Senator Ted Cruz’s Eligibility to Seek the Office of the President

As a retired USAF Air Operations Superintendent with thirty five years of covert/overt employment, under the Federal Government\’s umbrella, of which six years as a Department of Defense contractor, in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, afforded first hand knowledge of our government\’s dishonesty and disregard for human life plus well versed in the US Constitution, I question the eligibility of Senator  Cruz and his pandering to the religious community.

During a classified, covert assignment, under Orders from HQ Command, Washington, DC,  I was attached to the US Air Attache\’s Office, Vientiane, Laos; however, I father\’d a son out-of-wedlock, birth recognized as an American, obtained legal custody through Laotian Court, and attempted to bring my son, with me, to the United States of America.

In fact, an unknown embassy person asked me if I was sure, Dwight David was my son.  I responded: \”as sure as you are of your father.\”   In desperation, I wrote retiring US Senator and new US Ambassador to East Germany, the honorable John Sherman Cooper (KY) seeking his assistance.  The US Embassy agreed, not as an American but a Laotian Immigrant.

The Base Commander  and my supervisor, the Director of Operations, were understanding for time spent with the Federal Court to make my son\’s birth legal and become a Naturalized American Citizen.

Regarding Senator Cruz\’s American citizenship, he has never answered, to my knowledge, if his mother registered his birth. with the American Embassy or Consulate Officer, as specified by US State Department Policy.

And, Senator Cruz did state he was not a Naturalized American citizen but an American, at birth, due to his mother being an American citizen; however, it is my opinion, his mother were Canadian citizens and I suspect, the baby Cruz\’s birth certificate read Canadian.

Regarding his religious stance, our country is a Constitutional Republic and for decades, until the Moral Majority, the understood Separation of Church and State was never questioned; whereas, as a military person and American, I am tired of Americans being killed and our debt out of control in the name of a non-existing entity.

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