Internet Free Speech

Over the past year, an agency called DNS have been censoring and editing my e-mail traffic overtly.  For example, they system informs the user when they enter your system, they provide text messages such as \”This document is locked for editing by another user\” and delete at times two thousand or more words you spent hours writing plus at the bottom of the screen a boxed in W appears.

I went to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Office in London, KY and spoke with an agent and he assured me the disruptions weren\’t by our government.  I then went to the Windstream Office, Internet and Phone Provider which I made as Ass out of myself but later apologize and accepted plus send an e-mail to DNS without success.  The monitoring and editing continues.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees Free Speech, the Right to Worship or not and the Right to Assemble; therefore, we need a government that understands the dictates of the US Constitution and the Spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

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