Response to President Trump’s Impeachment

Ms. Cox’s, Sentinel-Echo editor, article explained the charges against President Trump and comments by Kentucky\’s senior House of Representative member and our two U.S. Senators, however, as one knowledgeable of the past presidential impeachments and followed the unknown number of hours of the actions by the House of Representatives against President Trump, I will comment:

During the early years of our country, most gentlemen were men of honor and would defend their honor with duels and/or in some other manner, whereas, our founders knew there would be individuals without honor that would sell their vote and country for their self-interest.

The First Two Political Parties were the Federalist Party, created largely by Alexander Hamilton and the Jeffersonian Democratic­ Republic Party, usually called, at the time, the Republican, formed by Jefferson and Madison. Naturally, as man’s integrity faltered, the political parties, Democrat and Republican, became like sporting events, instead of defending the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Too many Kentuckians do not have the time to keep abreast of the events on-going in our country and they expect the people they elect to honor their oath to the U.S. Constitution. In this light, demand term limits and public financed federal elections.

Billy Ray Wilson
209 Autumn Drive
London, KY 40744-7071
(606) 770-5080

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