No God of Abraham

Most southeastern Kentuckians, born in the 1940s and 1950s, were subjected constantly, during nonĀ­-bedtime hours, to accept that a God of Abraham made the universe, all life forms on Earth, and controlled daily events on Earth plus, of course, Hebrews were Gods Chosen People and there had to be a country of Israel established for the Chosen People.

First and foremost, the God of Abraham is a scam responsible for death and destruction, primarily in Southwest Asia, for approximately six thousand years however, since 1898, the Hebrews/Jews, in the United States, have made the United States the New Zion. The said New Zion establishment is responsible for all our country’s wars, aggression, depressions, etc., since 1898.

The religious divine stories are lies instigated by Hebrews that departed Mesopotamia in the 900 hundreds B.C., to establish one god instead of multiple gods worshiped in Mesopotamia. In this light, recently a Emory University Professor wrote a book suggesting the Bible was written not as a religious faction but to protect the Hebrews in a homeland for Hebrews. Moreover, we learned the God of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is one god instead of three just as in Christianity; the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Kentuckians claim to support our military forces, which is a lie, as the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are responsible, since 1898, of putting the God of Abraham scam over the lives of US military and foreign service government employees. NO GOD OF ABRAHAM.

History reveals, Hebrews believed that Jerusalem was Heaven where the streets were paved with gold and a socialist society and Hell was where you spent your afterlife for your sins. However, Hell was a burn pit located near Jerusalem where trash, bodies, etc., were burned. When the Hebrews became the major power in Jerusalem, for a period, they learned there was no Heaven and Hell was just a burn pit. However, the truth did not deter the Catholic and Jewish leaders who came up with another scam, to appease the die hard master needing and life after death individuals requiring the payment of some form of monetary instrument to cited religious leaders.

When you die, unless you preserve your self in some modem system, mother nature receives your remains.

You may call me an atheist but I am more than an atheist; I know NO GOD OF ABRAHAM, NO HEAVEN OR HELL. If you take the time to read my other blog posts, and you will learn the truth.

Thank you,

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the U.S. Constitution

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