Dedicated Hebrews Aka Jews Aka Israelis Are Either Uninformed Or Traitors To The United States

On November 6, 2023, I wrote a letter to the editor, Sentinel-Echo, London, KY, Subject: “Laurel County is in the United States, not Israel” and spoke with the editor to confirm if she had received the e-mailed letter which she said she had however the server immediately deleted the Letter to the Editor from my Internet File which was the purpose of the call to the editor.

The subject letter regarded my concern for a alleged individual residing in the sub-division, in which I reside, in Laurel County, KY, the United States,was receiving retirement benefits from the U.S. Government, which per her visits in the community, she earned through years of government service was reaping the Rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness yet, in my opinion, she had the gall to display the national flag of Israel, The Star of David, and a Star indicating Judaism plus keeping lights lit on her residence.

I called the Kentucky State Police to report a possible act of domestic violence against said residence because I thought there may a number of U.S. Citizens that truly love the United States that would create an incident against the law. To this end, all U.S. Citizens have the right to free speech however, in my opinion, the lady resident in the neighborhood was to sole Jewish member of the community to display the flag of a foreign country and not the United States flag. The situation only confirmed, in my opinion, we no longer have a sovereign United States as our country has become what the rich Jews declared in the early 1900s that the United States was the new Zion.

The Letter to the Editor did not appear in the Sentinel-Echo nor did other attempts in the past as the newspaper is now owned and the Publisher and Editor, in my opinion, are true Zionists and not loyal citizens to the United States.

Of note, prior to the purchase of Kentucky newspapers, such as the Sentinel-Echo by an Alabama Religious Oriented Company, the Sentinel-Echo was a U.S. Loyal newspaper whereas a number of my Letters to the Editor was published along with letters from other retired U.S. Military.

The November 8, 2023 issue of the Sentinel-Echo did print letters from our Kentucky State Representative and Kentucky State Senator. In their letters that stressed the need to support the military veterans and former service members that believed they were defending the United States but never learned we weren’t defending the United States but building the future Jewish Nation State of Israel from the traitorous presidential administration of Harry S. Truman. Truman’s criminals forced, through economic and military threats, against United Nations Ambassadors resulting in the terrorist state of Israel being admitted to the United Nations in 1949.

From 1949. the presidential administrations and congressional sessions have committed U.S. Forces and the wealth of our nation to take land from the Arabs to build a Jewish nation from the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River however the project has not been completed as the Palestinian Authority and unfortunately Hamas, not the Palestinian Authority, are in name only control of Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and smaller areas of land. The Palestinian people throughout the territories of Palestine are prisoners of the state of Israel.

Note: the same investors and their new proxies have done to the Palestinians as the North American investors against the Native North American Indians, except the North American Indians live on designated reservations but allowed to leave the reservations without the approval of a government official.

In an earlier communications, I wrote that I believe the Israeli Government planned for Hamas to strike but were surprised by the techniques and death and destruction caused by the October 7, 2023 attack so they could achieve the phrase from the Sea to the River, a Jewish Nation State of Israel. Today, faster than most terrible days in history, the truth regarding Israel fore knowledge of the attack which revealed by an article (Insert) Subject: “IDF lookouts said they saw unusual activity along the Gaze Border before October 7 attack, but their commanders told them to stop bothering them, report says.”

There is another report, Insert, Subject: “U.S. Failures in the 1970s Contributed to the Israel-Hamas War.” To this end, the Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis are responsible for the millions of lives lost and trillions of dollars in debt for the United States to build a homeland for those of Judaism all based on lies as there have never been Gods.

And, enclosed with this blog is a copy of Osama Bin Laden’s Letter to America provided by Newsweek. Too me, the letter only confirms what I have been writing about the 9/11 Attack from day one. Yes, there was an Arab plan to attack the Trade Center but US Intelligence and the government used said attack to remove President Saddam Hussein, of Iraq, with the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act and other Resolutions against other Arab countries and leaders.

This blog is for historical purposes for, hopefully, when a time comes, the people of the United States will have a true Constitutional Republic.

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