Pre-World War II Germany v United States Today

Pre-World War II Germany was controlled by wealthy Zionist, as is the United States and European Union today, who used the Hebrew’s God of Abraham scam to fleece the international community of money and sympathy to build a Jewish Nation-State and control the international financial market.

The Zionist knew the GOD OF ABRAHAM was a scam and the international community was populated by individuals that demanded a MASTER, SUPERIOR BEING, or WELLFARE GOVERNMENT to control their daily lives whereas, in my opinion, this class of human being are without work ethic, lack pride, no integrity, and afford their loyalty to the scam God of Abraham.

Wait! Of course, knowing the weakness of heads of state, elected and non­-elected representatives, the Zionist used their wealth and political power to purchase votes and treaties to assure international financial domination.
The Zionist community in Ukraine, with the assistance of western countries, overthrew a pro-Russia President in 2014 and elected a Jewish actor as President and Jewish government officials familiar with finances and deceit.

The people of Ukraine, since the breakup of the Soviet Union, were Western oriented and industrious seeking to join the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and fully terminate their allegiance with a former Soviet Treaty aligning them with the Russian Federation.

True to history, international investors, such ·as the Rothschilds, the US Military Industrial Complex, like European, Asian companies and, of course, others, bribed, intimidated, and made promises leading to Ukraine’s demand to become a member of NATO and the European Union. President Putin, the Russia Federation leader, had no choice but to protect his country, the largest land country in Europe.

This financial venture by our country’s incompetent president, congress and Zionist citizens may well lead to a nuclear war therefore a start over for those that survive the greed of the wealthy.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic affording the security to achieve whatever goal you determine but you must work for it.

Defender of the US Constitution

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