Response to Fareed Zakaria’s GPS CNN Program on January 9, 2022, “What it will take to save American Democracy?

At the outset, I am an atheist having arrived at said decision based on 7 8 years of religious orientation from the womb until my enlistment In the US Air Force, in 1960, followed by a 35-year employment career, at covert and overt assignment. in the United States and international community.

Unlike most military and contract employee. I studied local customs, courtesies, and religions; for example, in our beautiful, magnificent country made up of individuals of every race. creed and
religion with different regions of the nation based on different customs and courtesies but under one flag – the Stars and Stripes.

In Southeast Asia countries, most of the people do not care the name of their governments. just the ability to raise a family, earn a living. One’s religion is their choice; no state enforced religion.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during most of the 1980s. I continued my research but received greater knowledge than expected as a senior Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) Officer asked me to
write a history of Saudi Arabia for an officer going to the United States to attend a US War College Course. To accomplish the task. I sought research from the air base library, purchased referenced/source books from a local dealer, and spoke with different levels of the RSAF; completing a lengthy paper for the officer and, years later at home in the United States, I wrote a book “Enough is Enough” recalling some of the information from said paper. For example, from Saudi, Roman, and international history, we learned about the three main religions of Abraham:
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However. what most individuals do not know is all three religions are the product of Hebrews and/or at the guidance and monetary support of a Hebrew in the case of the Arab Muhammad. True history and facts confirm the GODS of ABRAHAM is a scam.

At completion of identified book, I sent a copy to the Royal Saudi Ambassador, Washington, DC.

The recent launch of the Webb Telescope will provide further evidence of a CREATOR as used by the signers of the US Declaration of Independence thereby, the US government will declare no gods and cease the support of religion and war supporting religious charities.

Now to the Response:

For several years, each Sunday at 1000 am. and 1 :00 p.m, I look forward to watching and learning international and domestic events/situations and comments that ABC, NBC, and CBS do not air in such detail; I don’t watch FOX. I consider FOX and their journalist to be non-loyal US residents, not true citizens of the United States of America. Unfortunately. Mr. Zakaria, in my
opinion, does not sway from his Zionist network owners: as all major network journalist, policies of self-interest whether money or so-called religious affiliation whereas the January 9. 2022 Program, Subject: “What it will take to save American Democracy” disturbing as it was, highlighted Mr. Zakaria’s own employment self-preservation. The program should have been disturbing to all true US citizens which I will explain herein:

Mr. Zakaria began the programming by bringing attention to the political unrest internationally and domestically following former President Trump’s and his enabler’s attempted coup, my opinion, against the US government by voiding the state’s certification of a national election. Regarding the international unrest. Mr. Zakaria addressed in detail pre-World War II Germany as a model of a liberal society of entertainment, gay openness, and great economy. Of course, the program did not address the funding of the Germany government by foreign investors and companies, later identified former President Dwight David Eisenhower, as a Military-Industrial Complex nor the anger of German World War I veterans, their families and the common German not enjoying the prosperity of the few. Therefore, a political party, Nationalist German Socialist Workers Party (NAZI), arose with members and the common German questioning the loyalty of German Zionist. Naturally, Mr. Zakaria did not address the primary investors that made the cited Germany possible were primarily located in the United States of America and, in fact, continue to operate as the same corporations, owners of the US Federal Reserve System and the Military-Industrial Complex but, of course, other Zionist and non-Zionists have been added to the investors that keep the international community at war or in some type economic stress.

And Mr. Zakaria didn’t address the German Republic government was training and funding German Jews to migrate to Palestine to establish a German foothold in Palestine and the Middle East, however the newly elected NAZI government revoked past policies and began the elimination of individuals determined to be undesirables and dangerous to the Third Reich. Moreover, the Nazis declared a woman’s body state property whereas abortions for some was mandatory birth control devices and medications were directed for use to decrease non-loyal Germans and/or individuals under control of the Third Reich: hyphenated Germans were prohibited.

Mr. Zakaria didn’t address, in 1898, a Rothschild funded and directed the establishment of a organization, Zionism, whose goal was to establish a Jewish Nation-State for those whose religion was Judaism. The Zionist movement quickly spread internationally and, especially dramatic, in the United States of America, in fact, there are newspaper articles revealing Zionist parades down Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Ml, advocating the establishment of a Jewish Nation-State. To this end, the establishment of Zionism caused our country’s GREAT DEPRESSION and the traitorous act by the US government in establishing the US Federal Reserve System. President Woodrow Wilson apologized for his part in said treason.

World War I saw a Rothschild, Head of the Bank of England, Senior Jewish Representative for the British Empire, write Lord Balfour, British Minister, seeking his support for the establishment of a Jewish Nation-State of Israel in Palestine citing Jewish support for the British’s Empire against World War I Axis. Lord Balfour responded by seeking support from the United Nations to establish a State of Israel in Palestine. A later White Paper included the establishment of a Palestine State alongside Israel.

In 194 7, a Rothschild funded and built a Jewish Army to attack Palestine.

In 1948, former President Harry S. Truman announced support for the establishment of a Jewish Nation-State and since said year, every US Presidential Administration and sessions of Congress have supported the building of a Jewish Nation-State in Palestine and have vetoed the establishment of a Palestinian nation.

In 1998, the Congress of the United States approved, and President William Jefferson Clinton signed into Public Law the “Iraq Liberation Act” funding and directing the US government to remove the duly elected President of Iraq – Saddam Hussein.

For the record, multiple other acts initiated by Congress and signed by the President against other Middle East countries, such as Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc. are responsible for the continuous wars and aggression in the Middle East.

Based upon the above information it is my opinion, the actions by the Oath Keepers and many of US citizens have reached the same state of despair as the citizens of Germany at the rise of the NAZI Party. In fact, compare Donald J. Trump with Adolph Hitler.

Now one more entry to the Fareed Zakaria’s program that includes his in-studio guests which were US Historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Jon Meacham. To this end, I have provided a paragraph from said interview. “It may be that we have exposed a flaw in the founder’s Constitution. They believed that to create a political system, you did not need to assure people acted virtuously.” “If men were angels: James Madison wrote “no government would be necessary.” “Ambitions would be made to counteract ambition -and this system of checks and balances would preserve liberty and democracy.”

In my opinion, our founders failed to declare lawfully the Gods of Abraham were scams but continued to add the First Amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees the Right to Worship whereas as an atheist I agree you can worship your big toe and pay a minister to support your big toe but no one has the right to support any entity that advocates the replacement of international governments, especially our country’s, religious entity such dictated in a Bible Chapter, Revelations, that the world will end and the new government will be accordance with the teachings and policies of Jesus. Of course, the same text applies to Judaism and Islam.

For true, loyal US citizens, I ask you to make the time and effort to refresh the dictates of the US Constitution that established the three branches of the federal government, especially, no President, member of Congress, Justice of the Supreme Court is above the laws of the United States of America. The United States is our country, a Constitutional Republic.

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