Reimplement and Enforce Federal Government Oversight Regulations and Policies

As an American with thirty-five years international and domestic employment experience and witness to professional workplaces, competent employees, and corporations that have no state or federal government oversight; the time for correction is now.

Recently, flew to Las Vegas from Lexington\’s Blue Grass Airport; however, the flight wasn\’t direct nor was the en-route operational stop at the traditional hub airports at Atlanta, GA or Chicago, IL but Charlotte, NC. The flight from Lexington to Charlotte was aboard American Airline\’s Eagle contractor\’s aircraft that didn\’t meet Federal Aviation Administration for onboard luggage storage. Arrival at Charlotte, the Eagle aircraft had to taxi to an underdeveloped parking area without modern airport equipment and attendants to serve the disabled. The mile or more between the Eagle terminal and American Airlines main terminal was unacceptable for the handicapped and wheelchair assistance was almost non-available.

The main terminal was excellent, the aircraft was a German built Airbus and the onboard flight attendants were outstanding; however, there was no gratis on-board entertainment system that provided in-seat video screens and audio. Yes, the airline provided entertainment, if the passenger possessed a cell phone, a tablet or laptop, on a limited basis; however, for pay, the entertainment selections were greater. Yes, the airline provided free sodas, water, juice and pretzels/peanuts; however, food was for pay with a major credit card, no cash. The flights were negatively enlightening, as I have more than 20,000 flying miles from my employment years, and the lack of government oversight was apparent.

My hotel was a five-star resort but not one accustomed. At check in the express clerk charged me $36.00 per day for free local telephone service and the ability to hook up to Wi-Fi  in-room service. This was the first time in my life in international and domestic hotels; I paid for free local telephone and Wi-Fi access.

The travel period was long and tiring, plus the Cuban Turkey Sandwich and Diet Coke weren\’t filling, so after I changed for bed, I ordered a breakfast meal from room service. The meal cost was twenty one dollars plus ten dollars and thirty cents hotel charge compared to approximately ten dollars at London, KY\’s Frisch\’s. Sadly, the charge did not include gratuity for the server who was an elderly man of Mexican ancestry. The total cost for one meal for thirty-six dollars.

Due to leg disability and taxi charges, returned back to London after two days. I do not like lies, theft, and human abuse. Digressing back to the Charlotte Airport, I asked a number of public service employees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Hawaii, etc. about their pay; where I learned they receive eight dollars per hour, without benefits.

Without a doubt, Zionist control of Congress made Charlotte a hub airport, without regard to the traveler\’s health and welfare.

In Kentucky\’s cable television, internet, telephone service, we discovered through increased charges the ability of DISH, without prior notification, and at termination of service; charged ten dollars, per receiver, to return them to DISH. Why can\’t the communications servers provide for a Hermit customer seeking only news and movie access? No sports or religion. Government oversight should provide for such a system.

The worst grievance, in my opinion, is the private ownership of the Federal Reserve System, the United States\’ Central Bank.

For the uninformed, the primary owner of the Federal Reserve System is the Rothschild Banking Dynasty; whereas, one of the founders centuries past stated \”it doesn\’t\’ matter who sits on the British throne, who controls the money, controls the government, and I control the money.\”

What most people do not understand, the Federal Reserve System controls more than the Central Bank, they control the credit you pay on your credit cards and other borrowed monies. The loaning agency receives money from the Central Bank today, at the lowest rate in my life time; yet, you pay 18 to 26 percent interest or higher. We pay sometimes double or greater the value of the product purchased.

Congress needs to be replaced and the new Congress terminates the Federal Reserve System and return the Central Bank to the government of the United States of America. Moreover, our country is a Constitutional Republic, not a Theocracy; therefore, all governments within the United States of America should enforce Separation of Church and State.

Without strong government oversight, the corporations and other unethical individuals and business will continue to create fiscal turmoil and abuse against the citizens of the United States.

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