People’s Apathy and Complacency Leads to World War III

April 3, 2016, our countrymen and country, in my opinion, historically reminds me of the American colonies, under the control of the British Crown, and with a desperate requirement for Americans of the same caliber as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and other signatories of the US Constitution

and, of course, the Declaration of Independence; whereas, the time to register all Americans eligible to vote and emphasize the need for their votes, as nonviolent revolutionaries, to replace the entire membership of the US Congress.

Over the decades, the people have placed their personal needs and self gratification ahead of the vision of the founders of our great nation; whereas, one observes on a daily basis, the government policies that buy votes to keep their political party, whether Democrat or Republican, without regard to the Constitution and, equally important, the Declaration of Independence, to maintain control of the Congress and the White House.

Congress, over the decades, has purged the Constitution beginning, in my opinion,with becoming 24/7 legislators, instead of part time, with an established reporting date to Washington, annually; the first Monday in December.

And, probably the worst acts of greed and power, against the American people, was the legislation imposed on President Woodrow Wilson, to create the Federal Reserve System to become our nation\’s \”Central Bank.\”  Wilson later apologized.

Then, of course, the unethical actions by President Harry S. Truman making possible the establishment of the State of Israel and the Moral Majority that made Ronald Reagan President.

Another President failure was Jimmy Carter who established the black mail of the American taxpayers to support a nation of terrorist – Israel.

Since the murder of President John F. Kennedy, those complicit in the murder, have kept the United States, in a constant state of military aggression; however, thankfully, the people twice elected President Barack H. Obama, who has kept us out of war.

Unfortunately, November 2016, Americans are supposed to elect a non-hyphenated, non-dual citizen, non-religious zealot President to administer the laws and policies of the United States of America.

Look at our choices:  the Texas Senator and the Ohio Governor are religious zealots.  Donald J. Trump is incompetent but rich.  Hillary Clinton has too much military and foreign blood on her hands from satisfying her and her husband\’s self interest and, of course, Israel will become a Greater Jewish.   The only true American remaining is the honorable Senator Bernie Sanders, (D-VT).

Senator Sanders is our only chance of not starting World War III but he must have an American Congress, not one that has thwarted President Obama\’s every move.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy, based on a non-existing religious entity.

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