The Reason I’m Seeking Political Office: Myths and Continuous Wars

April 2, 2014 – I watched the movie ‘Noah’ and earlier in March 2014, I watched the movie trailer ‘Son of God’ to see how the directors/producers presented the mythical stories to the international community.

The ‘Son of God’ was what I expected. I don’t know how tickets sales were for the movie but I know local churches leased the theater screening the movie several times. From the trailer, I confirmed my opinion why too many citizens of Red States are recipients of multiple sources of government assistance.

The majority of the Red States Christians believe the myths of the Bible they will be resurrected from death should they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior which would occur at Jesus’ return to earth. Unfortunately, the after-life myth wasn’t in the original text from which the Bible was published.

In the movie, Jesus calmed a raging sea, placed his hands in the water and the fisher’s net became full, he made a blind man see, he provided food and drink for the multitudes, healed the sick, and additional miracles for the people seeking socialism.

In the movie ‘NOAH’ were scenes, maybe director/producers license to enhance the film, that I do not recall being taught during the religious brainwashing of my youth. For example, I never knew fallen angels became entities made of rock but were able to speak, walk, fight, think, and assisting in the construction of the Ark.

Maybe another director enhancement but the terrain and people where the alleged Noah’s activities occurred, in the film, aren’t compatible to the indigenous and environment where the original stories originated. In fact, three separate Arab cultures wrote about the mythical flood but only the Noah’s Flood myth involved an Ark and two of each non-human surface/air species.

The movie ended with two females; Noah’s wife and an adopted female. There were four males; Noah and his three sons. The middle son leaves his family, at the Ark’s surface impact area, to search for life, especially a spouse.

Equally interesting to me is the academic community’s reporting of the birth place of Noah and his family and Abraham and his clan. The location is known today as the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Jesus’ birthplace is recognized to be the ancient Roman Province of Palestine. The last foreign occupier of Palestine, prior to Jewish terrorist control, was the British Government under a United Nations Mandate.

There was never a sovereign country of Israel until 1949. Yes, there were two Kingdoms in the Province of Palestine known as Judea and Samaria but, as stated, never a recognized state of Israel. The population was mixed ethnic groups and races just as present day Israel.

Jews claim the God of Abraham promised them a Jewish homeland. How many homelands were they promised if my brainwashing memory is correct, an Egyptian Pharaoh gave a land area called Goshen to the Jews, as their homeland?

Jews were never forced to leave the land of Palestine. In fact, Arab and Jewish leadership made a treaty/agreement for Jews to remain in the Middle East but would have to pay an annuity to Arab governments.

In 1898, an organization was formed called Zionism. Zionists demanded the international community establish a homeland for those of Judaism.

From the establishment of Zionism, the international community soon entered a Great Depression. Economic actions, by the Jewish community to expedite migration to Palestine, were instrumental in our country’s greatest economic depression.

In Pre-World War I Germany, those of Judaism reaped the economic and security benefits of the German state but demanded recognition as Jews instead of German nationals.

Historically, Germans were winning World War I prior to the entry of the United States in the war. A false flag incident occurred that brought the United States into the war. The assumption by many historians was German Jews and Wall Street Investors were responsible for Germany’s defeat.

The Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I was extremely punitive against the German government and her people. The treaty humiliated the Germany people and took the nation into economic ruin.

In desperation, the German people established the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZI) to replace the former government domination by Jewish bankers and made laws to restrict the Jewish community.

Unaccepted by most Jews and too many Americans, the NAZI government, not the special divisions of the NAZI Party, assisted Jews to depart Germany for Palestine to establish a German presence in Palestine. This assistance included para-military and other training for those departing for Palestine, as well as other assistance to many. The German Government was not the enemy; the enemy was international Zionism and US Wall Street Investors.

Sadly, the Jewish actions Germany suffered following the establishment of Zionism is alive and rampant in our country. For example, the Congress of the United States legislated and the President signed into law Acts/Resolutions that mandate the American people support, both economically and with physical force, the Socialist Nation of Israel.

In April 2014, the United States Supreme Court, 5-4, ruled the wealthy could donate the maximum dollar amount to political candidates, in each election cycle. The last Presidential Election, a Jewish Casino owner and his wife donated 93 million dollars to candidates running against President Barack H. Obama. The money wasn’t to elect an American to assure the economic and physical security of the United States but to elect a traitor, like the casino owners, to assure the establishment of a Greater Israel.

April 4, 2014, NBC Evening News reported the presence of former President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter attended a stage play titled “Camp David” based on the former’s President and Mrs. Carter negotiating skills during the Camp David Accords Peace Talks.

The opposing parties were President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel in the first real effort to bring peace and resolution between Egypt and Israel regarding the 23,000 sq. mi. Sinai Peninsula captured by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1967 and the 1973 War between Egypt and Israel under the leader of President Sadat to recover the Sinai.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, we learned Sadat was born Muhammad Anwar Sadat on December 25, 1918 (Christmas Day) in the village of Mit Abu al-Minufiyah, Egypt to a poor family. He was one of 13 brothers and sisters.

During the years Egypt was a protectorate of the United Kingdom, he was fascinated by Hitler’s NAZI German Army for their quick ability to become a strategic threat to Britain.

Sadat became a senior member of the Free Officers who overthrew King Farouk in 1952. He succeeded President Gamal Abdel Nasser as the third Egyptian President in 1970.

In 1971, we learned President Sadat endorsed a letter to a United Nations (UN) Peace Proposal by UN negotiator Gunnar Jarring with the ambition leading to a full peace with Israel based on Israel’s withdrawal to its pre-war borders. The peace initiative failed as neither the United States of America nor Israel accepted the terms.

President Sadat’s approval of the Camp David Accords resulted in his assassination. The Muslim Brotherhood and government leftists felt Sadat had abandoned the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Menachem Begin was born in Brest (Brest-Litovsk) part of the Russian Empire, today a part of Belarus. He was the youngest of three children. His mother was descended from distinguished rabbis. Begin’s father was a timber merchant, community leader and admirer of the founder of Zionism.

In June 1941, after Germany attacked the Soviet Union and Begin was released from prison, he joined the Polish Ander’ Army and later assigned, via the Persian Corridor, to Palestine in 1942.

Menachem Begin, in my opinion, was the worst terrorist in my lifetime. This individual was the leader of the terrorist group that blew up the King David Hotel, a hostel for British military and civilians administering the United Nations Mandate to govern Palestine, and other horrific acts against the British and Palestinians.

Another Jewish terrorist group ambushed and murdered the United Nations Representative dispatched to negotiate the establishment of the two states, Palestine and Israel, per the Balfour Agreement and its White Paper.

In my opinion, the Prime Ministers of Israel should be added to the history books, along with former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Richard Cheney, as war criminals.

I learned of the 1967 War of Aggression by Israel from an article in Playboy Magazine, written by a former Illinois member of the US Congress, when I was stationed in Southeast Asia. The article described the IDF, air and naval forces, attacking the United States Navy Ship Liberty on station in international waters, north of the Sinai Peninsula. Of the 34 killed were naval officers, two Marines and one civilian, 171 Navy wounded and the Liberty severely damaged resulting in salvage.

Later research revealed the IDF Navy attacked seaman overboard even those in life rafts. At least one of the Israeli Air Force pilots was an American citizen who was later Courts Martialed by the Israeli Air Force because he would not attack the known United States Ship.

A US Navy Carrier, in the region, launched strike sorties to defend the Liberty; however, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, President Lyndon B. Johnson or both ordered the recall of the sorties. A rumor circulating related President Johnson said he would not embarrass an ally.

Moreover, most Americans do not know the truth regarding the 1973 War in that Israeli Defense Forces were initially defeated by Arab armies; however, President Richard M. Nixon authorized the near depletion of military stores on the east coast of the United States to replenish the IDF ending with Israeli retaining the Sinai. Nixon’s actions created diplomatic discord with NATO leadership as the munitions provided Israel was stored to defend Europe from a possible invasion by the Soviet Union.

Carter’s actions obligated the United States to provide Egypt and Israel with billions of dollars annually and provide US Forces to secure the Sinai after the peninsula was returned to Egypt.

In compliance with the Camp David Accords agreement, two hundred forty eight soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, KY, returning from temporary duty in the Sinai, were killed in an aircraft crash at Gander, Canada. Eight Arrow Contract Aircraft crewmembers were killed.

In 1982, IDF, under Israeli General Aerial Sharon invaded Lebanon with a greater goal of engaging Syrian Forces. As usual an American President, this time Ronald Reagan dispatched a 1500 man US Marine Expeditionary Force in support of Israel. October 23, 1983, an indigenous force killed 220 Marines, 18 Navy and 3 Army at the Marine’s Barracks in Beirut. Shortly after the attack on the Marine Barracks, 54 French soldiers were killed. (Reagan’s authorization allowing US Navy warships offshore to fire rounds at the villages in the mountains around Beirut killed Druze and other Arabs not aligned against the Israeli.)

One could write paragraph after paragraph of the crimes by Israeli and American Jews against the government of the United States and our countrymen. Currently, American Jews and the Israeli Prime Minister is applying political pressure on President Barack H. Obama to pardon an American Jewish traitor, a Jonathan Pollard, convicted for spying against the United States, for pay, by the state of Israel in 1987.

President Obama’s new budget authorizes 3.1 billion dollars for the IDF. Also, from a recent Israeli news report, I learned the US paid the majority for Israel’s defense.

In 2013, Congress approved and President Obama signed an Act tasking the American taxpayers to assure the economic and physical security of the socialist nation of Israel. Later in the year, Congress attempted to pass another Act/Resolution stating; if Israel attacked Iran, the US Armed Forces would join Israel in the aggression against Iran.

From the brainwashing as a youth and renewed brainwashing since my return to my home in London, KY in 2001 plus knowing the truth about the Hebrew Arabs AKA Jews in ancient Palestine and their exodus from the Middle East to the Americas, Asia, and Europe under the guise of religious persecution; I take exception to the traitors in Congress, the owners of the Federal Reserve System, Jews and Old Testament Christians to their efforts to destroy the United States as they did Germany, Uganda, and the former Soviet Union.

On May 20, 2014, I ask for the Democrat vote to defeat an opposing Democrat candidate, Attorney Kenneth Stepp. On November 4, 2014, I seek the votes of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to unseat KY’s 5th US Congressional District’s member of the House of Representatives, the Honorable Harold Rogers.

Congressman Rogers, during his decades in the House of Representatives, has helped many military veterans, including myself, with the Department of Veterans Affairs. From news reports, one learns he brought jobs to Kentucky, organized committees and agencies to clean the district, search and destroy marijuana crops, and end drug abuse. However, I disagree with the Honorable Congressman’s open ended support for the illegal nation of Israel, failure to enforce the Separation of Church and State, and not using his powerful position to force the vote to Audit the Federal Reserve.

I have no need for power or become a millionaire, as are too many members of Congress; I want a Congress that adheres to the dictates of the United States Constitution and the spirit of the Declaration Independence. Our government is a Constitutional Republic.

As a 100% Service Connected (SC) Veteran from the Vietnam Era and the preparation for the first war against Iraq, I seek a government that doesn’t send armed forces to occupy foreign lands for their fossil fuel reserves and precious minerals; spread democracy to emulate what our founders envisioned, and assure the Hebrew Arabs AKA Jews become masters of the Middle East, if not the world.

Wars are no longer fought with Vietnam Era weapons but with advanced weaponry and munitions, remote controlled explosive devices, and the utilization of banned Weapons of Mass Destruction. Forty – fifty years following deployment, exposures mature killing the former active duty members, the National Guardsmen, the Reserve member and wives/children. Also, the number of National Guardsmen and Reservists committing suicide greatly increased from previous wars.

Lastly, it is mind boggling religious zealots and members of Congress would subvert this great nation in the name of an unseen or unproven supreme religious entity while Hebrew Arabs AKA Jews continue their 5,744 year murder and occupation reign.

Thank you for your attention and vote.

With respect, I remain.


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