I will seek to force on the Senate floor, acts that bring about secure borders and common sense immigration polices that would allow Mexican workers in to the United States.

There would be legislation that would force those employers that hire Mexican laborers to pay for their stay in the United States including all medical bills and school taxes. A child born in the United States would not receive an automatic American citizenship as the individual was a contracted worker, not an immigrant to the country.

Yes, the Commonwealth has its share of illegal individuals but not to the amount our state’s judicial system can not manage, should the state desire.

The true danger to our state’s employment and health care system are the influx of individuals from outside the Commonwealth and, of course, our generational welfare recipients.

Kentucky’s generational welfare situation could easily be corrected but to do so would require the election of state officials that would rebuke the religious community. God has not and will not provide monetary instruments, health care, education, etc.

Kentuckians pay for married and single women to become pregnant. Following delivery, the state pays for milk and other baby essential products for the child. Next comes assistance in paying for baby sitters. Oh, of course, too many of the women are receiving some type government monetary subsistence and quite probably a Medicaid card. (From observation, one find the mothers of many children on welfare: smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, take vacations to the Bahamas, Dollywood, etc.)

Why not teach sexual educations in school and distribute birth control devices at schools, county medical facilities and private doctor offices. The adult will exist at or below poverty level. The child will be mentally abused by having to eat free meals at school and/or the school provide back pack of food for the weekends. A child knows their environment.

Oh, I’m not letting the father off the hook. The best way to solve this problem is for a judge to order the father whether married or out of wedlock to care for their child. If the economy is in a depression or recession, suggest to the father to enlist into the military or some other government employment program. The child should receive a well rounded environment.

As a well versed individual of the international community, I know of no member country in the United Nations that persecutes an individual or individuals because of their religious beliefs. Yes, if the individual or individuals create domestic turmoil by their claim they are God’s Chosen People or their God is greater than the God of the majority, then naturally, the host government must take action.

In London, Kentucky, Jewish leaders have established a shelter for the transients and a relocation office to assist in their movement to Israel or occupied Palestine. Naturally, while they are in the tri-county area they receive some type of federal monetary subsistence. Some even take jobs away from the indigenous Kentuckian.

Right away a reader may say Wilson is a racist, anti-Semite or some other demeaning word. To this situation, the following is a well researched conclusion regarding the Hebrews (Jews) of Palestine and Mesopotamia to the Jews of New York City, Los Angeles, Miami:

1. Jew is a term to identify a person whose religion is Judaism.

2. Jew is not a nationality.

3. History reveals the Hebrew tribe were one tribe of many of the Arab tribes in Palestine and Mesopotamia. (Recent DNA studies reveals the Palestinian and the Israeli (Hebrew) came from the same paternal lineage.)

4. There was never a sovereign state of Israel until 1948. Yes, there were two Kingdoms, Samaria and Judea, claimed to be governed by the Hebrews. However, the true power was the Roman Empire. (During his time in power, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon always made reference to Samaria and Judea. Never did he call the former kingdoms – Israel.)

5. Jesus’ Mother Mary was allegedly a Hebrew which by Jewish custom made Jesus a Hebrew (Jew). His race would still be Arab.

6. From the days of the alleged Abraham the Hebrew (Jew), the Jew traveled from one land area to another for whatever the reason without regard to the owner of the land. (Such was the Hebrews transgression a plant was named the Wandering Jew.) While in the occupied area, they never assumed the nationality of the host country but instead remained a Hebrew (Jew).

7. Zionism is the belief that individuals whose religion is Judaism are God Chosen People. As God’s People there must be a country established for Jews.

8. According to religious teaching, the God of Abraham is the God for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Too me, this is confusing and frustrating. Confusing in that how can, say for instance, Christians ask God to Bless America, Jews ask God to destroy the Palestinians, and the Muslims ask God to move Jews from Palestine. Frustrating in that Americans and the indigenous of the Middle East are dying and being injured in the name of a God who wears three hats.

9. For a few minutes let us examine terrorism. For those individuals that take the Old Testament literally let us look at:

A. The mythical figure Moses allegedly told his sons, family members, and fellow Jews to go into Canaan (Palestine) and kill all human life, except for virgins, and occupy their land in the name of the God of Moses. The virgins were to be returned to Shiloh.

B. The alleged actions of a Jewish woman named Esther, Mordecai’s cousin, who married the Persian King Ahasuerus. For a period of time, King Ahasuerus did not know his wife was Jewish until because of an order by the King to kill all Jews Esther came forward. The order was rescinded. (This incident is but one that identifies the cruelty, if true, by the different Jewish tribes and Persians. Today, we see the opposite in the Middle East. Jews wants the United States military to attack which would lead to an all out war so the state of Israel can posses their nuclear inventory and occupy more Arab land, even maybe going into Iran.)

C. In 1967, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked their Arab neighbors to acquire more land, water resources, access to the sea, etc. During their attacks, IDF attacked the USS Liberty on station in international waters with by air and sea forces. The Liberty had to be salvaged, U.S. personnel were killed and wounded. There was no provocation by the United States Ship. (President Lyndon B. Johnson recalled Navy carrier aircraft launched to support the Liberty while she was under attack.)

D. President Ronald Reagan dispatched U.S. Marines to Lebanon in the 1980s following the invasion of Lebanon by Israeli Defense Forces. When the U.S. became active with military action against the Druze and other Lebanon tribes, the U.S. Embassy Compound was attacked resulting in the killing and wounding of a large number of U.S. Marines and other personnel assigned.

E. The aerial attack on the United States on September 11, 2001 was the results of United States unlimited support of the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli and at the time, U.S. Forces stationed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden, an extremely religious and wealthy Saudi national and his Arab brothers, declared war on the United States.

Bin Laden alerted the White House to his organizations pending actions. The civilian targets were the Jewish areas of New York City, the structure housing the armed forces leadership, the Pentagon, and the Capitol of the United States housing the U.S. Congress. Had Bin Laden’s attack succeed, President Bush could have succeeded, where his great grandfather and other Wall Streets executives failed, in a coup attempt against President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On May 1, 2010, Mr. Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American was suspect in a possible act of terrorism against the United States. He was born into a wealthy Pakistani family. His father was a Vice Air Marshall (two star U.S. Air Force General) in the Pakistani Air Force. After retirement for the Pakistani Air Force his father was a senior member of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Pakistan. Mr. Shahzad lived the life of a westerner with the best education and employment opportunities.

Based upon my knowledge of the Pakistani elite and their personal conviction of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, plus the occupation of Palestinian land, I do not believe Mr. Shahzad intended to explode a weapon in a Jewish section of New York City.

He voiced to his captors and the news media, his concern for NATO drones killing innocent citizens in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apparently, Mr. Shahzad knew of the purchase of Israeli manufactured drones by NATO forces in Afghanistan that are used against Arabs of the region. (Israeli Americans departed the United States as they did in the 1920s and 1930s for Israel or Palestine. In Israel or occupied Palestine, they are starting up new corporations and manufacturing facilities that should have been built in the United States.)

And, it is my understanding, Mr. Shahzad voiced his concern and anger over our country’s support for the country of Israel. Sadly, Mr. Shahzad failed to understand, the American news media is a subversive faction in the United States. His words regarding Israel will not be available nationally for Americans to read or observe.

F. In 1998, the Jewish controlled Congress approved the Iraq Liberation Act, which was signed by President William Jefferson Clinton, to remove Saddam Hussein from his position as President of Iraq. (Congress nor the President of the United States have to power to remove a head of state per the U.S. Constitution. Action on the Iran Liberation Act by Congress is forthcoming.) President George W. Bush ordered U.S. Forces to invade Iraq in March 2003. No Declaration of War by Congress. Jews win, the American people loose.)

10. Let us examine the origin of the three major religions in the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Judaism was the first religion to be written naming the God of Abraham and stating Jews were God’s Chosen People. Christianity followed with greater success. Emperor Constantine 1, the Great, became a Christian and made Christianity the religion of the Holy Roman Empire. To further the knowledge of Christianity, he ordered a number of Bishops to convene and write a Holy Bible. This was done.

Here we have two religions with the same God of Abraham. Of note, the Jews claim to be God’s Chosen People. Christianity believes that no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without first believing in Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Multiple hundreds of miles away from Jerusalem in Mecca and Medina, Arabia, an Arab name Mohammed, with a rich wife and equally rich Jewish friend, received visions which ordered him to write the Koran. The Koran was written but contained much of the same literature as the religious book of the Jews and Christians. The Koran stated there was only one God and that God was Allah.

The Koran became the Bible of the Arabs, who became known as Muslims, which was the religion of the Middle East countries and a large number of European countries. Through murderous wars, Muslims were forced from many European nations, Muslims returned to the Middle East with some exception. The Balkans in Europe have a strong Muslim population.

With regards to the religious community I take exception to prayers, by Jews, Old Testament Christians, and/or whomever for the world to be destroyed once Jews return to Jerusalem. Likewise, Muslims have a similar mythical belief about the return of a Muslim leader which will bring about the end of the world. However, too me, the destruction of the earth and the return of a religious leader to govern the world is just a myth. But, what really makes me angry is the transfer of wealth from individuals in the United States to the State of Israel and Zionist politicians. This action has kept our nation at war or in some type hostile action since 1948 all in the name of Israel.

During the periods when religions were colliding in the Middle East, including the failed Kingdom of Samaria and Kingdom of Judea, Hebrews began to migrate to eastern Europe, Turkey, and then to the Americas and other lands. To this end, the occupation of tribal lands and/or squatting in another’s land came to a head in pre-World War II Germany and World War II. The pause in the Wandering Jew is over.

The Hebrew now calling themselves Jews became prosperous in Germany and elsewhere in Europe but would not accept the nationality of the host country. In Germany with the rise of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (1933-1945), Jews were asked to help the government to pay their war debt to the Allied Powers and rebuild Germany. (World War I damages.) The Jews refused.

The government of Germany offered Jews permission to leave Germany to whatever country would accept them. Many went to Palestine where they killed the Palestinian people and took their land. However, once Germany began to loose the war, Jews were forced to wear a star on their chest identifying themselves as Jews.

Following the defeat of the German military, U.S. Forces liberated a number of Concentration and Labor camps. These controlled environment facilities housed individuals the German government felt were responsible for domestic unrest and TREASON against the Third Reich. (Many of the same type people causing domestic upheaval in the United States today.)

Fast forward 65 years to a different continent and a new country – North America and the United States of America. Regretfully, the change of geographical locations didn’t change the mind set of the Jewish people.

They retained their God’s Chosen People status and, for example, in the United States they refuse to become Americans. They choose to be called Jews as if Judaism was a nationality.

After being elected, the first task will be to address the members of the Senate and the Vice President of the United States that our county is the United States of America. Our system of government is a Constitutional Republic. Following the address, if the President of the Senate allows, I will read my resolution regarding citizenship and immigration.

Let us look at citizenship:

1. To be a citizen of the United States of America you must be born in the United States of America, naturalized through the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, and for children of Americans overseas on contract employment with a United States Company and/or a members of the U.S. Military, U.S. State Department, etc. The overseas American must only register the child with the United States Embassy’s Consular Office.

2. The United States will no longer give citizenship to foreign nationals that come to the United States for the purpose of commerce. Our citizenship is not for sale.

3. Members of the legislative shall not have the power to award American citizenship because an overseas bank guard stopped the destruction of Jewish bank records. Special citizenships will not be approved without a voice vote by both houses of Congress.

4. No individual of any religion may enter or depart the United States of America without a passport and visa. No special status will given to any nationality because of their religious status.

5. Individuals whose religion is Judaism may not repeat may not be identified as Jews instead of Americans nor for any action of record or favorable employment by the United States Government will be awarded to a Jew based on their religion. Judaism is a religion, not a nationality.

6. The United States State Department will only allow the manpower of a foreign embassy to exceed a logical staff manning. (It has been reported the Israeli Mission to the United States has a larger staff than the largest nations with U.S. Missions.)

Immigration can easily be resolved:

1. Companies and/or individual seeking to hire a Mexican national for hire must submit a request to his or her state government’s employment service. If the position can not be filled by an American, the state’s unemployment office will contact the Mexican Government Unemployment Service. When and if a Mexican nationality is found that qualifies for the position, the Mexican Government will provide the necessary documentation for that individual or individuals to enter the United States.

After arrival at the employees destination, the employer will process the employee in accordance with Homeland Security Directives.

The employer will be responsible for the health and welfare of his employee. This means the employer will provide housing, food or allowance, transportation to and from work, and wages in according to U.S. Laws governing minimum wages. Also, the employer will be responsible for any health care of said employee. Should an employee be female, she will be made aware the birth of a child in the United States will not automatically granted citizenship.

2. The United States State Department shall not issue travel visa, employment visa, educational visa, etc to any repeat any foreign national alleging religious persecution.

3. The United States State Department shall not issue Passports for Americans of dual citizenship seeking travel to the Middle East. (Jews in the United States are known to be members of Mossad, Israeli Secret Service, that use their American citizenship to spy for the state of Israel.

There are three Americans of dual citizenship presently in an Iranian jail charged with spying for Israel. Another example, made in to the movie “Munich.” Dual citizenship Americans were using the United States as a safe haven for their families while they used the United States as a staging area for covert operations against Arab targets. (Rich and powerful Jews in the United States funded the covert operations.)

And, on May 1, 2010, an American of Pakistani ancestry, a dual citizen American, allegedly attempted to create mass destruction in a Jewish section of New York City. Another example on why the U.S. State Department should terminate and refuse to issue any passport to a naturalized American, including Jews, that wish to remain as a resident of their former homeland.

Returning to my Senate office, I will write and dispatch a letter to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency asking them to issue a permit for the University of Kentucky to raise hemp as a test for its marketability and growth in the Commonwealth. I was informed some months past by a member of Kentucky’s Agriculture Department, UK was waiting on the citing permit. (Kentucky farmers have grown HEMP for decades but due to the abilities of the HEMP plant, large corporations had the plant outlawed. We the people will overturn their efforts and bring the billion dollar market to Kentucky.)

Hemp production would be Kentucky back on her feet. Jobs for all.

A lot of Americans, including Kentuckians, are complaining about the National Health Plan. However, I am not one. My reasoning is that all Americans must have health care options of themselves and their family members, if any. The mandated health care program would require all, except a few, to have this care which would in effect force the dishonest among us to heads up to their responsibilities. It is not mine and your responsibility to maintain the health of any American that is physically and mentally able to do a day’s work.

Abortion: The Federal Government, per the U.S. Constitution, has no say to the abortion question. Abortion is a state’s right question.

Post Service: Section 8, paragraph (7) of the United States Constitution reads: To establish post offices and post roads. My response to the current policy of deactivating the London Regional Postal Service and transferring the service to the Lexington Post Office is a mistake.

The problem with the reduction of mail processing, in my opinion, is dishonesty, mismanagement, religion, and lack of pride in one’s work.

As a frequent user both a my residence and at the postal office, I can state, without question, too many employees at the post office have a five day week employment mentality.

Either the employees do not want to work the weekends or the postal service refuses to pay the additional charge for working weekends and nights. Another major problem is now that our region has a large Jewish population, religious holidays become a problem for both the mail handlers and the route personnel. By taking off from work in observant of their holiday, the workers remaining on duty create a delay in the distribution to the rural route customers.

And, recently, the ACS supervisor spoke to a postal supervisor responsible for route and city distribution regarding delays in processing mail which produced late arrivals at their destinations. Allegedly, the mail supervisor told the ACS person that two of his mail handlers wanted to go deer hunting.

Moreover, from observations and questioning, we learned the postal union allows workers to build up hours of work time, for example, in a janitorial or like position. This allows the person to take off from work on what should be a normal work day without charge to their leave bank. (From my government experience, the positions cited would probably be deleted.)

Not all reading this paper may agree with me but as quoted the U.S. Constitution states Congress is responsible for post service. Therefore, it is my belief the postal service should be returned to the Federal Executive Branch as a Cabinet Position. My reasons:

1. Postal services are too important for both city and rural citizens. To this end, with a company, United States Postal Service, whose work ethic is mandated by a union this is unacceptable.

2. A union mandated postal service is a Clear and Present Danger to the United States.

3. Postal service should be available seven days per week. This would allow Americans a smooth and proficient flow of communications. Weekend stoppage hinders the movement of mail vital to the sender. Not all Americans, especially in the rural areas, are computer proficient or even own a computer.

4. During a true emergency, the union worker would, in my opinion, not suffer the possible wrath of mother nature or man made hardships to deliver correspondence so vital to the health and welfare of our citizens.

Congress can fund the postal service. Cut out support to the terrorist state of Israel and pork projects of too many members of Congress.

Firearms. Without question Americans have the unquestionable right to possess and sale firearms. It is not the weapon that kills or harms one, it is the handler of the weapons. (The problem with gun ownership lies with, once again, the dishonest in our nation.)

As a Vietnam era disabled veteran, I may be the only former enlisted man in the United States Senate. My tenure would be the first as most Senators and members of the U.S. House of Representatives were military officers, to the best of my knowledge. But, as an enlisted person, many avenues for grievance or knowledge of opportunities available the war veteran, were not available. To this end, let us address those military members that served in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand during the Vietnam era.

For the unfamiliar, air bases in Thailand were the logistic bases for U.S. Forces early in the Vietnam War. The port of Bangkok and Sattahip on the Gulf of Thailand were overwhelmed with logistics for Vietnam and our secret war in the Kingdom of Laos. The Don Muang Thai Military Airbase and the Bangkok International Airport shared runways. This made these runways one of the busiest in the world.

Moreover, through these ports and airfields, the U.S. shipped the toxic defoliation fifty gallon drums of Agent Orange, Agent Blue and the other deadly Agents. In turn, these toxins were shipped up-country and to South Vietnam via military air, military surface, and contract Thai surface transportation. Without saying, safety and health precautions were never at the top of the list of things to do or watch out for.

Regarding the Agent series, these toxic fluids were used in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and South Vietnam. Individuals handling the toxins were told that you could consume, for example Agent Orange, without any health dangers. We found out the truth too late.

Besides learning of the true toxic damage to our bodies and our children, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a ruling that unless those of us that served in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand were assigned “Boots on the Ground” in the Republic of South Vietnam our claims for Diabetes Mellitus Type II and COPD – Asbestos/Agent Orange are denied.

And, of course, the veterans of the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan will face similar administrative hurdles from the Department of Veteran for future health claims as they get order and the poisons mature.

In the Senate, I will assure the true military disabled veteran that I shall be on their side whether on the Senate Floor or in the Committees. Also, after my actions against Israel, I will attempt to end our military conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My fellow Kentuckians, reports from medical professionals and the news media are reporting children are being born in Iraq with three heads, a nose on their forehead and many, many other deformities from a parent’s contact with depleted Uranium rounds and other toxic military equipment used by our forces in Iraq.

The reader may say so what. The what is that our servicemen were subjected to environments never envisioned by the national guardsmen, reservist and other forces. The American military man/woman bodies immunizations do not have immunity against bacteria and other ill health factors founds in the sands and water of Iraq.

On my watch, U.S. Troops will not fire a weapon at another individual in a hostile manner unless the U.S. Congress has declared war on an enemy of the United States of America and that individual is a hostile member.

Former President Thomas Jefferson warned Americans against alliances with foreign nations and/or organizations. Examples would be the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Nations and the Socialist Country of Israel.

The United Nations has accomplished a lot in the international community. Polio no longer exist as a enemy of man, the international airways are safe to travel from one country to another, and a number of actions that have been helpful to mankind. But, there is always a but, the United States, Great Britain and France have made void the ideal of equity in foreign policy and the human rights of certain peoples. In 1947, the United Nations ruled that the city of Jerusalem would be administered by the United Nations. In 1967, the United Nations ordered Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. Israel’s violations go on and on because the United States is controlled by Zionist.

NATO took our nation to the Korean War and the war in the Balkans. SEATO took us to the Vietnam War.

And, throughout his political life, Jefferson stressed the separation of Church and State. In March 2003, President George W. Bush ordered U.S. Forces to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq. Bush told several world leaders “God told him to remove Saddam Hussein.“

Jefferson envisioned the United States being an agriculture producing nation. He knew we could feed the world and that migration from the farms to large cities would pose social and monetary problems for government.

The warning of President Jefferson to print our own money and not allow a private banking institute control our economy, in my opinion, is responsible for the murder of President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy as both wanted to eliminate the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.

My fellow Kentuckians, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are sources of my actions in the United States Senate. I am an American.

I look forward to any questions and comments.

With respect, I remain,


Democratic Candidate for the United States Congress

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