Illegal Support of Israel and Ukraine Will Result in World War III and the Destruction of the United States

I should be thankful no one reads my biogs, as quite possible,there are those the US government, Israeli Mossad, and, of course, the so-called religious community in the United States would terminate me for telling the truth however, I love the United States and I know what we have in our great nation therefore a new blog for publication.

I wondered why I had not received an acknowledgment for my communications, for example, to MSNBC to which my wonder cease when I received a communication from the Internet Server stating the MSNBC had blocked my communications. I suspect the same applies to the multiple other media agencies I dispatched communications. The German leader Gobels took immediate control of all Germany’s news and entertainment industries to assure control of the German people’s mind. Likewise, he instilled the sublime messages just as the major networks do today.

I read a Letter to the Editor, Subject: Christ-less Christians – As Dangerous As Islamic Law, published on April 9, 2012, in your paper and, having worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for six years and four months, the writer has some good points but he hasn’t a clue about the Middle East. They will have a Islamic State that includes the current parasite state of Israel.

According to the World Book, Hebrews of Mesopotamia, during 900 B. C. began a quest to instill into the people of the * Levant there were not multiple gods but one however, in my opinion, the quest resulted in their establishment of the God of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Unfortunately, according to internet sources the God of Abraham’s religious doctrine is the same as Christianity’s Holy Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In other words, Judaism’s goal is a One World Order under Judaism that provides those of Judaism with a socialist, welfare, resort for Jews using their dual loyalties and citizenship to acquire the name, in my opinion, of international parasites. They depend on other countries’ leader such as Donald (Duck) John Trump, Joseph R. Biden, entire Congress of the United States, and the religious traitors who support the overthrow of the United States Government, to maintain their parasitic state.

The Hebrews in the deserts, village, and larger settlements version of heaven and hell was Jerusalem (Heaven) and a burn pit/village several kilometers from Jerusalem where trash, human remains, etc., were burned was known as Hell. When the Hebrews did conquer Jerusalem they people found the streets were not paved with gold and their hardships continued but at a decreased level. Unfortunately, Catholics and Hebrews (Jews) devised another con job, besides the Gods of Abraham, which was if you pay enough money or other source of value, you could pay your relatives out of hell.

“Levant, (from the French lever, “to rise,” as in sunrise, meaning the east), historically, the region along the eastern Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and certain adjacent areas. Common use of the term is associate with Venetian and other trading ventures and the establishment of commerce with cities such as Tyre and Sidon as a result of the Crusades. It was applied to the coast lands of Asia Minor and Syria, sometimes extending from Greece to Egypt. It was also used for Anatolin and as a synonym for the Middle East or Near East. In the 161h and 1 ?h Centuries the term High Levant referred to the Far East. The name Levant States was given to the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon after World War I, and the term is sometimes used for these two countries, which became independent 9n 1946. A similar term, Al-Mashriq (“Where the Sun Rises”), exists in Arabic, although this term refers to a broader geographic region. ”

For almost six thousand years, Hebrews, Jews, Israeli’s, have used the Hebrew quest throughout the Middle East to invade land areas such as Palestine (Canaan), Lebanon, Syria, etc., with the monetary and military support from, primarily after 1898, France, Great Britain, and the United States. Finally, in certain Middle East countries, governments in secret and the people of the region purchased military equipment and logistics and provided same to ISISL in to attempt to establish an Islamic Stare in Iraq Syria, Levant (ISISL). The leaders of the primary countries cited, such as former President Harry S. Truman and all succeeding Presidents and Congressional Sessions have committed TREASON AGAINST THEIR COUNTRYMEN, to build a Socialist, terrorist Jewish Nation State of Israel in occupied Palestine and, yes, declared war, without the consent of Congress, on the nations and people attempting to build a sovereign State of Palestine.

I doubt members of the US Government and the minority US citizen, since 1898, realized that Hebrews, Jews, Israeli’s are not going to stop with a Socialist, terrorist nation of Jews at their historical scam Palestine location but continue their fight; in the name of a non-existing god, until they have established a One World Order of Judaism. Anyone in the United States support the Hebrews’ religious scam is a traitor to the United States.

Please, make the time and effort to read my other blog entries at The blog will enlighten you to the historical truth of mankind and the scams by the Hebrew, Jews, Israelis. If the people of the United States don’t stop the non-Constitutional support of Israel and Ukraine we will be in a terrible nuclear war that will destroy the United States.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the United States Constitution

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