World War III if Trump Re-Elected

In reference to Sentinel-Echo article “Trump showing political courage,” (November 15, 2019)

I thank Mr. Brad Penley for writing his concerns; however, President Trump is the greatest threat to international peace, especially in the Middle East, that will result in World War Ill, if re-elected.

President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognized the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, as part of Israel, deployed U.S. National Guardsmen to steal Syrian oil, and continues the authorization to man a U.S. Flagged military installation in Israel to protect Israel\’s nuclear production and storage facilities. All his approvals are in direct violation of United Nation Resolutions.

Since the election of President Harry S. Truman every presidential administration and congressional session have deployed U.S. military forces to the Middle East with the goal of building a Jewish NationĀ­ State in occupied Palestine.

There will never be peace in the international community until the U.S. Congress reaffirms the United States’ form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy, and the support of a religious entity advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Government is an act of subversion against the United States and punishable under federal law.

Billy Ray Wilson
209 Autumn Drive
London, KY 40744-7071
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