National News Media Denying the Exercise of Free Speech

At the outset, I submit two different definitions of Sedition should anyone other than Michael and, possibly, a representative of the DOJ reads this communication and the second subject definition of a Christian Company that owes multiple newspapers throughout the Red States in our country:

SEDITION: “Sedition is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government. It involves advocacy of insurrection, support for an enemy of the nation, or conspiring to disrupt the legal operation of the government. Sedition is beyond expression of an opinion or protesting government policy.”

SEDITION: “Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.”

CNHI, LLC (formerly Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc.) “is an American publisher of newspapers and advertising-related publications throughout the United States. The company was formed in 1997 by Ralph Martin, and is based in Montgomery, Alabama ( after moving from Birmingham, Alabama in September 2011 ). The company is financed by,, and is a subsidiary of the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).”

BACKGROUND: I’m a 80 years born and raised in Laurel County, the southeast region of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the United States, on September 21, 1943. Nine days after my seventeenth birthday, I enlisted into the United States Air Force and pursed an employment career primarily under the umbrella of the United States Government. From said employment, I served in the US Air Force and employment under the US State Departments Foreign Sales Program resulting in periods at US installations and non-US installations beginning with Homestead Air Force Base, FL, during the Cuban Crisis, Kunsan Air Base, a Republic of South Korea Air Base, that support nuclear deterrent weapons against No1ih Korea; Don Moung Royal Thai Air Base, at the Bangkok International Airport, Kingdom of Thailand, that supported the United States buildup of air, army, & Marine Corps based in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam plus supported the Laotian & North Vietnam combat strike mission with KC-135 tankers, an USAF F-102 detachment to defend Thailand’s Air Defense Identification Zone, aircraft from the Joint US Military Advisory Group and our country’s covert war in Laos ( other top secret activities above my head); 1131 st Special Activity Squadron, Washington, DC, (now in Ukraine) Classified Project 404 Covert War; the Joint Casualty Resolution Center’s, Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Kingdom of Thailand, whose mission was to go into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to recover the remains of US Military Missing In Action (MIA) and to review top secret and other documents to assist in the resolution of US MIA; temporary duty at Andersen Air Force Base. Te1Titory of Guam, to assist in the Vietnam Baby Airlift; Clark Air Base, the Republic of the Philippines, to support 13th Air Force’s Mission the Pacific Theater. States side assignments were: Lackland Air Force Base, TX; Homestead Air Force Base, FL, Malmstrom AFB, MT, Wurthsmith AFB,MI, Kelly Air Force Base, TX, Pease AFB, NH, and Travis Air Force Base, CA (Retirement). After retirement I was employed under the US State Department’s Foreign Sales Program by Northrop Aircraft Services and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Services, with duty at King Khalid Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Northrop assignment was to train Royal Saudi Air Force Warrant Officers in the Air Operations Specialty and certification by the United States Air Force. The McDonnell Douglas contract was as mercenaries to support our country’s covert war against Iran and Iraq. In June 1989, I learned the United States was going to attack Iraq and resigned. In August 1990, the United States and Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, began the Persian Gulf War. My last employment was an Administrative Officer of the Day, at the Louisville, KY Veterans Administration’s Medical Center. In 1998, the Veterans Administration medically retired me with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and unemployable however, since 1998, additional disability ratings have been awarded based on toxic exposures, etc.

On February 15, 2024, I wrote a letter, Subject: NO GODS OF ABRAHAM” to the editors of the Sentinel-Echo, Courier-Journal, and Lexington Herald Leader Newspaper which are all in Kentucky and owned by the cited CNHI Company. February 28, 2024, I paid seven dollars for a copy of the Sentinel-Echo to check on the possible print of referenced letter however as expected the letter was published. To this end, I immediately called the Sentinel-Echo Editor, Ms. Janie Sleven for comment.

Ms. Sleven and I have known each other from office visits and other communications for a number of years and we accept each others beliefs, as personal, which should be the situation. Ms. Sleven informed me after consulting with other company officials the decision was made the letter could not be published nor could I pay to have the letter published in the London and Corbin, KY newspapers owned by CNHI. Lastly, I politely told Ms. Sleven if I had the money and the health ability I would sue CNHI for SEDITION against the United States. Too me, the CNHI network of companies are antiĀ­-United States and advocate a theocracy government instead of of our Constitutional Republic. And, yes, there are means to change a form of government but does not include denying the right of Defenders of the United States Constitution to prove there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM and voice an opinion against the sedition and treason by our former and current presidents to continue building the Jewish Nation State of Israel, in occupied Palestine, since 1898.

Forgive me but I can’t end with the Red State of Alabama who is currently stating that fertilized semen in a tube is a human being with the face and/or image of God. The Bible was written to assure a homeland for Hebrews and most stories within the Bible are lies and untruths stolen from other Middle East Civilizations. Today’s the scientific community proves the first Homo Sapiens did not appears in the so-called Garden of Eden. Moreover, the so-called sons of Adam and Eve married women from another human species but Hebrews and Christian Nationalists want the international community to recognize the Hebrews as the God’s Chosen People when there are no GODS OF ABRAHAM. All life forms on earth are here because of billion of years of evolution.
I hope the Department of Justice will investigate if the CNHI corporation of newspapers to dete1mine if they can forbid the freedom of speech to announce the denial of GODS OF ABRAHAM while receiving the majority of its income from the selling of the scam GODS.

The Declaration of Independence addresses a CREATOR, NOT A GOD while certain sects of Judaism and Christian Nationalist forced the change of our country’s motto to In God We Trust instead of (English) “Out of Many, One”). Equally, as bad in my opinion, a Delaware Quaker representative tasked to assist in writing the Article of Confederation add the works “of America” to the United States and the other religious delegates did not and have not corrected the error. Our country is the United States.

I love the United States as she is my place of birth, childhood and after retirement home. Yes! Without a doubt our country has problems but even with our problems, we are the best country country in the world. Yes, also, Republicans and Democrats want to retain power without regard to our nation. Our country should eliminate the illegal political parties whereas our taxpayers will pay for national political elections. Moreover, the GODS OF ABRAHAM ARE PROVEN SCAMS FOR ALMOST SIX THOUSAND YEARS.

Please read my personal blog for the truth.

With respect, I remain

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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