Candid Opinion Cease And Desist Diplomatic, Economic And Military Support/Protection To The Jewish Nation State Of Israel

The following definitions and historical record is pertinent to the subject Blog Entry:

The United States is the legal and historical title of the United States and said title is on file with the countries of the international community. The term “Of America” was added to America, during the writing of our country’s Articles of Confederation, by a Quaker Representative from Delaware. The representative had been in England for four years studying law whereas most foreigners, especially, Europeans, identified the North American “United Colonies” as America when seeking ship passage to North America and/or the Continent of North America. Also, one can not rule out the Quaker’s religious teachings of spreading the gospel and he chose to name the United States of America to fulfill aspirations for a Christian North America .. Unfortunately, to date, no US Government officials has sought to correct the error as billionaires, Federal Reserve Bank Owners and other investors seek to destroy the sovereignty of Canada, the United States and Mexico with “AMERICA” similar with the destruction of country’s sovereignty replaced with “the European Union.” Great Britain chose not to join the European Union and retained their sovereignty.

The United States’ form of government is a “Constitutional Republic.” As a Constitutional Republic the Federal Government and most state governments, if not all, have three branches of government that administer the laws and polices set forth by the people’s representatives which are as: The Executive Branch (President of the United States and the President’s Administrative Cabinet and Presidential Chief of Staff); the Legislative Branch (Members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate); the Judicial Branch (US Supreme Court with Chief Justices and eight Associate Justices for a total of nine; the number of Justices may change in either direction by US Legislators. The Justices are appointed by the US President and confirmed by a US Senate Committee) The voters of the states of the United States elect Member of the US House of Representatives every two years, the US Senate every six years and a President of the United States ever four years. Unfortunately, since the approval of the US Constitution by state’s delegates, the members the cited three Branches of the Federal Government have chosen, through their non-Constitutional directed political parties, to return our government to a form of monarchy even though we fought the British Empire to ride our country of a King or Monarchy. In fact, today, the members of the cited government branches have more perks, benefits, etc., than any country with a King, Sultan, Emperor, Dictator, Pope, etc.

The United States is not a democracy even though President Biden, the US Media, pundits, etc., refer to the United States, Ukraine, and most of the countries of the international community as democracies when in fact none of the cited are democracies. The definition of a Democracy is when the citizens of a country/state vote on bills, laws, policies, that affect the prosperity, security, and welfare of the people. Yes, in some states of the Union, especially California, the people do vote on extremely imp01tant legislation.

The United States is not a theocracy period full stop as there are not now ever Gods or Supreme Beings on the planet Earth. Yes, Earth has been visited by aliens and, per alien announcement in recorded history, they will return. In fact, there was a “Ralelian movement founded in France in 1976 by the Prophet Claude Veriihon.” Mr. Veriihon claims he met with aliens in 1973 and from said meeting he is attempt to raise money to construct a welcome center for the aliens. The expected arrival year is 2035. Unf01tunately, the Veriihon warning is not alone as senior government officials expect the arrival of aliens in the near future and, allegedly, the recent leaks in aliens sightings is to prepare the public of forthcoming event. PLEASE DON’T LAUGH – TAKE THE REVELATIONS SERIOUS!

Now back to to the scam by the developers of the GODS OF ABRAHAM centuries past and their current backers of the fraud against the international community. Today, I will only advise the reader, if any, to read previous blogs and book “NO TITLE JUST FACTS” that enlighten US citizens to the fraud initiated by Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis centuries past and continue to date. To this, the only way the United States is going to remain a sovereign country minus the dictates of the traitor of the God of Abraham community is for young US Citizens and citizens of the Blue States (educated non-bias citizens) to vote out all Republican traitors in the forthcoming November National Elections until we have a US Government manned by followers of the US Constitution with the mandatory Constitutional Changes necessary to bring the Constitution to the year 2024 and beyond. The Constitution has to be changed to reflect the true United States not 1776. Moreover, repeating, NO GODS PERIOD.

Note: I am an atheist and eighty years old. I was brainwashed in religious doctrine in womb and the environment of southeast Kentucky until my seventeenth birthday when !joined the US Air Force. From said date departure from Kentucky and return, I was assigned on military and civilian employment assignment in multiple Southeast countries, Saudi Arabia and travel throughout the region, the Bahamas and, of course multiple air bases within the United State whereas, from these assignments, I learned of the different customs and cultures and, most importantly, there were no GODS OF ABRAHAM To this end, I will only identify three scams which are easily debunked if you really love or care/or the United States; “Adam & Eve, the Noah Flood and Noah’s Ark, and the Tower ob Babel.” The Bible’s version are lies to fleece the people and establish the terrorist Nation State of Israel.

Now too the Jewish Nation State of Israel: In 1948, the newly elected President of the United States Harry S. Truman who was indebted to the Jewish and Christian communities for his presidency recognized the terrorist Jewish occupation of Palestine as the future state of Israel in 1948. However, through US Presidential Administration bribes, intimidation, and other illegal modes of threats against foreign Ambassadors at the United Nations, the United Nations approved international statehood/or Israel in 1949. Unfortunately, the promised United Nations State for Palestine alongside Israel has been vetoed by the United States since 1947. (President Biden is a hypocrite as evidenced in his recent United Nations Speech of democracy for all – the Palestinians and other Arab ethnic groups of Palestine were the majority of the region before France, Great Britain and the United States chose to make Israel a Jewish Nation State of Israel in occupied Palestine. So much/or Biden’s payers of the Cross.)

The Jewish Nation Stare of Israel is sovereign nation whereas the United State, France, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and other countries should not be taxed to support a terrorist nation whose existence is based on a lie. There are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM In this light, the current composition of the US Government must be changed to assure the continued existence of the United States.

Lastly, religious communities in the Red States have alleged Trump is the Messiah or Jesus what a disgraceful allegation. Trump and the followers of Trump that seek to destroy the United States in the names of fictional Gods are themselves TRAITORS.


Thank you.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson

Defender of the US Constitution

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