For the Uninformed and Under-educated: Government Responsibilities in/for the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Prior to the ratification of the US Constitution, colonist’s leadership informed the British Crown the intent to become a sovereign nation, the United States of America, through the publication of the Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, the first Declaration of Independence served its purpose at the time; however, the political environment in our country, the United States of America, today is need of a new Declaration of Independence.  The people are no longer the government of the United States.

Too many Kentuckians, for whatever the reason, are not familiar with the responsibilities of the Federal Government; whereas, the following is the words by Zbigniew Mazurak,  Guest Submission; Subject:  The Constitutional Role of the Federal Government, which in my opinion are basically accurate, with my comments:  (To my knowledge the information was not Copyrighted and/or prohibited publication.)

“1) Defense, war prosecution, peace, foreign relations, foreign commerce, and interstate commerce;”

Comment:  War prosecution, per the US Constitution, is a Declaration of War by the US Congress, not a Letter of Authorization.

Peace not addressed.

Foreign Relations is the authority of the President of the United States with oversight by the US Congress.

Foreign commerce, at the oversight of the US Congress.

“2) The protection of citizen’s constitutional rights (e.g. the right to vote) and ensuring that slavery remains illegal;”

Comment:  In my opinion, the Declaration of Independence, we were equal; whereas, item 2 was unnecessary.

“3) Establish federal courts inferior to the SCOTUS;”

Comment:  I believe our founders would be dissatisfied with the federal courts in relationship with the SCOTUS.

“4) Copyright protection;”

“5) Coining Money;”

Comments:  Members of Congress were bought at the writing of the Federal Reserve System Act and the majority continues, under different names, on the payroll of the majority private owner of our country’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve System.

One may recall the Central Bank’s primary owner’s founder’s statement (paraphrasing):  “It doesn’t matter who sits on the English Throne, the one that controls the money controls the government and I control the money.”

Money not only means currency and coin but the nation’s credit programs.

\”6) Establishing post offices and post roads;

Comment:  Since the privatization of the US Postal Services, one-day mail delivery service in London is now four days, if lucky.

“7)  Establishing a national set of universal weights and measures;”

“8) Taxation needed to raise revenue to perform these essential functions;”

Comment:  Effective the Financial Fiscal Year 2017, the American people is giving the state of Israel 4.5 billion dollars for the next ten years.  Of course, these dollars do not include more than equal dollars, not through the Camp David Accord, but special provisions of the Internal Revenue Service and the Zionist Controlled Congress of the United States of America.

Note:  as a former government employee with thirty-five years employment, covert and overt, the monetary bribes do not bother me as much as the deaths and forever injuries to US Military and US Government Contract employees plus, of course, those foreign nationals murdered and forever injured by US Forces in the name of Israel.

The above are the demands of the Federal Government.

Note:  Although, the Social Security Administration is a socialist organization; the organization must be strengthened to support the elderly American population; however, an intense public awareness program must be established to forewarn citizens; unless you pay into the Social Security System over your employment life time; then no funds will be available.  NO MORE DRAW FROM THE PEOPLE.

Note:  A national health care plan would also be a socialist program but one that is mandatory to assure the continuation of our great Union of States; however, like social security one must pay into the system through their employment or whatever means.  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MUST BE THE SOLE PROVIDER AND/OR GUARANTOR.

Note:  The federal government should fund and provide resources for a federal militia in each state or territory to assure there are weapons available and individuals trained to deter any future attempt to overthrow the US Government by the money lenders.  (The money lenders first attempt took the United States into a War Between the States but failed at an unnecessary cost to citizens of the United States of America.

The Tenth Amendment states all demands not explicitly given to the Federal Government, not prohibited of the states, are reserved to the states or to the people (individual citizens of the United States of America).


To repeat, under the Tenth Amendment, states possess all powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government such as:

  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s records
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Licensing for professionals, such as attorneys, pharmacists, and chiropractors, etc.


Comment:  President Lyndon B. Johnson’s anti-poverty program was instrumental for nation’s economic turmoil and the increase in crime throughout the United States.

Moreover, in Kentucky’s Fifth US Congressional District, Johnson’s policies and those following his administration took away the pride, perceived honesty, work ethic, and loyalty to the United States.

Equally as bad or if not worse, religious zealots gained greater influence in government, through the Moral Majority that put the actor and governor, Ronald Reagan, into the White House.

The Tri-Lateral Commission and David Rockefeller put the peanut farmer and governor, Jimmy Carter, into the Presidency.

The people elected Barack H. Obama to the Office of the US President twice; whereas, the people will never elect an American again.  (Remember Citizens United.)

Each time, politicians from the Commonwealth promise citizens gratis life sustaining and baby production monies, they should remember, the citizens of the United States are not responsible for funding anything except the previous mandate; whereas, they should cease and detest denying Kentuckians the right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but, equally important, return the people’s pride, self-respect, and loyalty to the United States of America.

It is not the responsibility of the Blue States and territories to fund Red States inability to proceed without referencing a religious entity introduced as a scam to take one’s money and assume the power of a community and/or world.

Science has proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, the universe was formed without the efforts of a religious entity.  There are no Gods of Abraham.

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