Letter Of Intent To Seek The 2022 US Senate Seat As A Write-In Candidate

The following letter was sent on August 29, 2022 to the Office of the Kentucky Secretary of State and to the Honorable Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Dear Honorable addressees:

A few months past I submitted correspondence, unopened by the Secretary of State’s Office, and followed by a telephone call with a representative of the Election’s Division withdrawing my intent to seek political office allegedly prior to the receipt of the cited communications. (Per the US Constitution, Congress, through a Postmaster General, is responsible for providing mail service to the people of the United States of America, not a contractor selected by Members of Congress.) For the cited confusion, I apologize however based on negative current events to my person over the past multiple weeks, I am now seeking the Office of the US Senate as a Write In Candidate for the November 2022 election.

BACKGROUND: Recently, a representative of US Senate Candidate Rand Paul placed a political flyer on my doorknob during my absence which after reading the flyer made me ask if he was seeking the Office of the US Senate, as a member of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Washington Delegation or a Kentucky State Senator or member of Kentucky’s State Government. (Laurel County is already represented by an outstanding State Senator Mr. Brandon Storm and an outstanding State Governor however I question the loyalty to Kentucky’s Secretary of State and Attorney General to the US Constitution.)

During Dr. Paul’s original campaign visit to London, KY, I addressed with Dr. Paul and his campaign manager my reasons for running against Dr. Paul as a Write In Candidate. Both Dr. Paul and his campaign manager told me they would seek to revoke and/or reduce the financial power of the owners of the Federal Reserve System and the eliminate all economic and military assistance to the terrorist nation – state of Israel. It appears Dr. Paul was hit by the Presidential bug once elected and forgot his campaign promise plus, worse in my opinion, became a traitor to the United States of America with his support for a twice impeached former US President that attempted to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

Note: Kentucky’s Secretary of States and Governors should be held in high honor for their integrity in Kentucky’s elections throughout my voting years in our Commonwealth. The federal government is the glue that hold our fifty states together however the federal government has no say in state’s elections whereas only traitors to the Union would choose to denounce the voting will of the people.

I was fortunate to have the Rev. Mr. Vernon Weaver as my Junior Year history teacher a Hazel Green High School, Kentucky, where he taught us not only Kentucky’s history curriculum but had prepared additional historical facts pertaining to the US Constitution especially, the President of the United States was a side thought- our founders did not want an individual or individuals that would seek to become royals that we fought a war to eliminate. Unfortunately, the founders failed as revealed by the end of the First Congress when legislators decided to become full time 24/7 full paid, with outstanding perks, Members of Congress even though, today, they only serve the people approximately 98 days per year and but allow legislators to become party members seeking to control the government forever and thus allowing the President to become a King once again. The Republican Party is a party of traitors while the Democrat Party has become a socialist party to purchase the votes of either uninformed or down rights traitors to our Constitutional Republic.

Your records should show that I have sought the seat of a US House of Representatives against Harold Rogers and the US Senate against Rand Paul and throughout my efforts I have called for Constitutional Amendments, Climate Control with emphasis on the people of the 5th Congressional District that place self-interest above the health and welfare of the Commonwealth and the United States and the need to control the water factors in the Commonwealth. For example, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has more waterways than in any other state in the Constitutional United States and emphasis should be placed on the future of our country’s food source that could be supplied with truck farms in Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District. Moreover, our country’s form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy or democracy. In fact, the GODS OF ABRAHAM are a scam which our founders attempted to enlighten the citizens of the United States with their word “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence.

In June I had received a new 100% Service Connected Rating with I did not fully review the wording and previous ratings in my consideration to withdraw candidacy for the US Senate however after extensive review of my mental and physical health, I am seeking the US Senate seat currently held, in my opinion, by a traitor to the United States.

Kentuckians throughout our nation’s history has always supported our country with military forces to assure the prosperity and security of the United States however former President Donald J. Trump turned our military into mercenaries and thieves. In fact, it is my opinion, the former president is a foreign agent of the State of Israel.

Thank you for your attention and dissemination of this correspondence, if applicable.

With respect, I remain.


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