Thirty five years of covert/overt assignment, primarily under the US Federal Government umbrella, taught me my childhood education regarding religion, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, and our leaders were men of integrity, were untruths.

Beginning with religion, from the womb to nine days after my seventeenth birthday, I was brainwashed regarding words directed assembled by Emperor Constantine, the Great: the Bible.

Even as a young man, what was been taught 24/7 did not correlate with books and publications available in the library, family world books and magazines my mother allowed me to subscribe.

Overseas assignments in Southeast Asia and the Middle East afforded first hand learning platforms to learn the truth about other people, their customs and cultures.

In the Continental United States, we learned each state or region of the nation had different ethnic heritage and degree of religious beliefs than others. There were the Blue States where religion did not dominate the daily lives of its citizens and Red States, where the clergy and the religious community dictated county, city, and state policy.

Regarding our founding documents, the founders of this great nation introduced to the international community a new system of government, a Constitutional Republic.

Our Constitutional Republic was a government of the people where the people elected representatives to assure state’s rights. Representatives were to report to Washington the first Monday in December, each year, to conduct the nation’s business.

Prior to December, the legislators were frontiersman, doctors, lawyers, assorted vocations but in December they were the representatives of the people.

Sadly, for too many, their legislative power and probability of great wealth brought the change of representative reporting from part time to 24/7 legislators.

Allegedly, members of Congress were to adhere to the principles of the Declaration of Independence as were the dictates of the US Constitution. However, with the arrival of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and other men of wealth, Native American Indian’s land was forcefully taken; followed by similar actions by the Carpetbaggers, in the Southern United States.

Currently, there is legislative action pending in Congress to Audit the Federal Reserve, the United States Central Bank. However, the Central Bank is not controlled or owned by the US Federal Government but by bankers. Of the bankers are the Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Morgan, Chase, etc. To this end, the Audit legislation will not pass as the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, along with former President Harry S. Truman, Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin and the Royal British Government, made the illegal nation of Israel.

President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney, in my opinion, were complicit in the September 11, 2001 Aerial Attack of the United States of America. Their assumed actions resulted in the projected “New Pearl Harbor” required to incite the American people to allow the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

From a position of authority on a Department of Defense Contract, we knew the allegations by the Bush-Cheney Administration regarding Saddam’s Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, close association between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, portable weapon labs, airframes capable of striking the United States, were false.

Since Bush-Cheney’s TREASON against our country, I have made every effort, I know how, to get the attention of members of Congress and the editors/publishers of different news agencies, and constantly monitor the OpEdNews Web Site to keep abreast of true news from the international community.

From the monitoring, we learned of the intense efforts and actions by foreign governments, professional pilots, experts from all the areas of the construction community, military active and retired, concerned Americans, etc., the Bush-Cheney Administration were complicit in the murder of 3,000 Americans, the destruction of US property, and the loss of United States creditability in the international community.

A number of concerned citizens produced a low cost movie: “OPERATION TERROR.” However, according to the co-owner of London, KY’s movie theater, the movie was banned in the United States. Allegedly, the movie revealed US Governments complicity in the aerial attack.

In pursuit of movie availability, I scanned the web sites; whereas, I learned the movie was on DVD and could be purchased at different sites. However, after several attempts, including providing payment information as directed by the site, my requests were never processed.

Not to be denied availability, I suspected the French would allow the film to be shown. Thanksgiving Week, I arrived in Paris and checked-into the Marriot Hotel, the center of Paris. My goal was to purchase the DVD and watch the theater version and visit the allied World War II Museums at Normandy, France.

There was no in theater version nor could I find the sale of the DVD. However, the Marriot’s Concierge learned the film was on the Internet, You Tube, and coordinated viewing at Marriot’s Business Center.

The movie ran for 100 minutes and, indeed, revealed the complicity, in my opinion, of the United States Government and more.

The more, which I hadn’t envisioned, showed the murder, in an aircraft manufacturer’s oven, of senior contract officials involved in the TREASONOUS attack on the United States.

Unexpected, it was alleged a number of the alleged Saudi hijackers were military students at different US Air Force Bases. In this light, not uncommon, Saudi military students attend Command & Staff and other military schools but had not expected active Saudi military members to be among the hijackers.

Digressing a bit, I recall my visit to the local FBI Field Office after viewing the photographs of the alleged hijackers. The reason for my visit was one person among the photographs looked like a Saudi Air Force F-5/F-15/Test Pilot I had worked with at King Khalid Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thankfully, it wasn’t the pilot I knew.


The movie “Operation Terror” and current events in Syria involving the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in my opinion, would not be in play if King Fahd or a Saudi Prince of his statue, was the Saudi Monarch. We knew from reading the Saudi Gazette and conversations with the pilots, at the time, Crown Prince Abdullah, was a war monger seeking to return Islam to the power once held in the international community.

I read after Prince Bandar was reassigned, from his position as Saudi Ambassador of the United States, there had been internal turmoil among the Saudi Royal Family. To this end, I read where a Saudi Prince from the Aziz family had sought asylum in the United States.

From the Internet Web Sites, we learned Syrians affected by the toxic gas exposure pointed the blame of the incident to Prince Bandar. Also, we know from previous reports that earlier in Syria, a bomb blast had killed Bandar. Allegedly, Prince Bandar, along with the Israeli and Qatar, are attempting to overthrow the government of President Assad of Syria. (President Assad is one a few Islam Shiite leaders in the Middle East.)

At my first employment assignment in Saudi Arabia, one of the duties of the King of Saudi Arabia was the Protector of the Three Holy Mosques: Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia and the Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem. The title is now, the Protector of the Two Holy Mosques: Mecca and Medina.

Moreover, prior to my first arrival, a religious clash had occurred between Iran’s Shiites and Sunni Muslims at Islam’s Holy Sites. Allegedly, a number of Saudi Air Force members assigned in the Asir Province had been terminated with extreme prejudice. On-going clashes between Shiites and Sunnis would end if Shiite leadership in non-Sunni nations were replaced with Sunni leaders.

Of note, if the Shiite Sect of Islam was eliminated, the Saudi King, as head of Islam, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the only two Sunni Holy Sites, would benefit both economically and prestige.

The Dome of the Rock Mosque and Jerusalem, in accordance with a 1947 United Nations Resolution, would remain under the control of the United Nations. However, with our country’s veto power, the Resolution has never been implemented or will as the Israeli occupied Jerusalem in 1967. No American President or member of Congress would demand the UN enforce the 1947 Resolution as they, with the exception of President Obama, are no more than paid agents of Zionists.

The Israeli would benefit, for a period, with the change of leadership in Syria, Iran, and Lebanon allowing Israel to further expand their occupation in Palestine and Southern Lebanon. However, Christians in the former Shiite Nations probably would be expelled or forced to leave,

The for a period above means the American people will eventually rise up and go to the voting booths and replace Congress with Americans thus ending the economic and physical security support to the illegal nation of Israel. With the support of the US Government and the subversion by Zionists in the United States, Israel will cease to exist.

During the same period of enlightenment, Federal and State Governments should end the tax exempt status for the religious community; thereby, confirming the United States is a secular nation. The First Amendment of the US Constitution will remain the guarantee for the Freedom of Worship or not. The religious community will have to exist on the money charged to the worshipers to hear the lies regarding a supreme religious entity.

With the adherence of secularism and caseation of funds to the Red States, especially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the people will be forced to earn a living, the end of the states paying citizens to multiple at the tax payers expense and the end of the New World Order concept. We will be the United States of America envisioned by the founders of this great nation.

Equally important for the military active duty and retirees, our government will not dispatch our country to die and forever be without hope because of the government’s pursuit of Religious Crusades, the Federal Reserve, Zionists, and military industrial complex. Members of Congress will return to being part time legislators, not 24/7 murders and thieves.

BILLY RAY WILSON, 209 AUTUMN DRIVE, LONDON, KY 40744, 606-862-2847.

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