New Revelations Should End Religious Sedition

On December 26, 2021, NASA, European and Canadian space agencies launched the James Webb Space Telescope towards its destination 1 million miles away or more than four times beyond the moon.

The purpose of the telescope is “to peer back in time 13.7 billions years as anticipated, within a mere 100 million years of the universe-forming Big Bang.”

Should the space agencies goal be achieved the scientific results will not change the minds of seditionist seeking to overthrow all international governments and replace Constitutional and non-Constitutional governments with a theocracy government.

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the other Red State  the so-called religionist will not accept our planet earth is approximately 4.5 billions years old and all land life forms evolved  after the earth cooled, land masses formed continents, islands, etc. resulting in human migration from the African continent throughout the planet.

Today, in the Red States, evangelical Christians, specific individuals of Judaism, and, recently former President Donald J. Trump are addressing a hopeful Rapture within three years to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace our government with the teachings and dictates of Jesus.  Muslims are divided by their two Sects of Islam.

Digressing back approximately six thousand years, we know Hebrews in the ancient land of Palestine instituted a one God religion based on a failed attempt by an Egyptian Pharaoh to establish a one God religion in the Egyptian Empire.  The Hebrews God was called the God of Abraham; their religion Judaism.

Progressing forward in time, a Hebrew named Jesus, born in the Roman Province of Palestine, became alarmed by the teaching and actions of the Jewish clergy and began to question Judaism, thereby, become an enemy to the Jewish clergy and Judaism. The Hebrew community, during a visit by Jesus, charged Jesus with blasphemy and arrested him to terminate his teachings and presence, then  delivered Jesus to the Roman military leader in Jerusalem.  The Roman leader had no choice but to execute, as the Hebrews were in open revolt against the Roman government and failure would results in more Hebrew rebellions and revolts. Roman history report Jesus’ body was taken by grave robbers but Jesus’ followers declared he arose from the dead.    An Apostle of Jesus named Saul aka Paul began his writing and verbal abilities to form a different Sect of Judaism that became Christianity.  Jesus was illiterate unable to leave a written record of his short life, however, Hebrews and others, with the talent of modern day screen writers, were responsible for Jesus’ false divine history.  (Thomas Jefferson rebuked Jesus’ alleged divinity.  Roman Emperors Constantine I changed his government policies to a theocracy resulting in the destruction of the Roman Empire.)

Islam, an additional Sect of Judaism, was established on the Arabian Peninsula by an Arab named Muhammed; however, the majority of the international community do not know Muhammed’s close friend, father-in-law, financial benefactor  and Hebrew was a guiding factor in the establishment of the Islam Sect of Judaism.

Our country’s signers of the Declaration of Independence knew of the falsehoods of the Gods of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, thereby, wrote the word “CREATOR” in the Declaration instead of using GOD.  Unfortunately, in the 1950s, the religious community had become so powerful the words “In GOD WE TRUST” became an offensive statement in government policies.  Worse yet, in 1948, Truman’s government and future governments of the United States used the resources of the United States to build a Jewish Nation-State in the lands of occupied Palestine.  To this end, our country’s today is repeating the actions of the Roman Empire and the results will be the same – the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis will not end their aggression in the Middle East once that enslave the Palestinians and complete their takeover of Syria and Lebanon.  Today, the Royal Saud Family is of Hebrew ancestry and are aligned with the terrorist state of Israel.

If there are any true citizens in the Commonwealth of  Kentucky and Red States, they will demand their state governments revise educational literature and teachings that tell the truth of our country’s history both the bad and good.  Moreover, the teachings should enforce no one is above the laws of the United States of America.  In fact, the President of the United States was a second thought when forming our government when the founders realized they must have an administrator to manage the massive government of the United States 24/7 adhering to the laws and policies made into Public Law of the Congress of the United States of America.  Thee government of the United States is the US House of Representative and US Senate – the people’s representatives. The Supreme Court is supposed to assure Congress does not deviate from the dictates of the US Constitution, however, a Court Justice recently sited the “stench” the Supreme Court Justices are subjecting the people of the United States.  Congress needs to legislate the true power of the US Supreme Court as a independent separate but equal part of the US Government.  No Presidential authority over the Court.

In 2022 and 2024, true US citizens must end the careers of all incumbents in Congress and the White House, respectively.  We are the people of the United States, whereas, we are all equal regardless of race, creed, religion or point of origin.   Moreover, the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship but it does not give the right to pray for a rapture to destroy the government of the United States.  The end of religion in international governments would lead to international PEACE.  Also, the end of a religious leaning  US government would end government support of the US religious community and international charities that keep military aggression in the Middle East.  Who want’s to pay their hard earned money to support a lie.  What happened to truth?

Thank you for your attention and, hopefully, vote to return our government to a Constitutional Republic.

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