Head in the Sand

I don’t know if the publishers, editors, and reporters of national news and the lightweight news agency serving southeast and eastern Kentucky really know or care the untruths and subversion, against our great nation, the corporate owner’s perpetuate.

Yes, most Americans require employment to remain an active member of society that enhances the security and prosperity of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Program introduced, in the 1960s, brought socialism into the Red State, with negative consequences, unlike the Social Security System to supplement one’s retirement income.

And, as with any Federal Government Program, the Social Security System was altered to provide assistance to those who did not earn a retirement income.

A new socialist program arose, without the consent of the people, when former US President Harry S. Truman made possible the establishment of the Socialist State of Israel.

To further acerbate the debts to the American people and the beginning of the murder and wounding of American military to enhance the security and prosperity of Israel, another questionable American, former President Jimmy Carter, approved by the US Senate, introduced the Camp David Accords, making the United States responsible for the economic and physical security of Israel.

In 2012, the US Israel Enhanced Security Act further obligated the American people to assure the economic and physical security of Israel.

May 2016, at the demand of the Jewish Lobby, the US Congress, and the Israeli Government, the annual dollar amount to Israel will be increased to 4.5 billion dollars, effective Fiscal 2018.

Of course, the dollar amount cited does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the Israeli missile programs, the unknown hundreds of millions or, maybe, billions given to Israel by Americans, in the form of tax free donations.

May 11, 2016, I read where Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump was seeking 1.5 billions of dollars for his general election fund which may account for his meeting with American Casino and Last Vegas Newspaper owner, Zionist Sheldon Adelson, and his projected visit to Israel, in my opinion, to solicit additional funds.

Americans, before going to vote on May 17, 2016 and November 2016, should think about the 1.5 billion needed for Trump’s campaign plus the additional 3 billion for a total of 4.5 billion taken away from the American people.

Trump’s money is for a one time election while the 4.5 billion dollars to Israel is for a decade.

Sadly, a vote for Presidential Candidate Hillary R. Clinton would be the same as voting for Candidate Trump; the only American seeking the US Presidency is Senator Bernie Sanders.

Surely, the owners of the news and entertainment media do not believe that when the Rothschild Banking Dynasty achieve their One World Order, with one international religion, the American people will not make the new American Revolution more remarkable than the First American Revolution.

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