Enemies of Jewish Money Leaders

Reference OEN article \”Getting Rid of Bad Examples,\” by Lawrence Davidson, was upsetting, which I will explain:

Regarding President Andrew Jackson, I suspect General Jackson was similar in character to David Crockett, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, Frank and Jesse James, and members of Kentucky;s Militia that fought the British at the Battle of New Orleans; they were hard living and men of action. Allegedly, my great, great, great grandfather, Henry Brown was killed in the War of 1812.

What President Andrew Jackson forced upon the Native Americans can\’t be forgiven; however, did the members of Congress fund and direct President Jackson to relocate the indigenous. You may recall the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act to remove President Saddam Hussein.

A favorable act by President Jackson, in my opinion, was against European money leaders and their American lackeys, even though there was an assassination attempt against him, his administration paid our national debt.

Regarding President Woodrow Wilson, his actions, which he later apologized, for signing Congressional Legislation making the private owned Federal Reserve System, the Central Bank of the United States of America was equal, in my opinion, to President Harry S. Truman making possible the State of Israel.

For the record, President Wilson dispatched a high level of delegation to Palestinian to address the British\’s two state solutions, with the Palestinian /Arabs, which the indigenous population was against.

The support for military action German, in World War 1, was against the will of President Wilson\’ however, the was proceedings covertly went forward without the consent of the President.

With regards to the prejudice charges against President Wilson, I do not accept the allegations, as Wilson was an intellect. If there were admission denials, I do not believe it the will of Woodrow Wilson.

The inclusion of non-white Americans in the Armed Forces began before President Harry A. Truman.

Regarding President John. F. Kennedy, initially while stationed at Homestead Air Force Base, Homestead, FL, during the Cuban Crisis, I didn\’t approve of his refusal to allow US Naval actions in support of the free Cubans trapped on the beaches in Cuba; however, over thirty plus years, I came to agree with President Kennedy\’s Cuba\’s decision.

And, for the record, President John F. Kennedy was not the failure party in the Vietnam Era but President Harry S. Truman. In fact, President Kennedy was going to pull US Forces out of Vietnam as he did Laos.

And, President Kennedy\’s orders to print US Currency, instead of Federal Reserve Notes, along with his concern over Israel\’s Nuclear Program, in my opinion, resulted in his assassination.

Moreover, from the date European Land Companies and Money Lenders sided with Jewish demands, at their arrival in New Amsterdam, their influence has expanded to control of the United States Congress and their subversion of the United States through their myths of non-existing God of Abraham.

Mr. Davidson, the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

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