Intent to Seek US Senate Seat

Quote: Will this institution survive the stench this creates? I don’t see how its possible.” The Honorable Justice of the US Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor.

The above quote is critical to my seeking one of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s two US Senate Seats which I will explain herein but first re-emphasis on our country’s government:

The United States’ form of government is a Constitutional Republic which mean the people are the government of the United States who elected representatives to administer/governed laws set forth by the US Constitution and/or generated by said representatives following the dictates of the United States Constitution.

We are not a democracy because every law or policy initiated by the legislative branch or proposed by the executive branch is not voted for approval/disapproval by the people, thus our Constitutional Republic.

We are not a theocracy even though millions of uninformed or racist US citizens demand to be governed by a religious entity based on a Chapter and verses the Bible Book of Revelations; paraphrasing Jesus will return and assume control of international government, thus governing the world under his authority and teachings. But, alas, Judaism and Islam have the same goals of world domination.

Yes, the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship; right does not include the overthrow of the US government through whatever mode of said support to a God of Abraham.

Speaking of Gods of Abraham: In our Declaration of Independence, the signers of this great document addressed a possible supreme being with the word “Creator” as they were educated formally and through international knowledge knew there was no God of Abraham. Alas, the signers were correct within two centuries modem science and true Middle East history proved the Gods of Abraham were nothing more than Hebrew tribal scams and life on the planet earth was through billions of years of evolution that continues.

Returning to the US Constitution: The Constitution was written and/or influenced by Caucasians, mostly white, to establish a country were the people survived on their own initiative, not expecting the support of government maintain their households. Unfortunately, our economic system of barters, free trade, and limited government financial involvement was not shared by wealthy foreign investors and their associates whereas, a national bank was conceived. Alas, a European banking family, with the endorsement of Alexander Hamilton, became the money behind our country’s national bank for most of country’s history and continues to date. Yes, there were periods or events where the foreign banker’s financial interests were diminished but the Presidents that interfered were either assassinated or attempts on their lives.

Interesting fact regarding Kentucky’s Junior US Senator, Rand Paul, during his initial run for the Senate where I was a Write in Candidate against him, his campaign sought a resolution to the authority/control of the US government by the US Federal Reserve, owned the Military ¬≠Industrial Complex previously warned by former President Dwight David Eisenhower and the decrease of the US overall government support for the Hebrew goal of establish a Jewish Nation-State in Palestine. (I addressed the campaign goals with Dr. Rand Paul and his campaign manager.) Senator Paul was elected however, it appears through his public statements and actions, since deciding to seek the Office of US President, he no longer advocates the resolution of the Federal Reserve and end funding to the occupiers of Palestine.

Senator Paul\’s father, the former honorable Congressman Ron Paul, continues to be critical of the Federal Reserve System.

Note: a historical fact for the record. A primary member of the banking dynasty of the Federal Reserve funded and directed the establishment of Zionism and organized and funded a private army that invaded Palestine after the withdrawal of United Nations British Mandate Forces in Palestine.

Suspected harm to the United States by investors: Research reveals the owners of the Military-Industrial Complex, Wall Street, Federal Reserve (the same) are responsible for all the international crisis that includes, Africa, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, or any other nation where their country\’s central banks are owned by a single-family investor.

And, for the record: the current ruling Saudi Royal Family, the Salmans, are of Hebrew ancestry and are pro-Israel. The change in posture, with Israel began, at the removal of King Fahad. Saudi influence is a primary reason President Biden is not allowing the establishment of a Palestine State.

Returning to my quote: Justice Sotomayor also emphasized, not presented by the Zionist controlled news media, the influence of religion on the Supreme Court by the Trump appointed Justices regarding abortions.

My position on abortions is mixed based on my growing up in Laurel County, KY and the policies, printed below) of the Socialist National Workers Party of Germany (NAZIs):

“THE TRUTH”: “The Nazis certainly were not “pro-choice” but they were not “anti-abortion.” The Nazis that a woman’s body belonged to the state, and the State would decide what to do with it. The Nazis did not allow abortions for healthy “Aryan” German women but demanded and forced abortion upon women deemed “unAryan” (i.e., Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc.) and “Aryan” German women who were thought to be feeble-minded, or have hereditary diseases. (Abortion in the New Europe, p. 114).”

“The first court to rule that “viability” and the woman’s health” were determinate factors in abortion was the Nazi Heredity Court of 1934 when it ruled that “Pregnancy may be terminated, with the consent of the woman concerned, unless the fetus is already capable of independent life, or unless, the termination of the pregnancy entails a serious danger to either the life or health of the woman herself.” (The Racial State, 1991, page. 141).”

“In the United States, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that abortion in the first two trimesters (up to 6 months) is permitted because the fetus is not “viable” (not capable of living outside the womb (“independently”). They ruled that abortion in the third trimester (after 6 months) was still illegal, unless the continued pregnancy posed a “serious treat” to the physical and mental health of the mother.”

Recently, the US House of Representatives approved a law, in enacted, titled “Women’s Health Protection Act” would protect most women rights from abortions, birth control devices, and other common-sense laws to protect our mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, other females from the males who have no idea the pain and hardships endured to deliver life to our world.

Naturally, the Republicans in the US Senate are against the bill and maybe a number of democrats, to be honest, however should I be elected I would strive to end the non-Constitutional rule called Filibuster that currently and, in the past, denies the advancement of bills and laws essential to the prosperity and security of the United States.


Without question, no entity owns a person’s body – male or female.

The states and federal government should provide gratis contraceptives and birth control devices to both male and female once they become of age to produce a child.

States through their school system and the federal government agencies, especially to all basic military trainees, should conduct in depth classroom study of all aspects of harm and, of course the birth of a child, created by the lack of integrity when engaging in sexual intercourse or sexual foreplay. (Some want like this statement: We are after all the highest form of animals and as nature instilled a demand of self-preservation – to continue life forms. All males and females having a history of sexual activity should be politely advised of the consequences of impregnating a female without the intent of marriage and/or support for a child and a willful abuse of intercourse for pleasure instead of the birth of a child.

A male that impregnates at will without concern for a possible child should be advised of having their tubes tied until marriage.

A female that uses intercourse for pleasure instead of nature’s form of reproduction, likewise, should be advised of having surgical measures to prevent their pregnancy.

The federal government and state governments should legalize prostitution as a taxed entity to reduce, with the goal of eliminating, unnecessary births, rape, incest, and the spread of social diseases and, for the military to eliminate shot-gun weddings and unwanted weddings. Legal prostitution would, in my opinion, reduce the number of welfare families, thereby providing a greater avenue for children to have two parents which would increase their chances of achieving their maximum potential in our great country.

Another major piece of legislation in Congress denied by Republicans and questionable Democrats is a Voting Rights Bill. For crying out loud, those opposing are denying the basic right of every US citizen to vote for a Congressional representative and/or President, depending on the election, to legislate laws and policies plus administer the laws and ratified policies set forth in law by the Congress of the United States.

Most US citizens do not realize the meaning of being a citizen of the United States of America nor do they understand their obligation to vote to assure the prosperity and security of the United States to assure our Constitutional Republic. We are giant land, the Continental United States, divided, not by lines, but by customs and traditions derived from the settlers to the region and acknowledgement of indigenous population heritage such as of the North American Indian, Mexicans, French, Spaniards, etc. Also, we have territories such as Guam, Puerto Rica, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc. with their heritage plus, of course, the last two states of our Union; Alaska and Hawaii. The composition of our country defies the imagination in that with all the differences in race, language, religion and culture, we are one people under one flag – the Stars and Stripes. But wait! We have many problems in that some citizens want to maintain dual citizenship, identify themselves with their ancestry and, worse, in my opinion, with a religion when no gods exist; now or ever.

Yes, many US citizens, including myself, have applied to Ancestry to ascertain their family place of origin and their backgrounds, however your ancestry is not at question; what is in question if you are a true, loyal citizen and defender of the US Constitution. In November 2022, our countrymen will go to vote to fill the seats at the US House of Representatives and a number of US Senators, however November 2024 will probably the greatest election in my lifetime in that we will vote to elect a President of the United States and, of course, House and Senate that will hopefully return our government back to the people instead of the special interest groups, the dual loyalty, and the so called religious; who are in fact traitors to the United States. Please go vote as a true citizen.
The US Armed Forces: as a retired career US Air Force Master Sergeant, Air Operations Superintendent among many former career military, former draftees and voluntaries in Kentucky and our great nation, this past week I received a denial from the Department of Veterans Affairs which I suspect was the feeling many World War I and World War II veterans started receiving negative correspondence from the Department of Veterans Affairs to fund the new veterans of the Vietnam era.

The denial letter was in response to a claim I submitted after learning the Department of Veterans Affairs was making “Hypothyroidism” a presumptive disease from exposure to Agent Orange. The letter said my claim was denied because my military records did not show that I had “Boots on the Ground” in the Republic of Vietnam nor in the Blue Water Navy.

For the unfamiliar, the Blue Water Navy was those former Navy service members that were on ships close to the Vietnam mainland and patrolled the inter-waterways of South Vietnam. The rater explained a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Blue Water service members vacated claims for those of us assigned to covert assignment in the Kingdom of Laos, Cambodia, and the Korean DMZ, however, in small print “service connection for Thailand may be possible”.

I responded by FAX and follow-up by Priority US Postal Service the following: Thailand: In the 1960s, the United States, was building US installations in Thailand and South Vietnam for our future war against North Vietnam. For those of us assigned on a special assignment at Thailand’s Don Muong International Airport and later across the runway to the Thai Air Force military side, we were the primary movers of military logistics, especially the different Agent defoliants, Orange, Green, etc., trans-shipped through the international airport to air bases and army sites being built in Thailand and Joint United States Military Advisory Group, primarily US Army personnel aircraft, flew the logistics in-country and to South Vietnam. Of course, US Air Force sorties were flying in resources for transshipment. However, the main source of the defoliants came via naval resources that arrived at Thailand’s harbors to the south and Bangkok. The defoliants and other logistics arriving were transshipped to Don Muong by heavy duty trailer trucks. Moreover, the up-country bases would dispatch their own transport personnel to relocate the hazardous toxins and other dangerous substances. Unfortunately, the barrels of Agent defoliants leaded into Don Muong water supply and the beds of the transport vehicle. Oh, our government officials told everyone involved the defoliants were so safe you could drink without harm. What a lie.

After Base Operations was moved from the International Airport’s Control Tower,. with the Thai Air Force controllers, to a structure on the Thai Air Base designated Base Operations, we were subject to constant standing water, due to the are being below sea level, plus when the locals returned our laundry, there was a strange odor to the undergarments but no smell on the uniforms. Of course, the drinking waters safety was questionable plus anything with ice always had leaves or some foreign object. An airman that worked with me was diagnosed with Hepatitis; I don’t remember the numeric. For myself, the entire left side of my body began to have a numb sensation. The Air Force Clinic doctor prescribed medication and sent me to a Thai Air Force Hospital for a brain scan. (I haven’t learned the results of the brain scan.) The numbness ended but today I have what looks like acme scars in both head temples and funny looking hair like things in my hairline. From research, the symptoms are from Agent Orange exposure.

Don Muong was not only a transshipment airfield but active in the air war against North Vietnam. We had several KC-135 aircraft that flew Anchor Mission over Laos to refuel US combat aircraft flying to and from North Vietnam and targets in northern Laos. The US Navy had several secret aircraft that flew classified missions and usually recovered in Taiwan or other locations. The USAF provided Air Defense Protection for the Thai government and would launch to intercept any unidentified aircraft flying into Thailand. Two of the squadrons were shot down over Laos, captured and then killed by the Pathet Lao. President Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson visited and met with the King and Queen of Thailand. A lot of accomplished by a few.

Digressing. My first was at the 19th Combat Defense Squadron until I was able to cross-train into my career vocation – the Air Operations Specialty. At the Defense Squadron, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) preparing for war established “SAC’s Tough Tigers” and for six weeks we were trained, following Arm.y policy, on combat courses, weapons utilizations, grenades, judo and other defense actions, and offensive and defensive tactics in the swamps around Homestead Air Force Base. For example, we would lie in the swamps water, and, of course, in a Florida rain, with the smell of recently sprayed defoliants, while concussion grenades exploded and the attack and counterattack of blank weapons. However, the worst was a guard duty assignment to protect barrels of radioactive substances from the public. I had to move one of the barrels and to date I have bum scars on both forearms.

From Florida, I was assigned to Kunsan Air Base, the Republic of Korea where my assignment with the defense squadron was like being in the Army. We lived in open bay Quonset Huts, with pot belly coal stoves, however the bath and showers were in another Quonset hut some distance from our quarters. My duty, while I was cross-training, was in the armory where I issued and received weapons from the security police and cleaned the armories weapons. The assignment was not pleasant in all aspects, especially you couldn’t eat anything on the local economy and the only drink you could consume was OB beer. On occasions, travelers would be shot outside the air base.

Now to the covert assignment, “Project 404” required temporary duty to Lackland Air Force Base to attend a Vietnam Combat Course, with weapons utilizations, grenade utilization, point leader on patrol, runs through a smoke-filled Vietnam village and patrols with booby traps and concussion grenades exploding in the water and forested trail assignment en route to train Royal Saudi Air Force Command Post personnel. Thirteen US personnel were killed at LS-85, one Army Captain was killed, one Army Sergeant wounded, and one Air Force wounded at LS-108 and approximately fifty Ravens (Forward Air Controllers) were killed while I was in-country. The Major and several more members were killed at the southern sites. In truth, there was probably more Agent Orange and other toxins sprayed on Laos than on the Republic of Vietnam.

I’m sorry to report the heaviest loss of human life in the Kingdom of Laos was multiple thousands of Thai Army personnel, contracted Central Intelligence Agency Thai Forward Air Guides, Military Region II Muong (mountain people), contracted civilian Thai combat pilots, Royal Laotian Air Force pilots and Army personnel, and unknown number of Laotian citizens killed, wounded, injured, and exposed to Agent Orange and other toxins plus of course the probable ten thousand or more North Vietnamese, Pathet Lao and other Communist Forces killed, wounded and exposed to toxins in our country’s secret war in the Kingdom of Laos.

We received three US military released from North Vietnam.

For the record, I fathered a son out of wedlock in Vientiane, obtained legal custody through the Laotian Court and brought him back to the United States with me. Today, he is the father of a son and daughter, however, he receives disability with a diagnosis of “MG.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) motto used to be paraphrasing, “care for those that borne the battle, their orphans and widows.” Today, the VA’s policy is that anyone that served in the military one day, under honorable discharge, over 65 and in financial need is authorized VA medical care and benefits. If I’m elected US Senator, I will attempt to assure all career, draftees, and voluntaries injured, wounded or killed; they or their heirs receive the compensation owed them by the people and government of the United States. Also, the career military man or women has no voice in the US Government, they will.

Climate Control is another extremely important subject that must be addressed in our planet is to survive another century which is another reason for the defeat of Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mitch McConnell, and Congressman Harold Rogers. For example, I used to respect Congressman Rogers as his Somerset representative assisted me and multiple other Kentuckians with the Department of Veterans Affairs, but I object to the possible trillions of dollars expended in Eastern. Kentucky needlessly, except for ultra-modern highway system to support the coal industry but nothing in the form of non-coal industry that could bring the district into the 21 st century. Too many areas in the 5th Congressional District reside in places similar residences and city structure as in Third World nations. I often wonder where all the money allocated for the people that lost their jobs was distributed because of a lack of coal jobs and if any received job training for employment outside the coal industry. I’m sorry but when no jobs are available you must relocate. It is not up to the population of the major cities and wealthy states to pay to stay home unemployed. As a sixteen-year-old, I knew I had to leave Kentucky to seek a sustainable retirement income. The US military used to be an ideal organization until investors and our political prostitutes keep the nation iii a continuous war footing.

Unless we save earth there is no place go in the universe for centuries or until the aliens that once visited ancient Iraq return as they promised; maybe they will help the remaining people on earth, in any.

Speaking of coal, Rogers and other Kentucky politicians have voted no to support the end of fossil fuel and other laws that would support the entire nation and help our planet survive.

A truthful education for all citizens of the United States is as important as climate control as unless our citizens learn our truthful US and international history, we may attempt to repeat our failures and destroy our planet. The most important fact that must be taught is “NO GODS OF ABRAHAM” which will end the wars in the Middle East and bring peace to the international. For the United States, states and the federal government will receive more tax revenue as the illegal deduction churches and religious charities should end. An equally important topic: we are one people in the United States.

I realize this announcement will anger many but I have been truthful and promise that if elected the period in the Senate will be one of daily action to return our country to one where the government has integrity and the people are truly equal and free to express themselves.

Billy Ray Wilson


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