The United States or Israel, Your Choice

August 31, 2016, while eating at Frisch’s restaurant, in London, KY, and, later at home, reading the Air Force Times Web Site, I learned of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speech before an American Legion Membership Convention  addressing her support for members of the US Armed Forces.  Unfortunately, I knew her words were lies and as are all members of Congress, with the exception, maybe, of Senator Bernie Sanders.

No person can support the US Armed Forces and the United States of America plus unconditionally support the Socialist Nation of Israel; their actions will not wash.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic, governed by the people. Israel is a Parliamentary Government established to govern a people that believe they are God’s Chosen People; however, no sane, realistic person accepts the myths created to gain superiority and accumulate wealth from, initially other Arab ethnic groups, but has spread throughout the international community.

Those of Judaism use their status attained, in 1949 with the establishment of the State of Israel, to further the advancement of a One World Order Government and One Religion; whereas, your MASTER.

From the same Internet Search, Al-Arabia English News, I learned the Israeli has begun another attack on Lebanon and a 96 Israeli bragged of his actions of poisoning German prisoners of war in allied controlled prisons.

(Years past, I learned of Jewish baker, paid to supply bread and pastries, to the allied prisons attempted to poison the inmates; however, the Jews did not care if the allied guards, including Americans, were poisoned.)

Repeating, the United States’ form of government is a Constitutional Republic and, regardless, of clergy fabricators, the United States is not now or ever a Christian or Judeo-Christian Nation.

Our founders did not know what formed the Universe and brought forth life forms; however, they did know: No intoxicated Arab spoke to the founder and life giver.

Please forgive, a, maybe, bias opinion of a disabled military retiree but our Constitutional Republic future rest with active duty and former military and their families to vote on November 8, 2016, for Americans that share our love for country.


With respect, I remain.

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