July 4th, 2023: Take Back Our Country

The evening of June 14, 2023, following multiple days of news pundit remarks by such individuals such as: ABC National News, Professor Lawrence Tribe, Professor and former US Solicitor Neal Katyal, Rachel Maddow, news anchor Lawrence o•Donnell, and former US Attorneys, and my own research plus in twenty days the 247 year celebration of freedom from the British Empire, I had to write an extremely candid paper for inclusion into my personal blog pertaining to our early history and the terrible situation our nations is in today whereas, the following:

Historians reveal that in 1492, the North American continent was the homeland of between 7 to 10 million individuals of color which, in my opinion, the unknown number of individuals residing in the United States are attempting to deny the current population of colors pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the United States.

The North American continent’s population began to increase with the arrival of Eric the Red, adventures, trappers, Spain’s Religious expedition to North America and, of course, the so-called religious, such as the Quakers, who, because of their own actions, departed Europe for North America to establish a religious country based on fabricated lies and myths. The Jewish community arrived a New Amsterdam, at a later date, demanding the New York government provide them with special considerations, such as land, etc, based on their religion.

Sadly, wealthy European ship owners & investors purchased citizens/residents of the African continent from powerful African Tribal Chiefs whose forces had raided unprotected villages and captured the residents for the purpose of sale as slaves. The slaves were their primary source of foreign exchange currency needed to improved their tribal lands. To this end, the wealthy ship owners & investors delivered the slaves throughout the Americas and the international community.

The slaves brought to North America’s colonies are, today, the subjects of a television documentary and project known as “1619.” Of course the Governor of Florida and multiple other states of our Union are attempting to deny the evidence delivered by the documentary. Unfortunately, one can not visit New York’s Wall Street, the nation’s Capitol in Washington, DC and other locations in the United States and not observe the structures and other labor projects constructed /developed by the hands of slaves.

The United Colonies later the United States was to be an agriculture nation as its industry would sustain the nation both locally and internationally. Amazingly, in fact, the Confederate State’s of America’s economy for a period was the fourth largest economy in the International community. Our agriculture industry, with our barter system, and indigenous financial wisdom prevailed for a period.

During the presidency of Andrew Jackson there were attempts on his life for many reason I guess but a major factor, in my opinion, was Jackson’s fights with the banking industry however I am puzzled why Jackson ordered the US government to force the Native Americans in North Carolina and other eastern states to vacate their lands and move to government lands in Oklahoma thereby giving bankers and investors additional monetary revenue and property. (One may remember the number of Native Americans that died along the way known as the Trail of Tears.) Could it have been estate planning. I visited his Plantation in Tennessee.

In 1867, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, a demoted Union General, was the Commander of the 7th US Calvary in North Dakota and allegedly known as a murderer of Native Americans. Unfortunately, gold was discovered in the Dakotas and a US Senator urged Custer to seek the Presidency of the United States. To this end, Custer like some many military officers during the Vietnam Era more concerned with advancement than the welfare of their troops and pursued Chief Sitting Bull and the combined forces of multiple powerful Indian tribes in the region. Custer and his immediate command was wiped out; Chief Sitting Bull took the majority of his tribesmen into Canada where they escaped the massive forces led by General Crook. The Indians that chose not to travel with Sitting Bull were captured and sent to Indian Reservations in Florida and other states. (Oil (s=Standard Oil of New Jersey) was the main player in Vietnam. A war for profit.)

In 1791, the European Rothschild Banking System, Alexander Hamilton and the same caliber of individuals as previously mentioned assumed financial control over the United States government. The invention of the Cotton Gin, by Eli Whitley, reduced the number of slaves required to produce the south’s cotton crops, the arrival of Irish immigrants whose labor costs were lower than owning slaves and the economic stature of the Confederate States were so impressive , the Rothschild, Wall Street investors and the soon to be carpet-bagger made the decision to divide the United States, as the European investors accomplished in Europe and elsewhere. Therefore, with the ownership of the news media, book publisher, and Northern Congressional voices, the ownership of slaves became the topic to divide the United States but there was national object in their way – President Abraham Lincoln. Resolution – President Lincoln was murdered by an actor, John Wilkes Booth. Finally, with the help of Russian naval forces that blockaded foreign naval ships from reaching Southern ports, General Robert E. Lee, the former Union Officer and the his mounted soldiers captured John Brown, sundered the Army of Virginia to the Union. The War Between the States ended but the Union prevailed.

In 1881 President James Garfield was murdered by an individual claiming to be on a Mission From God.

In 1898, a Rothschild funded and directed the establishment of Zionism which as an organization established to build a homeland for those of Judaism. To this end, the international community went into a depression mode as Jews throughout the international community, especially in the United States, which in my opinion, was the cause of our country’s great depression and the rise of the four term President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In 1901, President William McKinley was murdered by an individual blaming McKinley for an economic panic.

In 1913, the US Congress committed the greatest act of TREASON, in my opinion, of our current 246 year history. It was in this year, member of Congress following a lavish getaway on Jekyll Island, GA returned to Washington and approved the Federal Reserve Act. The said Act turned over to the private owners of the nation’s largest banks the authority to print money, collect debts, and become the administrators of the Internal Revenue Service. President Wilson signed the Act but later apologized for the harm he set upon the United States. The Act would have become law as those that committed TREASON had the votes to over ride a Presidential Veto.

In 1914, the United States entered into World War I because Federal Reserve Owners were responsible for loading munitions, guards, and other military hardware aboard civilian cruse ships with destinations in Europe. The German Ambassador to the United States warned pending passengers and the US government they would sink the cruise ships transporting war supplies to Europe. The Germans sand a US Flag Carrier Ship and the Congress of the United States Declared War on Germany.

Harry S. Truman and his Jewish friend and co-owner of a clothing store in Missouri were military store keepers during the war in Europe. (Truman may have other duties as well.) Truman was elected to Congress after the War and President Roosevelt chose Truman as his Vice President for his fourth term as President of the United States. Sadly, President Roosevelt expired early in his fourth term and Vice President Truman became President of the United States. During Truman’s campaign to become president on his own initiative was in doubt as the US News Media predicted Governor Dewey, OH, as the people choice. Alas, Truman received money and voting blocs from Zionist and Christian zealots and became President of the United States. Truman’s payback to the Zionist and Christians came in the form of public recognition of the Hebrew/Zionist/Jewish/Israeli occupiers of the land of Palestine as the future home of the Nation Stare of Israel. The act was Truman’s United Nations representatives and US State Department Mission to bride, threaten, giveaways, etc. to the foreign ambassadors at the United Nations to vote for the Jewish occupation of Palestine to become the State of Israel. In 1949 approved Israeli Statehood but with a provision a state of Palestine would exist along side the State of Israel. Since 1947, the governments shave refused to allow Palestinian Statehood. (I sued President Biden, Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, Senator Schumer and Senator McConnell to cease in vetoing Palestinian Statehood. Sadly, a District Court and Appeals Court said the Court had say against the Federal Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government. (Suggest you read my last book, identified on my blog site, that provides the entire summary of the lawsuit.)

Since the presidency of Harry S. Truman every US Congressional Session and Presidential Administration have placed the lives of US Military and Foreign Service personnel plus the unlimited/unapproved US funds to build a Nation State of Israel. The why is because the Federal Reserve owners are Zionist and members of Congress are political prostitutes seeking donations and votes from the religious traitors. NO GODS HAVE EVER EXISTED. THE GODS OF ABRAHAM ARE PROVEN SCAMS.

From November 1960 to September 1964, I was stationed at Homestead Air Force Base, FL during which time, the United States and the Soviet Union came close to World War Ill over the Island of Cuba and the Castro Government. (Retired Marine General Butler”s “War”s A Racket” reveals the aggression by out government against Cuba and other Central American Countries on behalf of US Corporations.) The cause of the conflict was determined during the Eisenhower Administration”s foreign policy activities were controlled by the Dulles brothers and the Military/Industrial Complex (Eisenhower”s reported to the nation identifying the Military Industrial Complex) but, in my opinion, the Military Industrial Complex was in fact the private owners of the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately, President Kennedy inherited a planned aggression against Cuba however, in my opinion, he upset the Federal Reserve owners, the Dulles brothers, the US corporations, US Mafia, senior members of his administration,and dual citizen Cubans that owned the sugar cane fields, cigar industry, hotels, casino. However the kicker came when Kennedy authorized the issuance of US Currency, with silver backing, that bypassed the Federal Reserve”s control of printing US Currency. President Kennedy was murdered just as President Abraham Lincoln because of issuing monetary instruments, not the Rothschild”s owned banks.

The death of President Kennedy did not stop the struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States whereas our country expended an unknown dollar amount to accommodate the Cubans fleeing Cuba and the total number of Cuban that came to Dade County, FL (Miami, Homestead, Florida City, etc) and other locations in the United States is likewise unknown to the average US citizen. Moreover, at the time of the Cuban Crisis around Homestead Air Force Base and Dade County, the population was primarily English speakers and I suppose a normal composition of all races over-all. Yes, there was a large concentration of blacks between Homestead and Miami plus there was a labor camp near the air base. Alas, recently I learned from a documentary by a once popular movie star that the population of Miami was 80% Latino plus a year of so past, a friend resident in Miami Beach informed me of the difficulties living in the Miami area due to the control by Cubans that did not adhere to the norms of being a citizen of the United States.

I wonder if the Proud Boys association to the attempted overthrow of the United Stares is related to President Trump’s decision to void President Obama’s Diplomatic Relations with the government of Cuba and are physically related to the hundreds of the Bay of Pig prisoners from the foiled Bay of Pigs Invasion, the US Air Force & contract air carriers brought to Homestead Air Force, Fl., after their release by President Castro.

I was one of the thousands of US military and government civilians involved in the release, movement to Homestead and the security for the released prisoners during their stay a Homestead where allegedly they were given money, other gifts, a party, and transportation to Miami Beach for another party in their favor. Also, our government provided employment and other beneficial benefits for the released and yet, if appears the Miami Cuban community took the struggle by the US and the massive benefits and set aside the cited to become traitors to the United States the government that helped them secure a new life.

Trump’s sanctions against Cuba, remaining in place by a equally incompetent Joseph R. Biden, have denied Cuban farmers with the equipment, tools, etc., necessary to continue Cuba’s long history of Sugar Cane production. So sad, politician’s lust for power and wealth make the average international/domestic individuals/families suffer. There could be peace in the world except for politicians and illegal political parties.

The national news media reported the first stop by former President Trump, after being arrested and released by an apparent Cuban, not a loyal citizen to the US Constitution , in my opinion, Magistrate was at a Cuban Coffee Shop and from the news media’s televised scans of the area, many flags from Latin America countries, not the United States, were visible in the immediate area.

Recently, one of the MSNBC Anchors presented a review of the probable Judge of the US v Donald J. Trump Trial where we learned the Official Papers she presented to the Congressional Judicial members charged to approve her appointment as a Federal Judge consisted of papers she wrote, in Spanish, while working at a Spanish speaking Miami Radio Station. Equally interesting, the Chairman of the Senate Judicial Members was the questionable Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA) whose integrity is questionable was responsible, in my opinion, for the Federal Judgeship of Cuban Aileen Cannon. (I truly hope I am wrong about Cannon and, if so, I will write a retraction to my concerns.)

In my thirty five years of covert and overt employment assignments in the United States, Guam, and Southeast Asia, I studied the Customs, Cultures and religions of the region’s indigenous people. In our country, the United States, there are four or five distinct Customs and Cultures; the basic religion lies and myths have been the same since the Spanish Religion and gold expedition. Sadly, the overt facade throughout the United States is our country is male dominated however, in truth, the female actually controls the home. Returning to the Spanish influence, we still find many such as Judge Cannon and the Miami/Dade County Magistrate, in my opinion, that gave special, illegal, liberties to the arrested Donald J. Trump because of their Spanish heritage. (Cannon even stated in her writings that she gave special consideration to Trump because he was a former president.

Our country is the United States, there are no Kings, Dictators, Popes, etc authority – the people of the United States govern our country through elected representatives. For crying out loud, the Miami/Dade County Magistrate didn’t even take Trump’s Passport or restrict his travels to within Florida. However, the MA Air National Guardsman that committed less threats to the United States is imprisoned.

Regarding Judge Cannon’s recent ruling for the lawyers to obtain security clearances to go forward with the trial of the traitor Donald J. Trump/ To this end, even with a security clearance, the Judge, Lawyers, and Jury have no right or need to see the classified documents. The why is to handle and read classified documents one must have a security clearance equal to the document and, the most important, the need to see the text of the document. None of the above identified are authorized the access sought. The solution used by the US Military to brief Ambassadors and other senior officials is to compile an unclassified text document of the classified document. The above do not need to know collection techniques, military plans to attack or any other information, they only need to know the basic reason for the classification of the document whereas a simply unclassified summary would suffice. The whole security smoke screen is just a delay until the 2024 election has selected a new president. Trump and his fellow Republican traitors are hoping to pardon Trump and his fellow traitors.

Earlier, I wrote about the different Customs and Cultures in the United States that takes my memory back to President George Washington’s concern that immigrants, former slaves, etc., would not spread out throughout the United States but remain to same race communities. His concerns were and are true even in the year 2023. For example, the blacks latest title for identification as a group is African-Americans. For crying out loud, science and true world history confirms humans evolved from the ape. In fact, in a previous blog, I wrote about the recent fossil discoveries and Saudi Arabia, Germany, and other locations that clearly identify the migration from the African continent across Arabia to other unexplored lands such as Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, etc. Also, the findings reveal the migrants not only crossed Arabia but many came back to Arabia to construct communities and, sadly, fabricate another sect of the Abraham Religion scams, lies, and myths.

Lastly, regarding the above, the charges made against former President Donald J. Trump are minor to the foreign policy damage he did to the United States and the unnecessary deaths and injuries to US forces, US State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and the indigenous of Southwest Asia. To this end, our country must in the 2024 election make the decision if we want to remain a sovereign Constitutional Republic or a theocracy. NO GODS HAVE EVER EXISTED – PERIOD.

The first part of this paper, I addressed our country forthcoming celebration of the 4th of July to which I envision the following mandatory, in my opinion, Constitutional Amendments if we are to remain a sovereign nation:

  • The First Amendment guarantee regarding the Right to Worship must be revised to reflect the following: The Right to Worship, any entity, is guaranteed at one’s own initiative; no official government support, aid, tax deductions, etc., will be afforded the Right to Worship. Also, all United States governments, whether county, city, state or federal government must pass a law making it a felony to support any entity whose published goal is to overthrow the government of the United States.
  • The Second Amendment”s reference to militias and the ownership of firearms must be vacated however the right to own weapons to hunt, firing ranges, trophies but under the administrative document control of local governments. For example, one may own a weapons however the weapon will not be stored at a residence, except as a blocked trophy weapon, but at a government owned armory where the weapon may be checked out and returned after the hunting, firing range contest, and, for those that like to play war, at a commercial/community controlled War Game. The United States is a secure country where private ownership to protect their property is no longer, in my opinion, necessary. IMPORTANT CAVEAT: The states must return to a sovereign National Guard that does not take orders/directions from the federal government. (We came close with Trump”s declaration of martial law to retain his presidency.)
  • Congress must void, as requested by outgoing President/General George Washington the directive that the President of the United States was the “Commander In Chief” of US Armed Forces. Our country”s domestic and foreign environments have changed in the almost 247 years whereas, for example, the majority of individuals serving in our government whether elected, appointed or hired through the Office of Personnel Management are dishonesty and, if claim to the followers of the Gods of Abraham, then they are traitors.
  • Congress must end political parties with the funding of national elections through citizen donations at tax filing and other government revenue sources plus the candidates chosen through multiple state elections to determine a candidate for federal offices sought will be provide a said number of hours of gratis television, radio, internet air time plus a designated number of gratis print exposures. Money in political is not a Constitutional Right. Lastly in the series, a member of the Federal Executive must be able to qualify for the issuance of the highest classification of government documents.
  • Congress must return to the duties of the three branches of the Federal Government. For example, Congress, per the US Constitution, was charged to meet the First Monday in December to accomplish their duties such as funding the US government, passing laws, approving treaties, etc., and then return to their homes districts with a possible recall by the President of the United States to declare war other emergencies requiring approval by Congress. Unfortunately, the unethical, the religious zealots, and lawyers saw the ability to acquire wealth and power through election to the US Congress whereas today members of Congress work Tuesday through Thursday unless outgoing emergencies of necessity exists total less than 100 hours annually. Worse, the Congress is in Washington yearly residing in some form of personal living facility but still many return to their home of record with the assistance of the perks they are afforded. The duties of the three Branches of the Federal Government must be changed to reflect the meaning of our Constitutional Republic. WE DO NOT HAVE ROYALS IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
  • Congress must reestablish the military and/or draft for government service to assure that every male/female in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, other Pacific Islands, etc., contribute to the prosperity and security of the United States. From personal experience, basic training afforded a Kentuckian association with the other races, religions, creed, cultures, etc. of US citizens. Equally important, the immigrants since the end of World War II are coming to the United States for economic reasons; they have no will or desire to sustain our Constitutional Republic. The 246 year religious communities are parasites and threats to our national security and must, in the future, serve the United States either in the military or government support service. No religion is allowed to recruit and maintain an army to continue their religious lies, myths, and scams.
  • Congress must act immediately to void and re-write the Presidential Records Act. The said Act, is my opinion, based on my reading of the Act and Amendment is nothing more than an avenue for the President and Vice President to retain classified documents that will assist them in the purchase of Wall Street Stocks and other avenues to accumulate wealth and remain in their federal positions. (In my opinion, every member of the Federal Government are traitors to the United States.) Statement is based on the fact there are not now or ever been any Gods of Abraham; Israel is a sovereign nation but a parasite on the international community.
  • Congress must establish/end the following: End dual citizenship any recognition of citizenship or identification except as a citizen of the United States. One’s nationality is the: United States; End all support to the Nation State of Israel; Approve the establishment of a Palestinian Homeland alongside the Nation State of Israel (In Accordance with United Nations Resolutions.); Pass laws making English our national language and all corporations receiving revenue, etc from the United States will maintain English speaking and comprehending employee at their Service Desks and other areas where customers seek resolution.; Congress must administer a written opinion on the authority of the Supreme Court over the actions of the Federal Executive Branch and Legislative Branch. Worse, Congress must declare as a final directive/authority whether the cas against Donald J. Trump will end with the change of US Attorney General in a new 2024 Presidential Administration. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

I realize I have offered my opinion on multiple subjects which may have offended some but the freedom of speech hasn’t been deleted whereas as a well versed US citizen I have addressed events, situations, religion, etc., that could end our Constitutional Republic. The United States is my only love and hope she will continue until the religious community add the United States to their list of civilizations destroyed. Hopefully, earth will continue to exist withOUT the scam GODS OF ABRAHAM.

Please read my other blog entries at https://billyraywilson.com/.


With respect, I remain.
Billy Ray Wilson

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