Supporters of the Alleged Gods of Abraham and their Charities are Traitors to the United States

I can’t address what citizens of the United States outside Laurel County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky were taught regarding the United States’ form of government therefore I will state, for the record, our country is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic and Liberal Democracy, not a Theocracy.

I was born on September 21, 1943, in East Bernstadt, KY. My father was one of the tens of thousands of U.S. Marines fighting their way across the Pacific to the Japanese mainland however he, like thousands other Marines, were severely wounded or killed on the island of Iwo Jima. Unfortunately, my father was unable to recover from his mental wounds but able to accommodate his physical injuries. My mother was a religious zealot that forced my sisters and I to attend the multiple types of religious services that, in my opinion, were all lies and scams initiated by the Hebrews of Mesopotamia.

On September 30, 1960, with my mother’s consent, I joined the United States Air Force where I was assigned direct combat/defensive Air Force Specialties for the duration of my twenty years honorable service to the United States. Among my tours of duty were at Homestead Air Force Base, FL, during the Cuban Crisis; Kunsan Air Base, the Republic of South Korea, following the end of combat between Communist and United Nations Forces; Dong Moung Royal Thai Air Base, Bangkok International Airport, the Kingdom of Thailand, during our country’s secret air war in Laos and the building of US Military Installations in Thailand and the Republic of South Vietnam; Special Assignment (Project 404) attached to the US Embassy’s Air Attache, US Embassy, Vientiane, Laos, during our country’s covert ground and air war against Communist Forces transporting military logistics through Laos and Cambodia to the Republic of South Vietnam; Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC), Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Kingdom of Thailand, where our mission was to go into Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam to recover the remain of U.S. Military Missing In Action and/or resolve status through the reading and analyst of the highest classified and unclassified documents; Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines to support the 13th Air Force military logistics and Air Force Hospital Care for U.S. Forces remaining in Southeast plus assure the air combat capability of US Pacific Air Forces. Temporary duty at Anderson Air Base, U.S. Te1Titory of Guam, in support of the increase of air traffic necessary to support the United States’ Vietnam Baby Airlift. The remaining air force assignments were in the Continental United States where there were no hostile aggression against US Forces and/or direct combat support to the Vietnam War.

While on Terminal Leave from the United States Air Force, during most of the 1980s, I was employed by Northrop Aircraft Services and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Services to train Royal Saudi Air Force in the Air Operations Career Field. Unfortunately, at these assignments, U.S. State Department Foreign Sales Program employees were illegally used to support U.S. Covert actions against Iran and Iraq. In fact, in June 1989, I learned the United States was going to war against Iraq. I resigned my employment and returned to the United States Blacklisted by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Services.

I was indeed extremely lucky in 1990 to be employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs with duty at the Allen Park, MI VA Medical Center and the Louisville, KY VA Medical Center. The Louisville VA Medical Center where I was medically retired with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 1998. Sadly, since 1998, the VA has added additional one hundred percent and lower percentage ratings due to Agent Orange Exposures, Hypothyroidism and dementia, plus other equally distressing ailments from my twenty years of honorable service. There are claims pending for Anti-anthrax vaccines and pills plus massive asbestos exposure in Laos.

What I’m getting at is the career military person was promised the same benefits once retired as they received while on active duty however in 1980, Congress denied many of our benefits by stating that Congress had not approved the costs incurred to provide the promised military retirement benefits. Congress alleged the military recruiters made false promises to the career airman and other career military personnel. Alas, the year 2023 arrives and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, at the approval and funding, by the U.S. Congress authorized the VA to provide health care and benefits to all former service members that had served one day in the military, during war or hostile actions, and were below poverty.* Also, I learned the VA will provide gratis health care for the remaining World War II former service members .Too me the said action by Congress was the second most unethical action by any Congressional Session and Presidential Administration. The first has been the abuse of the US Armed Forces in the building of the Jewish Nation State of Israel in occupied Palestine since 1948 and the continued used of U.S. Aimed Forces as the debt collectors and monetary resources agents of the US Federal Reserve Bank Owners and international investors to receive interest on our country’s thirty four trillion debt.

*The original doctrine of the Department of Veterans Affairs was the vision of President Abraham. Lincoln to proved care for those that borne the war their widow and orphans. However, today’s policy is to provide VA health care and monetary benefits to anyone that served in the military, their dependents, and health care workers.

What President Lincoln never envisioned, in my opinion and knowledge of Lincoln’s vision, was that an insurance company or other entity would pay for a veterans and dependents health care. However, it is apparent today that the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System is in competition with the Nation’s Hospital System and/or have become part of the nation’s health care system. Once again, the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks and the domestic and international investors are receiving revenue from the hardships, deaths, and injuries of those that served in the US Armed Forces.

Today, when you make an appointment, after twenty or more minutes wait time, the clerk making the appointment will advise you to bring your insurance card with you when you check in for your appointment. To this end, I don’t know if the VA is charging the Department of Defense or the Social Security Administration Service for my inadequate care.

Congress approves billions of dollars for the Department of Veterans Affairs to administer the health care for veterans but is allowing different entities such as the Wounded Warriors and the DAV to collect donations to assist former service members while enriching their corporations. There should be one gratis health care system for those that borne the battle while another government agency will use insurance and other Congressional funding to support the former service member that did not, for whatever the reason, chose not to remain employed for their future retirement years.

Oh, for the former service member that may take exception to my comments, the VA system has provided the opportunities for all service members since the 1960s to file a claim for service injuries incurred during military service regardless of the number of years since he or she ended their military service. Don’t blame the system, blame yourself. The career military person carried our armed forces through all the illegal wars but are being denied the promises at enlistment.

And, the Department of Veterans Affairs, under the table and knowledge of most US citizens, care for those of Judaism when fighting for the terrorist Jewish Nation State of Israel in occupied Palestine.

Returning to the subject, I must digress to my last U.S. Air Force assignment as the 22nd Air Force’s Current Operations Superintendent at Travis Air Force Base, CA. The mission of Current Operations was scheduling aircrews and obtaining diplomatic clearances for missions to support deployment of US Arn1ed Forces, Humanitarian Missions, and/or other Pentagon Projects however the most unethical, in my opinion, were the Congressional and/or other Federal Government requests to fly members of Congress and the US Government to foreign countries, not for official purpose but the self interest of those requesting the abuse of U.S. Air Resources. To this end, today, January 19, 2024, I am in receipt of an Internet document titled “Inside the effort to create a far-reaching U.S – Saudi- Israeli pact to end the war” which, in my opinion, is against the true will of the people of the United States and international community as Senator Lindsay Graham’s purpose is not as the title suggests but to prostitute himself so that he may receive monetary donations and votes for his re-election to the United States Senate.

The Royal Saudi Government, especially the current Hebrew Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the man, in my opinion, is attempting to establish a Hebrew Kingdom under the leadership of the bin Salman family. To this end, in my opinion based on six year plus several months of employment at King Khalid Air Base, with the decline of the United States in the international community, especially the cower support at the United Nations, the Arab countries that supported Al-Qaeda and ISIS will join with the Bin Salman government to establish a Hebrew Kingdom with the Bin Salman Family the king of the Hebrew Kingdom. Naturally, with the decline power of the United States Armed Forces to defend Israel, the Jewish Nation State of Israel will become part of the Hebrew Kingdom whereas, the Hebrew Kingdom will become the leader of the international community.

You may note, I wrote the wrote Hebrew in the above paragraph which you may not understand unless you’ve read my previous blogs that revealed in 900 B.C.E., the Hebrews of Mesopotamia spread out through the Middle East and elsewhere to establish a one god however instead of one god they were responsible for the writing and initiation of the Gods of Abraham. (The Arabian peninsula Arab named Mohammed was just a tool of the Hebrews.) The Hebrews missionaries, if you will, were successful in the countries that have signed the Abraham Accords with Israel however the Saudis have not signed the Accord even though the current Saudi Ruling Family’s Hebrew mother’s ancestry has assumed political control of the Saudi government. Today, Crown Prince MSB is a personal friend of Israel’s criminal prime minister and have held many secretive meetings to bond their alliance.

In September 1980, at my first employment in Saudi Arabia, the honorable Fahad was King and his title was “Custodian of the three Holy Mosques; Mecca, Medina, and Al-Aqsa (In Jerusalem). In 1983, when I returned to Saudi Arabia with McDonnell Douglas, Crown Prince Abdullah had silenced Fahad and became the leader of Saudi Arabia whereby deleting Al-Aqsa from the Custodianship of the King’s Title. Also, recently the Saudi Foreign Minister reported that the Kingdom had been attempting to establish peaceful relationship with Israel since 1982 whereas my assumption of the Hebrew relationship were confirmed in 1983. And, the Saudi Government, under Abdullah, revoked the Saudi Governn1ent’s covert operations with the United States Government that King Fahad had approved to support Iraq’s War against Iran whereas the Kingdom could attempt to open relationship with Iran. The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia would allow, in the first part, to receive billions of dollars from Iran Muslims visiting Saudi Arabia for Haji.

The Royal Saudi Government is as two faced as our own government, especially with a Republican President and Congress. In November 2024, the people of the United States must elect and/or appoint new members of the federal government including the legislative, executive branches and extending the number of Justices on the Supreme Court to eleven or twelve. The current Supreme Court Justices, in my opinion, are not loyal U.S. Citizens but prostitutes that sell their vote regardless of the cause.

Returning to my position at 22nd Air Force Headquarters, I want to thank the leadership and supervisors for standing with me as I was really mentally impaired from the covert war in Laos and the recovery of US Missing In Action.

And, as a military and civil service retiree, once we, the people of the United States return to our Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic and Liberal Democracy, the true, loyal legislators must make many Constitutional Amendments of which one is the most important: “The President of the United States is not the Commander In Chief of the United States’ Armed Forces and Congress must be the final approval of any military actions against a foreign nation and/or any other foreign policy that could affect the deployment of US Armed Forces. (The United States is not the Germany and the investors that took us into World War I and World War II. There are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.)

Earlier in the Blog, I wrote my sisters and I were forced to attend some type of religious service throughout our lives at home however, to be truthful, I can not address the religious brainwashing of my younger sister as I was in the air force most of her young life. After I retired from the air force and returned from employment in the Middle East, my younger sister and I rejoined as brother and sister however, sadly, my older sister has expired. In this light, my younger sister has been married four times and the last two were not from Laurel County but from Louisville and Ohio. I know very little of the Louisville husband and, in my opinion, the Ohio husband is a former silver spoon rich boy with a college education but no realization of the real world. In fact, sadly, which I’m not proud, recently I told both my sister and their husband that they were religious traitors to the United States.

Recently, when my sister and her husband stopped in London, at my home, while returning to their new home in Indiana, the husband and I became engaged in a heated debate regarding our country’s support for the terrorist nation state of Israel in occupied Palestine. (My my sister was visiting her son’s grave.) For example, the husband said he was unaware that Israel maintained a military reserve army force in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Moreover, the most dramatic engagement was when I said historically there was never a sovereign country of Israel until former US President Harry S. Truman recognized the Hebrew terrorist occupation of Palestine and then forced his administration of intimidate United Nations Ambassador to announce the international statehood of Israel in 1949. He and my sister departed immediately for return to their home however the husband said he would research what I stated. No response to date.

For years I have attempted to resolve the difference between Hebrew, Israeli and Jews whereas I recently queried the Internet and received the following (paraphrasing) response: Hebrew was a ethnic Arab tribe originating in Mesopotamia (Southern Turkey and Iraq) and spread throughout the international community.

Allegedly “Issac was Abraham’s son and Jacob’s grandson. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Since this time Israel’s descendants were known as the children of Israel.”

“After the Israelite’s invaded Canaan, they were ruled by Saul, David, and Solomon. David lived in 1,000 B.C. After this, the Kingdom was divided into two Kingdoms” Judea and Samaria.”
“In 685 B.C. And 585 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon invaded Judea and in 586 B.C., Jerusalem was destroyed. Many of the Jews were taken into exile to Babylon.”
“Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians and the Israelite’s were dispersed into surrounding nations.” “Hebrew is the culture, Israelite’s is the race, and Jews is the religion.”
“Those who returned after exile settled in Judea, they were Jews regardless of their ancestral tribes.”

“After the Babylonian exile “Jews” replaced “Israeli” as the most widely used term for these survivors.”

“Hebrew is the culture, Israelites is the race, and Jews is the religion.”

Today, January 20, 2024, a dear friend from Hyden and I were addressing my new blog entry and she agreed that I should research the term “God’s Chosen People” to which after out dinner out and return to my residence I sought the answer from the Internet’s Bing. The following was provided by the Bing AI source:

“The term “God’s Chosen People” refers to the belief that the Jews via descent from the ancient Israelites, are the chosen people, i.e., chosen to be in a covenant with God. The idea of the Israelites being chosen by God is found most directly in the Book of Deuteronomy. “where it is applied to Israel at Mount Sinai upon the condition of their acceptance of the Mosaic covenant between themselves and the LORD God.” The term originally referred to the Israelites as being selected by Yahweh to worship only him and to fulfill the mission of proclaiming his truth throughout the world. The concept of chosenness is also found in other religious groups, such as Christian identity and Black Hebrew sects, who claim themselves (not Jews) to be “true Israel.” However, the concept of”chosenness” may be understood by some to connote ethnic supremacy.

Anthropologists commonly regard claims of chosenness as a form of ethnocentrism.”

“Ethnocentrism in social science and anthropology — as well as in colloquial English discourse –¬≠means to apply one’s own culture or ethnicity as a frame of reference to judge other cultures, practices.”

Case and point: “After colonization Europeans started to control over Africa and Asia. They thought themselves as superior cause they have modern technology.”

Case and point” “Ethnocentrism and racism have often been a significant aspect of nationalism and therefore played a key role in the wars between nations.”

As a old country boy, layman, Hebrews set out from Mesopotamia to build an empire to protect the Hebrews, under the guise of a god who made the universe (which there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM as an unknown source is responsible for the billions of planets and other mass forms), from the other Arab ethnic tribes. In the 1800s, rich European family members set out to further protect the Hebrews by initiating the Zionist Movement to establish a Hebrew homeland. The said homeland was in Palestine. In the 1940s, France, Great Britain, and the United States took up the lie and began building a Jewish Nation State of Israel in occupied Palestine however the Crimes Against Humanity hasn’t ended as the Palestinian Authority control East Jerusalem, Gaze, and the West Bank. The on-going war against Gaza is a ploy to assume control of all of Palestinian land.

And, for the record, former US President Harry S. Truman’s Administration forced the United Nations to make Israel a sovereign nation in 1949. Although, Israel is identified as a sovereign state, the terrorist state remains a parasite on the international community, especially the United States. Sadly,, out country’s, the United States, current President is a traitor who wants to be re-elected and history reveals no person can be electe4 President or any national office without cowering to the supporters of the GODS OF ABRAHAM.

Comment: Moreover, Judaism as well as Christianity and Islam are all scams originated by Hebrews whereas there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

NOTE: During my military assignments at Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT and Travis Air Force Base, CA, I saw first hand the same Ethnocentrism revealed by the Hebrews are applicable to the United State’s Seventh Day Adventist/Mormon community. If our country is to survive, we must return to our Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic and Liberal Democracy where the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees one’s right to worship but does not authorize or guarantee one to support an entity whose goal is to overthrow the government of the United States. THE GODS OF ABRAHAM’S GOAL IS WORLD DOMINATION – NO MORE US GOVERNMENT.

When an entity owns the international community’s news media and entertainment industry, the book publishers and editors, and most countries politicians, an entity, Judaism in this situation, can change whatever they choose to give honor and integrity to the Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites that have and continue to commit Crimes Against Humanity for the past approximately six thousand years. For example, Israelites is not a race. Just because you reside together and have the same customs, cultures, and physical appearance you are not a race. (In Saudi Arabia when traveling around Asir Province one passed large compounds where a Saudi (Arab) compound where generations of one family resided; they were a clan/family, not a race. The same is for the Israelites. Further proof – look at the millions of converts to Judaism from throughout the international community. MORE PROOF THE GODS OF ABRAHAM ARE SCAMS.

Please read my blog with the subject: “Semite” and other subjects applicable to this section of the new blog.

SORRY FOR NOT ENDING BUT INTERESTING NEWS: It has been reported that the Prime Minister of Israel has told President Joseph R. Biden, via telecon, that he would not accept a sovereign Palestine State alongside Israel as directed by United Nations Resolutions. To this end, said revelation only give more reason for the people of the United States to replace every incumbent member of the Federal Government in 2024. Both Trump and Biden are traitors to the United States.

Thank you.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the United States Constitution

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