Sedition & Treason

At the outset, one must remind most Kentuckians and citizens of the United States the very basic information about our country. For example:

Our country’s designated international title following the defeat of the British Empire was and is: The United States.

Of course many United States’ do not know a Quaker Continental Congress delegate from Delaware, who recently returned from four years in London, England studying law, was one of the members tasked to draft the Article of Confederation. Sadly, his lack of integrity and sedition, in my opinion, toward the formation of a nation with equality for all fell to his belief in the fabricated God of Abraham. To this end, he add “of America” to the United States.

I do not know if the Quaker Delaware representative’s additional words to the United States were based on the English identification of the North American Continents settlements as ”America” or intended to imply the United States had sovereignty over North America with said land being a Christian nation. I suspect, the later, as since 1776, the religious communities in the United States have forced the federal government to change our country’s motto from “Out of Many, One” to “In God We Trust” and multiple other changes being made to our Constitution and added New Public Laws by seditious & treasonous members of the three branches of the federal government.

Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and the other members of the Continental Congress wrote in our country’s Declaration of Independence the word “Creator” instead of God. The Declaration’s Signers knew from their far advanced education, life experiences, and plain old Common Sense the Gods of Abraham were a scam initiated by Hebrew tribesmen in Southwest Asia.

Our form of government is a Constitutional Republic. We are not a theocracy or a true democracy. For example:

A Constitutional Republic’s form of government is where the people ( initially white land owners) voted to elect representatives that would go to our nations capitol, at a designated date, and, after said date, were subject to recall by the President to implement and approve laws, policies, treaties, fund the government, Declare War, etc., and, at the end of their session, would return to their state’s elected district.

Unfortunately, over the past 246 years, the elected and appointed members of the federal government have not acted on behalf of the people of the United States but themselves and, worse, have not made any truly constructive Constitutional Amendment to government duties off the three federal branches of government. For example, records reveal after President/General Washington resigned and turned the Continental Army to Congress, he requested, on multiple occasions for Congress to end the tile of Commander in Chief for the President. Washingtori’s request is only logical as the President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States just as the Chairman of General Motors is the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive of the United States and the Chairman of General Motors are not Kings, Royalty, Dictators, etc. Each have an authority over them. The President – the People. The Chairman – stock holders.

Federal government officials, with the assistance of the ยท traitors from state’s representatives, have secured perks and benefits beyond any received by Kings, Prime Ministers, Popes, Dictator, Chairman of a Political Parties, etc that I witnessed in my 35 years of domestic and international employment. In fact, elected members of Congress, appointed members to government positions, and Justices on the Supreme Court came to Washington, most individuals, without adequate resources however they departed, most, as millionaires.

The Constitution does not address political parties as a legitimate function of government however today’s Republican Party headed by a twice impeached and civil convicted criminal that seeks to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Governing is not a ball game; it is our country’s future.

A theocracy form of government is one where the teachings, guidance, and dictatorial governing is based on a fictitious God. (Israel has no Constitution whereas the laws of the land are controlled by the supreme Jewish religious leader; Iran’s government is controlled by a Supreme Islam Religious leader and fellow clergy; today, our country has so-called religious scam artists traitors and Zionist governing the United States.)

A true democracy is where every bill, funding authorization, policies, etc. are approved by the people’s vote, not the political prostitutes, individuals without integrity or honor, and the religious community’s traitors and, of course, the non-loyal United States citizen.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship however said right does not include the right to subvert our Constitutional Republic through the unlimited support of an entity that advocates the overthrow of the US Government. The Gods of Abraham’s, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, goal is world domination.

Worse, recently General Milly, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army Forces, stated he didn’t know what a White Nationalist was? Well, General Milly, a White Nationalist is a follower of the Gods of Abraham who are praying for the end of time as reference in the Bible Book of Revelations.

In fact, the religious community in the 2020 National Presidential Election identified Trump as the Messiah. Today, June 7, 2023, presidential announcement, former Vice President Pence referenced GOD in his presidential announcement. Nothing new as most political candidates refer to God to obtain votes and money. NO GODS EVER EXISTED.

Returning back to the subject:

BACKGROUND: I was born on September 21, 1943, in East Bernstadt, Laurel County, Bible Belt, the Commonwealth of Kentucky. From the religious indoctrination I received the first seventeen years of my life, I could have used said false information to become a member of the US Congress. My integrity and love of the United States stopped my progression in politics.

Between 1943 and 1960, ministers, Sunday School teachers, mother, and family members instilled stories of Adam & Eve, Abraham’s travel from UR, to a place the Hebrews called Canaan (which was historically the Roman Province of Palestine). Noah’s Flood and Ark, and the Tower of Babel which I later confirmed were all lies.

The cited approximately 6,000 years old stories initiated by the Hebrews were violent stories of an aggressive people and, in my mind, did not corresponded with a so-called teachings of the Palestinian called Jesus. Today, June 7, 2023, the Hebrews, aka Jews, aka Israeli’s continue their aggression to control most of the Middle East based on lies that a GOD gave them the land. Unfortunately, for US citizens, it is our country, since 1948 and the Presidential Harry S. Truman,that pave the way for the Hebrews to deny the Palestinians a homeland alongside the Jewish Nation State of Israel. NO GODS HAVE EVER EXISTED. (See more later in blog.)

I departed Laurel County in September 1960 to enlist into the United States Air Force whereas for the following thirty five years of employment in the United States, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Southwest Asia, I clung hopeless to the beliefs from my childhood while surviving heated verbal debates in the areas/regions identified.

During the 1980s, I was employed by Northrop and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporations, with duty at King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, Asir Province, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where important about the employment was the association with foreign nationals from the international community that were employed in Saudi Arabia and conversations with said foreign nationals, the Saudi civilian and military communities.

During an employment assignment at King Khalid, my wife, son and I plus a group of other McDonnell Douglas employees and their families took a bus tour to the Red Sea. While at the Red Sea, I visited a Saudi Museum displaying animals from the region and stories of the area before the formation of the Red Sea between the continent of Africa and Arabia. Also, residing near the Red Sea in mud/wood branches huts half buried in the ground were black Africans, not the normal, to my knowledge, Saudi residence of the Asir Province where we resided. (Nearby the Royal Saudi government had constructed million dollar housing projects for the black residences but allegedly they would not move into the modern housing).

The visit prompted questions in my mind regarding the migration of life forms from Africa prior to the Red Sea and afterwards which I questioned in a paper I was asked to write about the history of Saudi Arabia. It has been approximately thirty seven years since I wrote the paper however my questions did not cease when I left Saudi Arabia. For example, this year, 2023, for example, we learned the Royal Saudi Government has hired French scientists/historians to search the Saudi landscape to learn of the said migration from Africa to and through the Arabian Peninsula and the return to Arabia by the earliest migrants. The most recent finding revealed the discovery of the homo-erectus man fossils, footprints of animals and humans thousands of years old, civilizations older than the civilizations written by the Hebrews and the findings continue. Too me, the findings in Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Canada’s Yukon plus other international locations debunk even further the Hebrews lies.

Digressing but in the same subject area: In 1898, the realization of a homeland for those of Judaism was becoming a second thought however a Rothschild funded and directed the establishment of an international organization called Zionism that advocated a homeland for those of Judaism. Immediately, especially in the United States, the Jewish community supported by certain Christians created economic turmoil which in my opinion was responsible for our country’s Great Depression. Europe and some of the other Americas countries, controlled by those of Judaism, suffered as well.

Note: I’m an atheist as I know there have never been any Gods. Also, the definition of anti-Semitic came in to being in Germany in the 1880s when the rich was building a new modern Germany. (The Rothschild’s were in Germany and other locations in Europe before becoming the primary financial institute in the United Colonies in 1791.) When you own the publishing houses you can make and revise words as you see fit.

Soon after the formation of Zionism, a Zionist Convention was held in New York City where many programs were approved and fund to build a Jewish home. To this end, in my opinion, was formation of a Zionist Army that was used to invade Palestine.

In 1913, the US Congress approved and President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act which by-passed the US Constitution and allowed private bankers to administer the finances of the United States and control the Internal Revenue Service. A sell out of the United States by traitors in the US government – SOVEREIGNTY LOST. President Wilson later apologized for what he did to the United States.

Fast forward to the former presidency of Donald J. Trump. For example during his administration, he approved the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, occupied Palestine to Jerusalem the city the early Hebrews considered Heaven.

Hell was a village located near Jerusalem where a burn pit existed and used to burn trash, people, babies, whatever. The here after heaven and hell was developed by later religious leaders to bleed money and lives to further religious cruel advancement. More lies.

Continuing with Donald J. Trump, a Clear and Present Danger to the United States; a traitor, in my opinion, and most true, loyal United States citizens: During Trump’s presidency he declared to the international community, as if he was the supreme leader of the world, the Syria Golan Heights, occupied by Israel, was owned by the Jewish Nation State of Israel even though the United Nations passed Resolutions against the Israeli occupation, he deployed US National Guardsmen to steal Syria’s oil for sale on the international market; supported the continued occupation by Israel; ordered the murder of an Iranian General, according to Israeli press, that planning on striking an Israeli SKI and Snowboarding resort in the Golan Heights that the Israelis named Mount Hermon; the Israeli press reported, with photograph, of a Trump Land Deal in the Golan Heights known and Trump Heights. In Saudi Arabia, Trump made a deal with the Saudis to deploy US military to a backward Saudi Airbase to protect the Saudi oil fields. Trump bragged the Saudis paid one billion dollars for the deal. Cared more for money than the lives and hardships of US military personnel.

And, one may recall the Ukraine situation where Trump was impeached by the US Congress but Senator Mitch McConnell and the other Republican traitors, in my opinion, would not remove hime from the presidency.

Well Senator McConnell his term did end and Trump’s back as a candidate for 2024 while being convicted of assault of a lady and possible convictions for theft and mishandling of US classified documents.

Oh, without a doubt, in my opinion, the document Trump allegedly spoke about regarding Iran War Plans were sold to Israel or given to Israel with the understanding that Trump received monetary support and voting blocs from the Jewish Community and Christian traitors.

Again, Trump and his Republican counterparts are a Clear and Present Danger to our Constitutional Republic.

In closing, if our country is to remain a Constitutional Republic we must elect nonreligious representatives to represent the people and the new representatives must make many Constitutional Amendments to bring our county up to the 22nd Century and beyond. I want live to see the much need changes however I hope the true US citizen prevails.

Thank you.

Billy Ray Wilson

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