Democracy, Freedom, Peace Without Religion

Recently, I learned of an important project inspired by Pope Francis and a leading Sunni Muslim clergy to construct an Abrahamic Family House that could become a “Beacon of Peace” in the middle east and possibly promote a “Human Fraternity” for the international community.

Unfortunately, for mankind, Pope Francis and the Muslin clergy did not address the millions of humanities that have taken the time, effort and monetary expense to research religion, especially, the GODS OF ABRAHAM, to ascertain if in fact there were GODS, and the conclusion is NO.

Due to several factors, including one’s life or livelihood, one can’t cease with the above statements whereas I provide evidence, in my opinion, to support my NO:
For my generation in Southeastern Kentucky in the 1940′ s, our religious indoctrination began in our mother’s womb while she attended religious services where the fire and brimstone ministers and, of course Bible School teachers preached or taught the same hand me down teachings dating back to the founding of the United States. True United States history prove none of the so-called religious entities (Quakers, Huguenots, Pilgrims, etc.) were persecuted by their home.government;_ the entities themselves demanded their religion or affiliation become dominant over the state. Worse, the arriving immigrants from Europe were mostly uneducated and did not have the avenue to cross-check the writings in the Torah, Bible, Koran and,or other religious documents to learn the truth. Therefore, the majority of citizens then and today were,are seduced by a grandparent, neighbor, clergy, etc. to believe in and worship a God that they themselves were seduced in to acknowledging. To this end, when man walked upright and began forming civilizations there was no way to disprove or prove the stories and prophecies imposed on then people until international scientists confirmed the Big Bang Theory. The theory established planet earth and the other masses in our solar system plus life forms on earth came to their present forms after billions of years of evolution. Our solar system was just another system added to the billions of planets and other mass forms in outer space. NO GODS.

In fact, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are among the United Nations countries that have expended vast sums of money and provided astronauts to search the outer spaces to determine if there are other life forms among the billions of planets. To this end, the United Nations must declare, with the consent of all countries, that mankind evolved for billions of years, and no government or political entity can impose a religious entity upon any human being. Moreover, the proclamation will prohibit any member nation from imposing a theocracy form of government or one like the United States controlled by pro-God entities as we have learned about an almost six thousand years of death, destruction and crimes against humanity that began with the Hebrews development of the NON-ENTITY GOD OF ABRAHAM.

Of course, the proclamation will not prohibit those that have to have a Master or Superior Being in the physic however the individuals will no longer be able to worship an entity nor receives tax deductions for said entity whose published goal is dominate the world under its religious order.

Dear reader, if any, I realize I may have offended some but as a loyal United States citizens and former citizen of the international community through employment we must end the falsehood of GODS to assure democracy, freedom and peace.

From my six plus non-consecutive employment years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from September 1980 to June 1989, I learned from the different members of the Royal Saudi Air Force and the many Muslim guest workers that their religious indoctrination began the same as Southeastern Kentuckians, a family member, peers, and1or others but in the case of Saudi Arabia, Israel, or any theocracy country, the government.

Sadly, in my beloved country, the United States, even thou the United States is a Constitutional Republic she is not a theocracy nor a true democracy. (The Federal Government is a Constitutional Republic on face value however there are few independent members of Congress (House and Senate) because most are members of either the Democrat or Republican Party which have their own platforms that do not conform to the US Constitution. The fifty states, at times, do allow their citizens to vote on bill, policies, etc., that conform to the definition of a democracy, the people approve.)

Since 1116, politicians and religious zealots continue to demand the United States become a theocracy whereas the politicians take bribes and donations which has destroyed the vision of our founders of a nation of equality of all citizens plus bribes, donations and intimidation, the zealots and prostitutes changed our national motto from 110ut of Many, One” to 11 1n God We Trust.” The people are no longer the government but have been replaced by the Federal Reserve System and Corporations not owned by the private owners of the Federal Reserve System. cThe highest court in the United States, the Supreme Court, ruled Corporations are the same as people plus can contribute to politician candidates without limit.

Earlier, I identified my employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was extremely important because my disbelief in God became factual from the said years in the Kingdom. I’ll begin:

In 1980, when I first arrived at King Khalid Air Base, Asir Province, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia, the King was Fahad. His title was the Custodian of the three Hold Mosques: Mecca, Medina, and AI-Aqsa (Jerusalem). At my second employment in 1983, Prince Abdullah was Crown Prince and later became King however the title of the King was no longer the Custodian of the three Holy Mosques but changed to the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, AI-Aqsa (Jerusalem) had been deleted.

Wow! I said to myself; the kingdom will no longer defend Palestine from the Hebrew occupiers.

Moreover, during one of the employments, a senior F-1s Squadron Officer asked me to write a history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To accomplish the tasking. I visited the base library, purchased Saudi historical booklets and publications at a Khamis administrative supply store and conversations with squadron personnel, I wrote a paper that presented the early history of the formation of Saudi Arabia which included the marrying with the different wealthy, powerful families of Arabia by many Arabs, not only the founder of Saudi Arabia but others among which was Mohammed, the future prophet and designated founder of Islam. (For example. Mohammed, the identified founder of Islam, had mentor, teacher, father in law and benefactor. who was instrumental in formation of Islam, was not of the founders tribe and may have been Hebrew.)

I studied Roman history of Palestine regarding Jesus’ ministry, the Hebrew arrest and charges against Jesus, the Roman military leaders order to crucify Jesus and the Roman report that grave robbers stole Jesus’ body. I was diligent in my research and writing.

We learned that Jesus was illiterate, and his life and ministry was short against Hebrew clergy, money lenders, and prostitutes.

Jesus was an earlier version of Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Jefferson debunked the divinity of Jesus but praised him as a teacher and philosopher plus the Jefferson Bible based on the alleged teachings of Jesus.

Above I used the words alleged teachings of Jesus because in my research and opinion, we know historically the establishment of Christianity in the Roman Empire was accomplished by Saul aka Paul, a Hebrew.

The Hebrew (AKA Jews & Israeli) tribesmen believed Heaven was Jerusalem and hell was the English name of the location outside of Jerusalem known was hell was the burn pit used to burn trash, bodies, including unwanted babies, and whatever the local citizenry wanted to burn. Unfortunately, the Abrahamic Religions have altered the original definition of Heaven and Hell to allow the religions to grow, gain wealth and power.

And, of extreme importance, I learned of the vast amount of untapped mineral resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, submitted suggestions that would improve Saudi Arabia agriculture and visually witnessed the efforts to develop the entire country to a point of self sufficiency and sovereignty that will make Saudi Arabia the economic and military power of the international community at the demise of the United States.

On a personal note, I was well received by the Saudi Warrant Officer students and the majority of the Royal Saudi Air Force leadership plus I learned the majority of the Asir Province population, in my opinion, respected President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Sadly, in June 1989, I learned from a visiting Pentagon Team, the United States, in my opinion, was going to war against Iraq. I resigned and returned to the United States unemployed. The United States and Royal Saudi Air Force began their air war against Iraq in August 1989.

Returning to why was the decision to delete Jerusalem? Over the years of research and international revelations, I learned Prince Faisal acknowledged the House of Saudi had Hebrew heritage. From my research, while in Saudi Arabia, I learned the founder of Saudi Arabia had taken brides from many different tribes and regions of Arabia to establish kingdom whereas a number of wives were from powerful, wealthy Hebrew families. My conclusion, the current King and Crown Prince Salman are of Hebrew ancestry whereas the closet association with the criminal Prime Minister of Israel.

Wait! The Saudi Crown Prince in my opinion has accomplished what a leader should accomplish for his people even though there are questions on his tactics and deadly result of his actions; he has opened the country to the international community, eliminated or revised Muslim religion falsehoods and establishing the kingdom as a true sovereign nation, not under the thumb of the United States or any other country. Moreover, he is in negotiations with Iran and hopefully, the negotiations will end the split in the religion of Islam. (How can you divide a religion with whether the monarchy or clergy will reap the power and wealth of a religious scam. All religions throughout history have been scams to fleece the people of their wealth and assume dominance over them. Sadly, most humans seek a master or supreme being in their daily lives and too lazy to seek and learn the truth.

Now let us look at true middle east history: we know the Sumerian and Babylonian civilization recorded alien visitations and were greatly involved in astronomy, laws (Hammurabi), agriculture, architecture, etc. Moreover, Babylon was the Cradle of Civilization which was, in my opinion, their stories and government policies were plagiarized by Hebrews and others during their enslavement and1or visitation in Babylon. Even Constantine I’s Bible references alien visitations which many in the religious community identify as Fallen Angels. Also, the entire writings of the Ethiopian Enoch provided not only alien visitation dialogue but detailed information on devices not of earth origin. To this, the Torah, Bible and Koran, in my opinion, were initiated and developed to achieve a Hebrew Nation – State. (Herein, I explain the United States’ government building of the Nation State of Israel.)

Lastly, I sued President Biden, former Speaker of the House of Representative, the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate, and the Republican Minority Leader in the Senate to cease vetoing Palestinian Statehood. The Federal Court System denied my lawsuit stating, the US Federal Court System had no say against the Federal legislative and executive branch therefore to end the constant wars in the international community, the United Arab Emirates must add an additional pavilion for those that have confirmed NO GODS but seek international PEACE.

Thank you for your attention.

Billy Ray Wilson
Master Sergeant, USAF – Retired
Loyal US Citizen
Defender of the US Constitution

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