Sovereignty Lost

Recently traitorous members of the Republican Party that supported the traitorous former President Donald J. Trump actions to thwart the transfer of presidential authority from a national election that voted to replace the incumbent president with his opposing candidate elected a Speaker of the House of Representatives that was a primary powerful supporter of the former president. In fact, one of the new Speaker’s public addresses was to praise the former traitorous president.

January 10, 2023, as the results of the November 2022 election, the Republican Party traitors became the majority party in the US House of Representatives whereas the noted Republican traitors became Chairman of several powerful House Committees. For example, one such Committee Chairman under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for his January 6, 2022, Insurrection Actions against the US Government, allegedly will use his Chairmanship to deter or terminate the FBIs investigation against him, the other Republican traitors, and, of course, the traitor Donald J. Trump.

Equally important, it is alleged, the Republican traitors have agreed not to raise our country’s debts ceiling, which if accomplished, will make our country an international criminal for willingly defaulting on its debts. (For the record the cited debts are for past years, not future expenditures.)

Moreover, the Republican traitors will seek legislation to cut the US Department of Defense’s budget but, of course, the reductions will not include financial and military support to the Jewish Nation State in occupied Palestine.

Of course, the Republicans have voiced for the reduction of economic and military support to the former Soviet Union nation of Ukraine (Bread Basket of the Soviet Union) which those advocating such action know the words are untruths because the control of our country’s finances and political actions became those of the Federal Reserve System enacted by the treasonous US Congress in 1913.

In support of the above paragraph, I recently read a US State Department Report on the formation of the German Government, with Kaiser I and Prime Minister Bismarck, that highlighted the acquisition of European lands settled by German speaking citizens, the unlimited government support to wealthy Germans and wealthy foreigners and the Armistice Versailles Peace Treaty ending World War I. At the Kaiser’s death his son became Kaiser and increased aggressive military and economic intrusions in Africa and other countries plus, of course, forced Prime Minister Bismarck to resign. With Bismarck gone and angry of former German soldiers and citizens resulted in the Chancellorship of Adolph Hitler. A Times Magazine Person of the Year.

Chancellor Hitler sought the financial support of the Federal Reserve System owner’s aka owners of the US Military-Industrial Complex (President Eisenhower addressed the Military-Industrial Complex at the end of his presidency), the projected results of a Rothschild scheme, Zionism, that initially supported Jews seeking to migrate to Palestine, and multiple other wealthy Europeans to build the most powerful military force in the world prior to World War II. (The State Department report identified our founder’s vision of the US not having a large standing army; instead relying on state militias.)

The cited State Department report addressed Germany’s US Ambassadors frustration and concerns over the US government’s use of international cruise ship lines, designated as passenger cruise ships, load with US military logistics and military personnel aboard said ships. Moreover, other reports revealed multiple days before the sinking of a passenger ship, the cited German Ambassador ran full page newspaper adds advising US citizens not to board the cruise ships to Europe. The sinking of a munitions laden cruise ship prompted President Wilson to ask Congress to declare war on Germany.

Congress and the presidential administrations did not heed the adage “History Repeats Itself” with the massive support to international countries prior to Japan’s attack on Pearl 7, December 7,1941, resulting in Congress Declaring War on Japan and followed with a Declaration of War against Germany and the Axis Powers. (Of course, the Roosevelt Administration’s catering to the US wealthy that attempted a coup against him was responsible for the US entering into World War II.)

And, for the military and civilian pawns, like myself, from the Vietnam Era, former Secretary of State and Presidential Advisor Henry Kissinger wrote the United State had no political interest in Southeast Asia; the military support was only to create problems for the Chinese government however documents discovered reveal that Standard Oil Company of New Jersey was using the US Navy to find fossil fuel reserves in the Southeast Asian waterways and land areas disputed with China.

Wow! A recent find in an, while searching “Why is the President is called the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, revealed Crimes Against Humanity and disregard of the US Constitution by US Presidents throughout history. (A MUST READ BY TRUE US CITIZENS.)

Moreover, from personal experience throughout my 35 years of covert and overt employment assignments primarily under the umbrella government, I knew the following was true, but I had never seen an article by a respectful US publication write the following (paraphrasing): the US government used military forces at the direction of the US President to recover debts in Haiti.

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