Republican Bigotry

Reference: Statements by Senator Mitch McConnell, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio, March 1, 2016

Subject: Trump’s Bigotry

When you have non-American owners of the news media, publishing houses, the entertainment industry, allegedly, authors of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and billionaires financing Presidential Candidates that seek to subvert our form of government; Trump’s Bigotry Charge was typical of non-Americans in Congress.

Donald J. Trump is not my choice to be our country’s Head of State and Administrator of the policies and laws of the United States of America; however, I do not like lies or altering the truth.

For the record, regarding the Klu Klux Klan, with the murder of President Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln’s plans for returning the former Confederate States of America back to the Union without due hardship and prejudice were set aside to satisfy money lenders and Carpet Baggers.

The Klan was formed, in 1865 by returning Confederate Cavalrymen disenchanted by the Johnson Administration and the ambitions of Union Generals such as Grant and Sherman, using the Carpet Baggers, to build an empire not envisioned by the founders of our great nation.

The first grand wizard was former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

In 1869, General Forrest realizing the needless violence that sprung forth from actions against the Carpet Baggers and unethical policies of Union and/or the money lenders administrators; he sought to disband the Klan.

Sadly, history repeats itself throughout time when an organization and/or policy are established to correct wrongs or benefits the people; the money lenders arrive to subvert mankind.

In this light, one recalls a paraphrased statement by Lord Rothschild, Rothschild Banking Dynasty “It doesn’t matter who sits on the English Throne, the one that controls the money and credit, controls the government and I control the money.”

Moreover, as a retired Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, familiar with the corruption and treason legislated by the US Congress, I bring to the attention of those denying a sovereign State of Palestine are the bigots responsible for the murder and wounding of American military and a 17 trillion dollar debt, since 1948.

Of course, one should not fail to identify the probable millions of Southwest Asians suffering a worse fate than the 2 ½ million military and unknown number of Department of Defense Civilians assigned to Saudi Arabia and neighboring Arab nations to comply with the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act signed in to Public Law by former President William Jefferson Clinton, funded and ordered the President to remove the duly elected President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, an Act of War against a sovereign nation.

The United States’ form of government is a Constitutional Republic that guarantees rights to Americans such as Freedom to Worship or not and, accepted by most, a Separation of Church and State; enhancing the lives of 320 million plus Americans.

With my limited vocabulary, the word bigot may be tame for those murdering Americans.


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