The United States, Not America

My homeland and country is the United States and my place of birth was at East Bernstadt, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, on September 21, 1943.

My father was in the US Marine Corps advancing in the Pacific Ocean toward the Japanese homeland as were hundreds of thousands of other US citizens drafted or volunteered to defend the United States against the World War II axis powers. The country they were attempting to protect and preserve was the United States, not the modern name of America the owners of the Federal Reserve System and the one percent of the US population want to change the name of our great nation -the United States to America.

Like my father and the millions of US citizens that served in World War II and the Korean War, I too served honorably in the US Air Force for twenty and continued honorable service under the employment umbrellas of the US Office of Personnel Management and part time employment for 35 years as a proud citizen of the United States.

The proud service to the United States exposed one to the hazards and toxic chemical and other toxins, the Cuban Crisis at Homestead Air Force Base, Fl, post-Korean War at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, special assignment in support of US military build up in Southeast Asia, a covert war, recovery of Vietnam era US Missing In Action, air traffic support for the Vietnam Baby Airlift at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, and Continental United States’ Air Base support of the defense of the United States.

Employment under the US State Department’s Foreign Sales Program, with duty in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supported our country’s covert wars against Iran, Iraq and Yemen. US contractors were subjected to forced immunizations and intake of oral medication against the Anthrax Disease, pesticides spray, and burn pits.

Employment under the US Office of Personnel Management at the Phoenix Military Entrance Processing Station, Phoenix, AZ, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Allen Park, Ml & Louisville, KY were eye openers to the corruption in the United States government.

Three non-government employments; one in the Bahamas, Wyoming, and Kentucky enlightened one to the employment hardships and the abuse by large corporation and the US Federal Reserve System.

The Department of Veterans Affairs retired me with a 100% Service Connected Disability in 1998 and additional Service Connected Disabilities since said date.


The North American continent was identified to adventures, explorers, settlers, religious criminals, etc. as America. Bermuda was Bermuda. (The Pope to prevent a war between Spain and Portugal, during their conquest of the world, drew a line on a world map giving the two powers freedom to plunder and murder outside of Europe.) For those that came to Plymouth Bay area and other North American eastern seashore lands became known as the United Colonies.


Article 1st

“His Britannic Majesty acknowledge the United States, vz. New¬≠ Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New-York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia, to be free sovereign & Independent States; that he Treats with them as such, and for himself his Heirs & Successors relinquishes all Claims to the Government Propriety and Territorial Rights of the same & every Part thereof.”

At the defeat of the United Kingdom, the United Colonies became the United States. Unfortunately, for the peace loving, non-empire seeking settlers of the United States, the Continental Congress assigned three separate committees, consisting of Continental Congress Delegates, to draft the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the US Constitution. The Declaration of Independence fully identified the feelings of the citizens for providing a country where all people were equal with the right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For me, an atheist, the word “Creator” written in the Declaration revealed the Signers knowledge of international history: NO GODS. (Later in Jefferson’s Bible, Thomas Jefferson debunked the divinity claims of the Palestinian teacher and religious leader – Jesus.)

Sadly, for true US citizens, one of the drafters of the Articles of Confederation was a Quaker and lawyer delegate with four year law school experience in London, England which prompted him, in my opinion, to add “of America” to the title of United States. (I suspect the said Quaker religious criminal intended for all of North America to become part of the United States and the Christian Nationalist scam that continues to date.)

The Constitution Committee further damaged the dream of a free and equal United States by adding the words GOD in the document. Unfortunately, the Christian criminals didn’t end with the Constitution as over the decades, the criminals changed our national motto from “Out of Many, One” to In God We Trust and included the untruths of a GOD to our history. Forgive me but our country’s form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy or true democracy which I will explain:

A Constitutional Republic’s government is of and by the people that elect representatives to be their voices on matters pertaining to the prosperity, security equality, rights, and health/welfare of the citizens of the United States. Too me, US citizens means individuals with loyalty to the United States that do not claim to be of dual citizenship, hyphenated citizenship based on ancestry, or the claim of religious preference such as Jew, Christian, Muslin, etc. (Gods are scams. The Declaration of Independence declared “Creator” instead of GOD as they knew no gods existed.)
Moreover no citizen of the United States’ original ancestors to North America were born on the continent. The first North American humans came from somewhere else ,even the North American Indians.

THEOCRACY: For the so-called Jew. Christian Nationalist, Muslims you are guilty of sedition and treason. The published goals of the Gods of Abraham is to destroy all international government leaderships and become the leader of all world governments. Moreover, the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship, not support an entity that plans destruction of the United States government.

DEMOCRACY: In a democracy all bills, laws, etc. are voted aye and nay by the people. Yes, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and other states allow their citizens to vote on some issues or changes to their state’s Constitution but not enough to be classified as a democracy.

Returning to the attempt by the one percent and, in particular, the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks, the Internal Revenue Service, plus the multiple billionaires in the United States to change our country’s name from the United States to America.

Digressing to the late 1980s and part time employment as a supervisor at the Grand Teton Lodge, WY. At this employment most of the employees where summer hires, including students, foreign nationals on Work Visas, and others unable to find employment in their trained vocations. The Lodge was an excellent employer,with benefits for the employee however questions or comments did arise. For example, one day, a young Mexican national and a group of others, including myself, were discussing immigration policies in the United States The Mexican national stated I’m an American. I responded “Yes, young lady you are but you are not a citizen of the United States”.

To this day, the said conversation has bothered me because of the way nationals from other countries in the Americas have been treated and exploited at the hands of US corporations and the United States States Department. In fact, retired US Marine General Smedely Butler wrote a book “Wars A Racket” identifying the use of our country’s military in Latin America and Cuba to allow US companies to utilize lands and acquire most of the harvest profits, collect debts owed to US Corporations and the Federal Reserve. The general even wrote about the one percent in the United States that planned a coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt. General Butler exposed the planned coup. Moreover, a few days past, we learned a number of the one percent bribed members of Congress to vacate the agreement that President Obama made to open relationship with Cuba resulting in a current Cuban Sugar Can crop at a loss due to the Cubans unable to purchase pesticide and other essential farm supplies. The Cuban-American that controls all sugar sales in the United States probably smiled with the profits and his ownership of the United States government. Oh, one should not forget the economic problems in South America imposed by the Federal Reserve Bank owners. Just look at the immigrants at the US-Mexican Border that are forced to flee their countries.

Yesterday, May 17, 2023, the Commonwealth of Kentucky had a Primary Election to determine candidates for the 2023 State Election. (Sadly, I was not aware of the election whether from dementia or just old age.) I learned on national television news that Kentucky’s Attorney General, our state’s senior law enforcement officer, is our governors primary opponent, I laughed because I saw some of the Attorney General’s campaign ads praising Donald J. Trump.

Wow! Do Kentucky’s traitors want to elect a twice impeached former US President that attempted to deny the transfer of the presidency; currently a convicted sexual assault/battery criminal; ordered the murder of an Iranian government official attending an Iran-Iraq Government Officials meeting in Baghdad; responsible for the deployment of US Forces to steal Syria oil, water and land; responsible for the traumatic brain injuries for one hundred military personnel and destruction/damage of government equipment; a war criminal with crimes against humanity.

So much for the Kentucky I was born and grew up in for the first seventeen years of my life and now await death in my home state. If we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic, the government must declare there are NO GODS which will end international/domestic turmoil and provide additional money from taxes to the US Treasury. Current policies of allow benefits for being a religious scam artist is illegal.

Thank you,

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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