Covert Wars: Past (Laos) and Present (Ukraine)

As noted in my blog “FOR THE RECORD” I wrote about a recent trip to the Laotian People Democratic Republic to provide information on the possible location of the remains of Raven Forward Air Controller Captain Paul Vernon (Skip) Jackson however I did not expound on the current state of the Laotian people, in my opinion, since the assumption of national leadership by the Communist Party of Laos. Therefore, I now writing to the best of my ability my knowledge of the people and country based on four years and approximately four month in the Kingdom of Laos from September 1968 to January 1973.

Laos was a Royal Kingdom with the Royal Capital a Luang Prang for hundred of years; Vientiane was the Administrative Capital of the Country; in the southern part of the nation was a province called Chappasak and governed by Sissak Chappasak (Name misspelled with spelling based on sound). (I met Minister Chappasak in Vientiane when I sought assistance in obtaining a resident visa for my son’s mother.) The King, in the opinion of many was weak and without leadership whereas two of his nephews
(Souvana Phouma & the Red Prince) plus other Princes of the Kingdom appear, to become leader of the Laotian nation, sought the monetary and military of China, Russia, Vietnam, and the United States to unseat the King. Souvana Phouma, in my opinion, wanted Laos to prosper and provide a government of equality for the people of Laos however the Red Prince was on an ego trip resulting in the demise of a nation that could have provided its people with what the people sought: the ability to be free, earn a living, raise a family and be afforded the opportunity to receive proper health care, education, etc.

When the people of Laos rose up, with guidance from Souvana Phouma, the French colony government was defeated to which Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Vietnamese Viet Minh, wrote former President Harry S. Truman a diplomatic letter requesting economic and military support from the United States against the French Government. To this end, four US Presidents beginning with Harry S. Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson sided with the French Government over the will of the Vietnamese people who only sought to be a united country. Alas, 1975 the people of Vietnam achieved their goal at the cost of approximately 73,000 US lives and unknown number of mentally and physically wound and multi-millions of Vietnamese. But, wait, with the weapons the United States turned over to the South Vietnamese governments during our country’s “PACIFICATION PROGRAM” and the weapons and military logistics recovery by the North Vietnamese Army at the routing of the South Vietnamese military; Vietnam became one of the largest and best equipped military in the world. Immediately,, the Vietnam government used these weapons and powers to take over Laos and Cambodia.

Returning to Laos: per the Geneva Accords approved after the defeat of the French and the refusal of western governments to support Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people, the French regained their influence over French lndo-China whereas the Geneva Accord, in an attempt to cease the aggression by the Laotian Royals a diplomatic plan was devised that would allow the three Laotian factions: Royalist, Neutralist and Communist to govern Laos for designated periods. To this end, at my arrival in September 1968, the Neutralist under Souvana Phouma was the government. The Communist faction, led by Souvana Phouma’s half brother, the Red Prince, would assume the helm of government on or about January 7, 1973. Naturally, our country and certain bribed Laotian Generals did not agree whereas turmoil continue to 1975 when the North Vietnamese overthrew the South Vietnamese government.

The newly Communist Laotian government killed thousands of Laotians they deemed dangerous to their regime, sent former Neutralist Government employees and thousands of others to re-education camps and turned the once bi-lingual people of Laos afraid to utilize the benefits and language abilities from the years of our country’s war. The United States Mission to Laos was instrumental to many changes for the good in spite of dropping more munitions and experimental weapons on the Kingdom than in all of Europe during World War II.

The driver I wrote about in the blog “FOR THE RECORD” told me his grandfather, a former employee of the US government, had been sent to a re-education and he had visited him prior to his escape across the Mekong River into a Thailand Refugee Camp where his grandfather and other family members able to come to the United States as a refugee. The driver wants to come the United States but, according to the driver, the money charged by individuals completing the documentation, etc is beyond his means. Moreover, at the date of the conversation, the Mekong River was flooded to a 9 meter depth and 32 meters wide plus I believe the Thai refugee camps have been closed.

During my assignment, the attache staff would send me throughout the city and other provinces to conduct official and non-official business plus after approximately two years, I rented my own residence, due to my son, his mother, nanny, maid plus at one time owned my own US Embassy tagged vehicle. I became acquainted with many residence from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Japan, other US citizens at USAID, Air America, Continental Air Service, Bird Air, the Royal Laotian Air Force and, of course, the Laotian people. To this end, to the person their desires in life was to be as previously stated however the trip of July 29, 2023 – August 8, 2023 revealed the Laotian people, the new arrivals: Vietnamese, Chinese, Thais, Australians, Russians and others are there at to prop up the son of the Red Prince and rob Laos of his heritage and future.

Oh, Laos has no Army – the Vietnamese Army is military protector. The Laotian Air Force’s aircraft and pilots are Russians and Chinese. The Laotians due have a greatly increased police force with a massive new police headquarters.

Just think, the four US Presidential Administrations expended all the cited ordnance and killed and wounded millions all because the private Federal Reserve owners were afraid the Communists would spread Communism to the region. However, the truth is the reserve owners knew the Chinese would control the economics of Southeast Asia. I saw the control of the economics in Laos, Thailand and the Philippines during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Oh, I had the driver take me to the Friendship bridge built over the Mekong between Thailand and Laos. (There were more than one bridge constructed between Laos and Thailand.) The bridge was built by the Australians, Thais and Laotians. Moreover, I had the driver take me to the new Chinese Railroad that runs from China through Laos and onto the rail system in Thailand and I’m sure continues further south to Singapore. The Chinese have accomplished their goal of legal transportation to continue their economic control of a centerpiece of Southeast Asia.

One that reads my blog will realize my words regarding the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks and the Internal Revenue Service is the government of the United States.
The Democrat and Republican parties are to the United States as was the Royal Family members of the former Kingdom of Laos. Power is their goal not the prosperity and security of the United States.

Censors, I understand and thank you for this communication.

With respect, I remain,

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution


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