Revised Talking Paper on Immigration & Citizenship

In 2007, I wrote a Talking Paper, Subject: Immigration & Citizenship however I don’t recall the distribution of the paper but due to a recent Biden Administration news release: “Los Angeles chosen to host Summit of the Americas, a key gathering of region’s leaders” and current political events, I felt a resubmittal of the cited Talking paper plus new opinions regarding the US Constitution, citizenship and the United States were required for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 national elections:

Talking paper attached (see below).

To enlighten the readers, especially racist Red State residents, the importance of the Summit, I have taken the liberty to quote the entire story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times and add comments:

“Los Angeles has been chosen by the Biden Administration to host this year’s Summit of the Americas, a key gathering that U.S. officials hope will help mend diplomatic fences in the Western Hemisphere, officials familiar with the decision said.”

“The White House is expected to announce later Tuesday that the meeting – to be held on U.S. soil for the second time since the forum was created nearly three decades ago – will take place in early June in Los Angeles.”

“The administration is expected to cite the city’s “deep and robust” ties throughout the hemisphere as one of the reasons it was selected, according to a White House official speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter ahead of the formal announcement.”

“President Biden will attend the meeting, Former President Trump skipped the last summit, which was held in Peru in 20i 8. The summit is scheduled to convene every three years, though it was delayed this time by a year due to coronavirus pandemic.”

“For the Biden Administration, holding the meeting in Los Angeles provides Central and South America. Los Angeles has also been hit particularly hard by COVID 19, a disease that disproportionately affects Latino’s.”

“The Los Angeles venue “is especially relevant for those of us who are hyphenated Americans,” the White House official said noting “more than 224 languages spoken” in the greater Los Angelest area representing 1 40 countries.”

“The first such summit was held in Miami in 1 994, with President Clinton as the host. It was billed as an early post-Cold War venue for regional partnerships in trade, aid and security.”

The Biden administration has struggled at times to formulate and execute its policies in Latin America. A focus on the so-called Northern T riabie -of Central American countries that fuel immigration into the U.S. has met numerous obstacles; Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has proved mercurial and unpredictable, and the Venezuela policy aimed at ousting dictator Maduro is in disarray.”

“Another tricky issue is who is invited to the summit. Attendance has generally been limited to democratic countries. Peru revoked Venezuela’s invitation in 2018, and Cuba has never attended. The administration official said criteria were still being discussed on who will be invited, such as whether countries like Nicaragua and El Salvador, where increasingly authoritarian leaders are exerting control, will make the cut.”

“This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.”


As a no-body citizen that has an excellent knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the true aggressive, racist history of our country, I have been addressing the Zionist controlled news media and the majority of U.S. politicians of addressing the United States as America for several years both in print and verbally.

Yes, in past years, I addressed U.S. citizens and I as Americans but from reading historical documents I learned we are indeed North American citizens but the United States has no sovereignty over the other Americas states therefore, not being a historian but a no-body, my conclusion’ we are citizens of the United States.

During the period of the Revolutionary War, the thirteen colonies projected as a future sovereign country formed by international immigrants was known as “United Colonies.” Once the international community accepted our sovereignty, we became the United States of America. I suggest the America suffix was added to the United States because we were located on the North American Continent. along with Canada and Mexico, and equally important. international ocean travelers identified the United States as America.

Prior to the death of David Rockefeller there was a vocal monetary group, the group may still exist. determined to incorporate Canada, Mexico, and the United States as America similar in international community as the European Union. For investors, the change may be desired but. for true, loyal U.S. citizens, in my opinion, we are the United States and governed under the dictates of the U.S. Constitution. One country-One People; United We Stand – Divided We Fall.

Sadly, truthfully, the article addressed the primary population problem; “hyphenated Americans” and “more than 224 languages spoken in greater Los Angeles.” For crying out loud, I do not recall a law revoking English as our national language nor a Constitutional Amendment allowing citizens to be hyphenated or maintain a dual loyalty citizenship. Moreover, to my understanding, all immigrants nationalized, under the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization, swear an oath or accept a fact to disavow all loyalty to their place of birth or origin.

Digressing from the article: During my assignment to Homestead Air Force Base, FL, 1 960 -1964, approximately 30 miles south of Miami, the Homestead/Florida City’s population was segregated, white and black, with labor camps that spoke Spanish or a Spanish dialect. Of course, during this period, our nation suffered the Cuban Crisis between the United State and the Soviet Union and Cuba creating a tremendous, unnecessary cost to the people of the United States. Fast forward, today I hear from non-Hispanic/Cuban residents of Miami/Dade, I learned most of the the region’s population seek to return to Cuba and disavow the burdens incurred by the United States. From my own research, I know the root cause of the Florida political situation is Florida Senator Marco Rubio and other politicians who have been purchased by former Cubans residing in the United States and maintaining dual citizenships to start another military aggression against Cuba. Former President Obama established a first step to make to restart economic and diplomatic relationship with Cuba but the traitor, Donald J. Trump and his peers, destroyed the essential effort. Oh, I learned today, the Central Intelligence Agency had determined the Havana Syndrome was not the act of an enemy of the United States but didn’t elaborate who caused the Havana Syndrome. For me, I have always stated, the source behind the Havana Syndrome is wealth investors and former Cuban property owners.

Returning to the article: The political enemy to the United States in Central and South America is Judaism and Chinese influence. Israel has strong military presence in Columbia and other Americas countries. President Maduro is not a dictator but a multiple time duly elected President; the true problem is U.S. and foreign investors. Several Central American countries have moved their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, side with China regarding sovereignty of Taiwan and China’s ownership of the Partly Islands and South China Sea.

Solution: There must be a Constitutional Amendment declaring all national elections will be funded by taxation thereby ending private and corporate money and U.S. House of Representatives and Senators will be limited to six years total, no exception. The U.S. Supreme Court must become a true third but equal branch of the federal government that allows said court to deny politicians freedom from prosecutions. Foreign policy actions nor a member of the federal government is above the laws of the United States.
Thank you.



Immigration policies and established guidelines for U.S. Citizenship are vital tools in the preservation of our Constitutional Republic. Policies too harsh or too weak could bring about such turmoil and discontent there would be those like the members of the current Republican -Party, The Oath Keepers, etc., who continue to support former President Donald J. Trump, a twice impeached President of the United States to a degree their actions on January 6, 2021, emulated actions by the Nationalist German Socialist Workers Party, along with US Bankers and Investors, who took the international community into World War II.

History reminds us of a letter President George Washington wrote to Vice President John Adams, in 1 794, regarding his concerns that immigrants would choose to reside near individuals from their old country and cling to the ways of their departed nation. Unfortunately, President Washington, to my knowledge, did not warn of those individuals/groups seeking to force the United States government to accept a theocracy government following the teachings and guidance of one of the Gods of Abraham. President Washington’s alleged goal, in my opinion, was for all immigrants to assimilate into our newly formed nation with a Constitutional Republic form of government and a U.S. Constitution with Ten Bill of Rights. Of these rights, the First Amendment guaranteed the right to assembly, speech and worship. The worship right has been continuously violated from our date of inception by the religious community that advocates a theocracy government. The Second Amendment established a right for State Militia’s to bear arms which was correct since our country had no stand1ng armed forces and State Militia’s were called upon frequently to protect the formation of cities, towns, and rural areas such as farms and, of course, to take more North American land from the North American Indian and Mexicans. Unfortunately, after we conquered the North American continent, the arms industry, politicians without integrity and macho leaning citizens demanded even military style weapons resulting in our country being the murder capital, by weapons, of any country in the international community.

In 1795, Congress passed the Naturalization Acts. These Acts required immigrants be of good moral character, a common trait in our country’s early history, and make an effort to speak English and learn the history of the United States and, equally important, learn of the dictates of the U.S. Constitution and citizen responsibilities to said Constitution. Moreover, the immigrant to become a citizen of the United States placed his hand over their heart and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution the United States and, equally important, disavow any allegiance to any entity of their former homeland or their former homeland and denounce their former political regimes. Their lives and loyalty was no to their fellow citizens of the United States of America.

President Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury and lackey of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, agreed all new citizens and immigrants must learn undivided political loyalty or what could be called patriotic assimilation. A concern warranted due to the number of immigrants that came for economic reasons and adventure, not to be part of a great experiment to establish a country were all -people were created equal. Of course, we failed and -continue to fail on equality even to the point the Republican Party is denying citizens the right to vote.

Regarding our founders policies of selective immigration, in hind sight. our founders and those who could vote, I suppose, due to the lack of scientific knowledge and true international history, failed to pursue the separation of church and state, as previously identified, and stop government support of religious institutions, entities, and ancestral religions. Sadly, government officials did not reject the religious community and, even to date, politicians cower to the wishes and demands of the religious community, not because most politicians believe there is a god but because of the monetary support and voting bloc provided by the seditious religious community. Moreover, our nation’s politicians then and now fail to denounce religion as an enemy of the state as they apparently consider the United State too large to emulate the great Roman Empire. Our destruction will come from within, not a foreign military force. The religious community will add the United States to their list of former great nations and, even, empires.

A noteworthy historical clue to religious subversion which may or may not have been noted by our founders was the arrival Sephardic Jews that arrived from Brazil around 1 654. They claimed they were persecuted by the Portuguese rulers of Brazil and fled to New Amsterdam, present day New York, where the first Jewish congregation was established.

The Governor of the Colonies, Mr. Peter Stuyvesant, employee of the Dutch West Indies Company, showed resistance to the Jewish settlers based on historical documents identifying those of Judaism’s failure to assimilate. (One may want to summon the history of Abraham, the Hebrew, who departed -Ur, present day Iraq, to the land of Palestine where instead of assimHating, Hebrews following Abraham have been in a state of constant aggression and occupation for approximately six thousand years.) Naturally, just like in the United States, to date, the owners of the Dutch West Indies Company were either owned or under guidance of Jewish stockholders and forced Stuyvesant to allow the Jews to settle. In the United States for centuries, the U.S. Central Bank has been under the control and/or administration of a member of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty that includes intermarriages into our country’s leading money families. Oh, the Mayer aka Rothschild family are converts to Judaism.

A second Jewish congregation was established in New Port, Rhode Island, approximately twenty­-one years later.

In 1702, the colonies saw the arrival of Ashkenazic Jews from Germanic Europe.

The colony of Virginia was formed by the Virginia Company of London, England. To assure the success of their colony, the company assured the presence of the clergy whereas some Governors acted as Crusaders. In fact. we learned, one Governor, Sir Thomas Dale, in 1619, considered himself engaged in religious warfare and spread religion through the colony through the force of the sword. Every citizen was required to attend church and be catechized by a minister. Citizens who refused to attend church could be executed or sent to the galleys.

We learned Sir Thomas Dale was a cruel person but tame in comparison to the Puritans of New England. In fact. the Puritans did not believe in toleration as your dissent could lead to a period in the stocks, burned as witches, dunker in water, hung or expelled. Dissent was a capital crime.

Thomas Jefferson became Governor of Virginia and would not concede a moral superiority by the Puritans. Jefferson did not believe the Creator dealt with day-to-day activities and moved on after making the Universe. Thankfully, Governor Jefferson terminated government paid clergy and ended their abilities to render punishment on Virginians.

Regarding the clergy, many of our founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson understood the “New Testament” Christian Bible had been compromised, whether by the original authors so long after the death of Jesus, or by later translators and interpreters. In 1 820, Thomas Jefferson wrote “Among the sayings and discoursed imputed to Jesus by -his biographers, l find many passages of fine imagination, correct morality, and of the most lovely benevolence; and others again of so much ignorance, so much absurdity, so much untruth, charlatanism, and imposture, as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictions should be proceed from the same being.” Moreover, Jefferson believed Jesus was non-divine, a normal human being whereas in Jefferson’s Bible he emphasized his feelings regarding Jesus. Of note, during the period, Congress printed books, each member Congress was issued a copy of Jefferson’s Bible.

For the record, religious fervor in a prosperous nation, such as the United States, breeds contempt for the nation and its people plus to the point of utilizing the power of the United States to spread religious untruths throughout the international community.

Digressing from documents, books, internet traffic, etc., I have read, I find the following statement by President Theodore Roosevelt compatible with my views regarding immigrants seeking citizenship in the United States. (In Roosevelt’s quote he referred to Americans; I have changed Americans in the quote to United States citizens or citizens of the United States.)

“In the first place we should insist that if the immigrants who comes here in good faith becomes a United States citizen and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to Discriminate against any -such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming a United States citizen and nothing but a United States citizen …. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is a United States citizen, but something else also, isn’t a United States citizen at all …. We have room for one soul (sic) loyalty and that loyalty to the people of the United States.”

Regarding dual (allegiance) by Dr. John Fonte, Ph,D… Senior Fellow and Director of the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC on September 29, 2005, the following quote: “Dual Allegiance is incompatible with the moral and philosophical bases of United States Constitutional democracy for two major reasons. First dual allegiance challenges our core foundation as a civic nation (built on political loyalty) by promoting a racial and ethnic basis for allegiance and by subverting our “nation Of (assimilated) immigrants.” Second, dual allegiance violates a vital principle of the United States democracy: “equality of citizenship.”

Regarding dual loyalty and hyphenated U.S. citizens, I find it extremely troubling for anyone claiming U.S. citizenship to not openly announce to the international community, if necessary, he or she is a citizen of the United States however we have millions of hyphenated and dual loyalty residents that reap the benefits form the prosperity and security of the United States but remain loyal to their ancestral homeland or to a religious scam entity. For example, a former member of Congress from the state of Illinois, Chief of Staff to President Clinton and former Mayor of Chicago had been a active duty officer in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and may be an IDF reserve officer to date. For many resident, the said status may be ok but for a true U.S. citizen those serving in the IDF are traitors and without integrity. In 1967, alleged U.S. citizens serving in the IDF bombed and strafed the USS Liberty on station in international waters. True U.S. military and civilians were killed and wounded. Than came Lebanon and other locations where so-called U.S. citizens killed and wounded true U.S. citizens. During Trump’s Presidency, he ordered the murder of an Iranian General under the guise he was protecting US forces in Iraq. However, in truth, he was protecting U.S. Jews on vacation in Israeli occupied Syria. In retaliation, the Iranians launched missiles against a U.S. military detachment in Iraq. One hundred plus military were treated for traumatic brain injury. Trump said they had headaches. Today, US Forces are in occupied Syria stealing Syrian gas, water and land while protecting the IDF and Israeli citizens. Also, since 1948, more than one thousand U.S. military have been killed by or for the Israelis and indebted the United States for more than one trillion dollars. Israel claims to be a sovereign state but without total assistance from the United States and other Jewish dominated nations, Israel wouldn’t be a pimple on a monkey’s ass. The Gods of Abraham are nothing but scams.

In my opinion, black citizens of the United States that call themselves African Americans or hyphenated Americans are no more than traitors. In truth, all human beings evolved from apes on the African continent.

Other U.S. citizens or residents referring to themselves as hyphenated citizens are likewise traitors.

Many U.S. citizens, myself included, paid to ascertain their family history and point of origin however regardless of ancestors, I am a loyal defender of the U.S. Constitution.

Regarding citizenship, in my opinion, no person or persons should be invited or allowed to become a United States citizen if he or she came to the United States for economic reasons or to disrupt our society with the teachings of a fabricated god or self-interest goal. The United States of America a true beautiful but racist nation.

If foreign nationals want to come for schooling, legal employment, or whatever, then avenues are open through the U.S. Department of Justice. The United States is not a closed society, we are open to all men/women of good will.

Immigration difficulties could be easily resolved. Every United States state had a labor department that affords the seeker of employee an avenue to acquire Mexican or other national employees. Each state’ employment can request future employees from foreign countries as we have since World War II.

Most problems we have in our county can be traced to dishonest members of the three branches of the federal government. The minority reason is the failure of the states to teach our country’s true history, especially the truth regarding the three branches of the federal government. The President of the United States, members of Congress, and Justices of the Supreme Court are not above the laws of the United States.

What I have attempted to convey, even with the meddling of the computer’s server, is that we, citizens of the United States, could return to nation envisioned by our forefathers. U.S. citizens must be U.S. citizens, not hyphenated, dual loyal, or a religious prefix/suffix traitor. No gods period. We have responsibilities as citizens. You are either a U.S. citizen or not.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the U.S. Constitution

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