No Gods Of Abraham, No Chosen People, No Heaven, No Hell Only Unethical Individual’s Pursuit Of Power And Wealth

In previous blogs and papers I quoted the World Book Encyclopedia’s definition of Semite and the 1880 German formed word of anti-Semite identified as “Hatred of Jews.” The definition of Semite brought to our attention the Hebrew Arab tribesmen, which were but one of the many Arab ethnic tribes, that resided in the lands today known as Iraq and southern Turkey. The lands cited were known for their multiple Gods as the people not knowing from where they came and why they existed responded by establishing multiple gods to justify the different avenues of life. Therefore, there were multiple man generated fictional gods competing for power and wealth from the people whereas, allegedly, the Hebrew tribesmen took it upon themselves to depart their homeland and travel to uncharted and known societies to establish one god instead of the multiple. Unfortunately, their one god quest failed but resulted in to the Gods of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, being formed with each god’s doctrine written and formulated by Hebrews.

Islam is credited to an Arabian name Muhammad however his tutor, mentor, benefactor, father of one of Muhammad’s brides, was a Hebrew from the Arabian Peninsula. The wealthiest tribesmen on the Arabian Peninsula were Hebrews whereas the founder of Saudi Arabia and other Arabs sought Hebrew wives. In fact, Prince Faisal later King Faisal admitted Hebrews aka Jews were in the House of Saud’s ancestry whereas over the decades the House of Salman and current ruling family of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman are aligned, in my opinion, with Judaism instead of Islam. This is why, again in my opinion, the Royal Saudi Government has not intervened in current Hamas-Israeli War. Crown Prince Salman and the Prime Minister of Israel are close friends and become business partners in the pursuit of the Abraham Accords (Trump and Jared Kushner’s project.)

One should note in 1980, King Fahad was the ruler of Saudi Arabia and his title was the Custodian of the Three Holy Mosques; Mecca, Medina and Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem). In 1983, Saudi Royal Family Members replaced King Fahad with Crown Prince Abdullah thereby introducing the Hebrew aka Jewish ancestry to the Saudi Arabian Throne (my opinion based on on hand in-kingdom research and conversations.)

The Hebrews fantasy, to the Hebrew and other ethnic Arab tribesmen, Jerusalem was Heaven where the streets were paved with gold, food aplenty, shelter, water, and peace among the tribes. The infamous hell was a footnote based at a village near Jerusalem where the multiple definitions of trash and the remains of life forms, especially human bodies were burned.
After centuries of war between the different religions and the Arab ethnic tribes, the Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis, the idea of a Jerusalem Heaven plus the establishment a country of Israel began to wane (there was never a sovereign nation of Israel until 1949 produced by the US traitor Harry S. Truman).

In the eleventh century, the Catholic Church, along with other religions, adopted the policy of afterlife where the believer in a God of Abraham went either to Heaven and/or the nonĀ­believer was thrown into the burn pits of Hell. To this end, since Jerusalem was rebuked as Heaven, the other religions demanded the continuation of their power and wealth introduced a Heavenly Heaven for those individuals without self-esteem or integrity. Hell is the main factor in the continuation the Gods of Abraham as the majority of Christian Nationalist don’t want to accept the idea of death.
Recently the Pope, leader of the Catholic religion, was quoted as saying, paraphrasing, “Americans are using religion for profit” which is not only applicable to Catholics but the followers of the Gods of Abraham.


Note: The next blog will, in my opinion, present a history of the European Money Investors control of North America and Europe. The investors are responsible for the deaths and destruction in the United States since 1791. Today, Israel and Ukraine are the prime examples of said control of the United States Government.

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