Letter of Intent to Kentucky Secretary of State

Dear Honorable Madam Secretary:

As a retired (disabled) military veteran and retired Department of Veterans Affairs Administrative Officer of the Day, with a history of seeking a Commonwealth seat in the United States Congress, I seek to represent the Commonwealth in the November 2016 Election.

With a thirty five years covert/overt employment primarily under the Federal Government’s Employment Umbrella, I will be the only candidate for the US Senate with US State Department’s Foreign Policy experience, Sensitive Joint Service Military Assignments, temporary duty to supporting the Vietnam Baby Airlift and Search and Recovery of US Missing In Action, six years Air Operations Supervisor and Administrative Assistant to Saudi Air Force F-15 Squadron Commander and Administrative Assistant to the Saudi Project Officer negotiating the purchase of British Aircraft to supplement the purchase of US F-15 Aircraft with Operational and Training Package and assuring the Saudi F-15 Squadron and aligned organizations purchased needed resources from the United States of other countries industry.

Military and civilian schools afforded knowledge and first echelon utilization for the handling and security of the highest level security clearance, expertise to defend and secure a military airfield, communication with other Custom and Culture Ethnic Groups, write military messages and war orders, and entrance level automated data processing programming plus the utilization of ADP units requiring a Top Secret/Crypto Clearance.

On a personal note, I will accept monetary and physical support from fellow Kentuckians this election because our country has to have an American in the United States Senate capable of addressing both Chambers of Congress, with expertise and knowledge, regarding foreign affairs, veteran’s health and monetary support, the need to initiate work programs that will put Americans to work which in turn would return our country’s infrastructure and from full employment will arrive gratis education from pre-school through college/vocational schools, national health care, end the usage of fossil fuel, seek approval for the cultivation, product development and sale, without bias, of Kentucky’s once number one money crop, introduce to Kentucky’s General Assembly and the US Congress documented science that will affect the western region of the Commonwealth and bordering states west, revoke the Camp David Accords and end other foreign monetary assistance, treat Cuba as a partner in the Americas, terminate the Federal Reserve; whereby, charging the US Treasury Department manage our credit and currency, reintroduce loyalty, respect, and honor for the United States of America and emphasize to all citizens we are not a Christian or Judeo/Christian nation but a Constitutional Republic.

Regarding our Constitutional Republic, in my opinion, Senator Ted Cruz is violating our Constitution: 1. From personal experience my son born in Laos and what Senator Cruz stated about he and his mother’s citizenship reveals; he is not repeat not a Natural Born American. 2. I don’t mean to offend but Senator Cruz and the other candidates pandering to the religious community are violating the wisdom of our founders for a “Separation of Church and State.”

Note: According to US State Department policy, a child born to an American parent, residing in a foreign country, must submit a Form DS-2029, “APPLICATION FOR CONSULAR REPORT OF BIRTH ABROAD OF A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” which Cruz did not acknowledge but added he was not a Naturalized citizen.

Of note: Cruz’s mother was an employee of an oil company, not associated with a missionary group, Red Cross, the US Military or any of the organizations/agencies allowing special consideration.

Madam Secretary and members of the Election Commission, I request the Commonwealth intercede with news media, religious community, and the general population that religious preference nor religious affiliation is not a prerequisite to seek Federal Office and is unethical to deny a candidate the right to defend the US Constitution as he or she swore to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

And, not to offend, the United States Government relies on science and true history to assure the prosperity and security of the United States; whereas, anyone seeking the truth regarding religion, one should research the multi-Internet Web Sites, where they will learn the teachings, in Bible and other religion’s authority book, are myths.

Madam Secretary, I am angry the current members of Congress and going back to the 1998 Congress’ 1998 Iraq Liberation Act that funded and directed President William Jefferson Clinton to remove President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. It was not and is not the politicians, the wealthy, the religious leadership, the private owners of the Federal Reserve System and Wall Street Investors being killed, wounded, exposed to toxic substances and increasing national debt but Americans in the US Armed Forces and DOD Contractors loyal to our country and countrymen.

Thank you for your attention and please find a personal check in the amount of $50.00 for filing fee.

With respect, I remain.

American and Kentuckian



Attached: personal check $50.00
















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