God of Abraham Traitors

Approximately six thousand years past Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis initiated a scam against the people of the Middle East for the purpose of gaining superiority over the other ethnic Arab tribes of the region and accumulate not only power and wealth from the initiative. First, we have the invention of Abraham the Hebrew in Ur, present day Iraq, where there were allegedly three major Gods and a number of lesser Gods. To this end, Abraham chose one of the gods whereas the alleged supreme being told Abraham to travel from Ur to a land regionally known as Palestine but for Abraham the land was Canaan. The goal of the journey as that he, the alleged supreme being, had given the land of Palestine (Canaan) to Abraham to build a land where the population would worship’s Abraham’s God.

For the record: the Hebrews, Jews and Israelis were add later by the owner of printing and publishing house to continue the lies and untruths.

Regarding the Hebrews, most Hebrews were peaceful farmers, sheepherders, and simple people that cared not for power and wealth but like most internationals they only sought to live free, raise a family, and live in peace. Sadly, they learned of Jerusalem where, allegedly, people lived in better homes, had better lives, protection was provided by the ruling class and food was constant, not wondering when or if you could eat. To this end, Jerusalem was heaven.

For the Record: Jesus never made references to a hell where you burned after death. Hell was made up by Hebrew scribes and later expanded by European clergy.

Digressing back to my birth in 1943, Laurel County, Kentucky, whereas the next seventeen years were spent with more hours in some type religious brainwashing service than in public high school, during a normal school year. To my disgust and mental harm, the preachers and other teachers of Christianity told lies of Abraham and the greater lies of the New Testament ranging from Adam & Eve, Noah’s Flood & Ark, the Tower of Babel, the birth of Jesus, Jesus’s miracles and chapter after chapter of lies, untruth, falsehood, myths.

Regarding the seventeen years of religious brainwashing, I was lucky to have a mother, even though she was a strict follower of religion and punished accordingly, I was fortunate that she wanted me to learn and provided a home set of World Books, allowed me to purchase subscriptions of Popular Mechanic, Look, and other magazines plus encouraged me to read while in the school’s library study period. In fact, from said learning experiences, I questioned the Bible’s teachings but remained true to my mother’s beliefs well into my twenties however I became a confirmed atheist after retirement from the United States Air Force.

Nine days after my seventeenth birthday, I was en-route to Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas for Air Force Basic Training. On October 1, 1980, I retired from the air force and was hired by Northrop Aircraft Services as the company’s Royal Saudi Air Force’s RSAF) No. 15teen F-5 Squadron Supervisor at King Khalid Air Base, Asir Province, Khamis Mushayt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My position at the RSAF Squadron was under a US State Department’s Foreign Sales Program where the Royal Saudi Government had purchased F-5 Aircraft, along with a Maintenance, Operational and Training Package, that obligated Northrop to train RSAF Warrant Officers in all air force career fields necessary to maintain, operate the F-5 aircraft and the administrative maintenance functions and the air operations/life support sections of the squadron. There were two F-5 Instructor Pilots and one Pakistani Instructor Pilot assigned to train the RSAF Pilots into the new aircraft. Of note, The Northrop Squadron team and I upgraded two Warrant Officers to a position of self-sufficiency prior my release from contract due to an air force career illness.

In early 1983, my wife, son and I was hired by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Services, once again, under the US State Departments Foreign Sales Program per the sale of the F-15 Eagle Aircraft with a like support package as Northrop. The MDS contract was completed however two other contract, with Boeing Aircraft Services who purchased McDonnell Douglas were not completed due to physical and mental abuse against third national nationals and the Arab owned support services to Boeing. (The third country national reported their abuse too me as a F-15 Squadron supervisor employee which I reported to the appropriate authority without success; I resigned. The second was in June 1989 when I learned from a group of senior Pentagon Officers the United States was going to make King Khalid Air Base and a number of other RSAF installations a Joint US-Saudi Air Base. Immediately, from my previous assignment to a covert assignment working with the US State Department and other US Agencies that we were going to war; I resigned and returned to the US unemployed. Fortunately, after a number of months, I was hired the Office of Personnel Management for multiple positions with the later being the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was medically retired by the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1998.

The reason for the Saudi Arabia information is important as during the cited employment assignments, I addressed religion topics with multiple layers of the RSAF, Saudi & Third Country National nationals and the multiple US company employees and their families residing at King Khalid Air Base. The basic answer I received about their religious conversion was the same as I had learned in Laurel County, KY; a grandparent told them to worship GOD.

Digressing a bit with a historical fact: In September 1980, when I first arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arab, the King was Fahad and the motto for the King was: The Custodian of the Three Holy Mosques; Mecca, Medina and Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem, Israeli occupied Palestine). When I returned in 1983, King Fahad had been replaced with Crown Prince Abdullah and Al-Aqsa was no longer a Saudi Holy Mosque. The Saudi’s Jewish heritage had come to the forefront of the ruling family. Today’s Crown Prince is Mohammad Bin Salman whose is a partner with Israel’s Prime Minister.

The straw that broke the camels back regarding religions in Saudi Arabia while accomplishing a tasking by a Saudi Air Force Commander to write a history of Saudi Arabia I learned Islam was the initiative of a Hebrew who had befriended, taught, and, at this death provided Muhammad with his wealth, property and a daughter in marriage. The Gods of Abraham were the scams of Hebrews and expended by European clergy and later brought to North America by a religious community kicked out of Europe because of their own self-interest. A TOTAL SCAM = NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

In 1898, allegedly, a Rothschild funded an directed the establishment of Zionism, an organization established to build a homeland for those of Judaism. The said establishment set off an international economic depression, especially in the United States.

In 1948, former President Harry S. Truman, in my opinion, was the first US President Traitor. The opinion is based on Truman’s approval/recognition of the Jewish terrorist occupation of Palestine. A Jewish Army was formed after the establishment of Judaism by an international Jewish Convention in New York City along with other unethical actions to establish a state of Israel. Alas, when the British Mandate’s United Forces were departing Palestine, the contracted Jewish Army employees aboard a ship in a Palestinian port offloaded their tanks other military logistics and joined with Zionist terrorist, and native born Hebrew settlers to attack the peaceful towns and villages in Palestine. The Palestinian peaceful people were forced into neighboring Arab lands where many ended up in refugee camps and remain displaced refugees plus thousands killed and wounded. Worse, the Palestinian homeland promised by the United Nations has not been recognized and the territory of Palestine and people are in the same situation is the same as the Blacks in South Africa before the international rose up and forced the freedom of Black Africans.
The traitor Truman wasn’t finished as he used the power, money and influence of the United States to bribe United Nations Ambassadors to declare the Statehood of the Jewish Nation State of Israel in 1949. The Palestinian Homeland promised by the United Nations, alongside of Israel, has not been recognized. The said recognition of Palestine reminds one of the Blacks of South Africa before the international community rose up and forced the freedom and equality of Black Africans.

And, as a true United States Constitutional Defender. I compare Hebrew investors in the United States and the investor’s political prostitutes actions, along with the Hebrew aka Jewish aka Israeli terrorist and occupiers of Palestine, as the same imposed against the Native American population of North America.

Regarding ownership, by US investors, of the United States political community, the last President of the United States, Donald (DUCK) John Trump, has been arrested and booked for crimes against the people of the United States which includes the attempt to deny the voter’s will to elect a new President of the United States. In fact, October 2, 2023, the defendant Trump is on trail for Financial Fraud by New York’s Attorney General. However, not charged but equal in crimes against the United Stated, Donald (DUCK) John Trump should be charged with the wounding (Traumatic Brain Injury) of one hundred nine US Military assigned to Iraq that resulted in Trump’s illegal order to assassinate an Iranian General and Government Minister. Also, Trump is on record of offering to sale “Trump Heights” Syrian Golan Heights land. Also, the religious traitors have labeled Trump as the Messiah or Jesus.

Yesterday, September 30, 2023, Republican Party members would have closed our government had not the Democrats voted with the Republicans to keep the government from defaulting on its debts and ending the pay and benefit for millions of US citizens. Unfortunately, the funding question wasn’t answered for those United States traitors who seek to provide unlimited support to the country of Ukraine that could possible repeat history with our support of Jews will take the United States and the international community into World War III. To this light, the traitors support of Ukraine goes back to the Obama-Biden Presidential Administration when said administration initiated a coup in 2014 against the pro-Russia President of Ukraine. (Ukraine, according to Russian history, is a homeland for a Jewish majority.) The Ukrainians elected a Jewish comedian/actor as President which was to be expected as the Jewish majority sought to escape from the Russian Federation of Nations and join the European Union and (NATO). Equally important is something most United States are not aware about Ukraine is, during Ukraine’s cooperation with the former Soviet Union and Russia, Ukraine was known as their Breadbasket which the Jewish majority nation is still known therefore is the reason the investors in the European Union and the United States are demanding the admission of Ukraine to the European Union and NATO.

NATO is outdated just the former Asian Defense Organization SEATO. NATO’S mission was to protect Europe from the former Soviet Union; the Soviet Union was terminated in the 1990s. Investors want another war as said international investors, whom are converted to Judaism, have been responsible for all US Wars, including our War of Independence against the British Empire.
The Judaism Converts have used Religion to control the international community and today they are the primary owners of the Jewish Nation State of Israel whereas they will continue to support’s aggression against Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. The reason the investors want the lands cited due to their mineral resources and the achievement of the lies they have support for the past centuries.

Since 1791 investors that control the Governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are determined to turn North America in to a Union (AMERICA) like the European Union. In fact, said investors attempted to divide the United States in the US Civil War and continue to do so to date. Money and power have destroyed our Constitutional Republic.

Thank you for your attention.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson

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