Establishment of Middle East Religions

Each day, I watch and listen as political candidates and the under-educated display their lack of knowledge about Judaism, Christianity and Islam; whereas, I submit the following:

Judaism was the first of the three major religions established for the sole purpose of assuming authority over the other Arab tribes, in the Roman Province of Palestine, accumulate wealth from tithes and offerings, and control vast populations through their mental need of a master or superior being for guidance and solace, even the mythical.

Neither non-Hebrew Arabs or Roman occupiers accepted the fraud resulting in numerous revolts and turmoil by the Hebrews against the Roman government and centuries of vulgar name calling and aggressive acts between the Hebrew Arabs and the other Arab tribes.

Christianity was allegedly established four hundred or more years after the murder of the Palestinian Arab named Jesus, from Northern Galilee, that disagreed with the male dominated teaching of the Hebrew Priests and mandatory dictates of Judaism.

It wasn’t the Roman Legionaries that arrested Jesus but those of Jesus’ religion; however, at the behest of Hebrew Clergy, the Roman ruler ordered the death of Jesus to avoid revolts or other forms of turmoil.

Regarding the disappearance of Jesus’s body from his burial tomb, there are those that suggest it was grave robbers the removed the body and stole the gold and other valuable burial items placed in the tomb. Jesus’ followers were not from a poor class of citizens but comfortable socialist.

On the Arabian Peninsula, a rich Hebrew Arab and an indigenous Arab married to a wealthy lady, learned of the wealth and power accumulated by the clergy of Judaism and Christianity from those in the population that needed a master or supreme being to promise a better life.

Under the Roman occupation, the Arabs in Palestine lived under the leadership and policies of the Roman Empire; whereas, the population was citizens of a civilized society with laws affording an ability to prosper and longer lives.

With the unification of the different Arab tribes under a theocracy government, the new wealth and power began an aggressive policy of spreading Islam throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe.

It should be noted that under Islam occupation, advances were made in math and other life advancing abilities excelled.

Naturally, European Christians began religious crusades against the City of Jerusalem and other regions of Palestine to re-establish their colonist policies.

Many of Judaism were expelled from regions in the Middle East and migrated to other countries around the world. However, some remained in Arab countries paying a token fee to receive the security and the benefit of their host nations.

Regardless of what Zionist publications relate, there was never a sovereign state of Israel until the TREASON by for US President Harry S. Truman contributed the recognition of the Jewish terrorist occupation of Palestine as a sovereign state of Israel.

Throughout history, the Hebrew Arabs/Jews were unable to become a superior Arab ethnic population without the assistance of a third party nation such as Iran and today, the United States of America.

One could correlate those of Judaism with the Wandering Jew plant, a parasite; however, if one did correlate such status, the individual would be classified as anti-Semitic.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic.


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